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  1. So where are the predictable uptight posts bashing the line "bitch get off my pole"? Or how Kanye West "destroyed" WAOM? Suddenly everyone loves RH?
  2. That's the worst thing ever. Glad she has vanished.
  3. Why do you always try to make Gaga look less bad?
  4. She can eat excrement and still be praised as "brave" by the media AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC GIVE NO SHIT ABOUT HER.
  5. All that I have, all I that I ask....

    The absolutely gorgeous "All that I have, all that I ask, all my dreams, they fade so fast, don't wake me up, not today, all my dreams will fade away" lines are obviously sung by Madonna. I really hate her fans.
  6. This poor girl never had even one top 40 hit. What music career to "relaunch"?
  7. M shades Cherish

    I really hope this "stupid bitch" hates her own shit Re-Invention Tour too. I don't care if she loves and performs "Shiterish" in the future eventually - I'm just glad she has dissed this crap song many times (the recent diss was even better because she praised the awesome "Holy Water") and I love seeing stupid gays fuming over her doing that.
  8. M shades Cherish

    She did NOT call the song ITSELF "retarded". She said singing it made HER FEEL RETARDED.
  9. M shades Cherish

    She has shaded this shit song during the FB interview with Jimmy Fallon as well.
  10. Sorry but I really need to clarify again: I did not use the term "Eurotrash" in an insulting sort of way. I LOVE THE FUCKING SONG. I hope everyone gets that. I had to do that because it seems that Madonna fans tend to misunderstand things all the time.
  11. I agree. Madonna fans overreact all the time.
  12. Anyone who is disturbed by the line "Bitch get off my pole" is just a prude, uptight person. Sorry but I tried to be as nice as possible. Those are the only possible descriptions
  13. I hate "Cherish" and love "Holy Water" so it's nice to see the ARTIST HERSELF agrees with me
  14. Cuntga deserves to be bullied sorry CUNTGA DAILY cunts
  15. La Isla Bonita from the tours ranked

    "Everybody", obviously