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  1. Songs like "Inside Out" and "Devil Pray" are very much "classic Madonna" to me...but NOT songs like "Candy Perfume Girl" or "Forbidden Love".
  2. COADF is quite ambienty too like ROL. They are very atmospheric albums, characterized by less emphasis on the melodies.
  3. While ROL is the greatest album ever made by anyone, I'm not mad if people put it at the bottom of their list. It's people who insult Rebel Heart that really, really boils my blood.
  4. It's a record that just takes me to the sky, leaving the Earth, approaching the higher realms.
  5. +1 And I despise anyone who put Rebel Heart at the last position
  6. Oh it has aged very well to me! Bubbly watery ethereal ambienty stuff. And her vocals shine...that helps a lot
  7. That's very diplomatic
  8. 1. Ray of Light 2. The rest
  9. TRANSGRESSION: The Greatest Live Short Movie Of All-Time 1. "Girl Gone Wild" 2. "Revolver" 3. "Gang Bang" 4. "Papa Don't Preach" 5. "Hung Up" 6. "I Don't Give A" 7. "Best Friend"
  10. Street Cred: Ho-Donna In Da House Y'all (2020).
  11. The "people" that you referred to, are Madonna fans, who are known to be cunts, most of them unsurprisingly. Just see this forum. Great artist, but the fans are horrid. I am awesome though.
  12. Whoever remembers Bonnie Raitt must be a very shit person. You know, shit people love shit music.