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  1. Okay. So the HOWARD STERN interview. Talk about it!

  2. Okay. So the HOWARD STERN interview. Talk about it!

    I love the black lady too. She's an awesome addition luv herrrr
  3. I know it has been said millions of times here but seriously this is just too fucking great of an interview
  4. P!nk

    It's boring!
  5. Shanti/Ashantgi Vs Cyber-raga Vs Isaac

    "Cyber-raga" gets my vote. I always call it "Cyber Sadhu" anyway
  6. Shanti/Ashantgi Vs Cyber-raga Vs Isaac

    Interestingly, all of these tracks have been performed live!
  7. "Nothing Fails" is worse than the Armenian genocide, it's a shit song, so this is a very shit list.
  8. Love the Fairuz sample. Love the Middle Eastern + Indian music. Love the apocalyptic atmosphere. HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS
  9. So they say "Mariah Carey recorded new vocals for her remixes, she's awesome that way". WELL BITCH, Madonna read verses from B-I-B-L-E for a remix in the year 1990. Mmmkay?
  10. Your Whitney Houston Top 10

  11. Love the solo demo version Love the remix Love the video Love the tour performance