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  1. OMG. So Ray of Light is West Coasty...very interesting choice!
  2. So if Erotica represents NYC, which album of hers is the LA one?
  3. Be consistent in EDUCATING those youngins
  5. It's early '90s NEW YORK Madonna. What's not to love?!
  6. While I love "Beautiful Killer", REVOLVER BY DEFAULT IS THE PERFECT 2ND SONG of the Transgression short movie. "Beautiful Killer" had its place; performed once at the Olympia gig and that was a fair treatment.
  7. The "Hail Mary" part sounds good. She should have used THAT VOICE singing the whole song.
  8. Cuz life is sucha PAIR OF DAWGS
  9. The high-pitched vocals in the studio version of "I'm Sinner"...they are ridiculous.
  10. The live "I'm a Sinner" is superior to the album version...which is quite boring.
  11. She did it live:
  12. True fans always love Madonna and her JUXTAPOSITIONS
  13. COHESIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR is one of her darkest albums!
  14. Madonna could have INVENTED an original musical instrument for her next studio album and that would still leave many fans unsatisfied. "She shouldn't have tried too hard, what we actually need is the usual pop formula...she's a pop icon first and foremost, so this jambalaya stringed-thing is getting us too far into unexplored territories, it might work for someone like KATE BUSH but NOT Madonna". This woman can never win.