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  1. I do not know any Steviee Nickki song so her "serious" music can lick my rectum for all I care!
  2. Barbra Streisand. Diana Ross. Y'all can worship these rubbish.
  3. Babs probably thought MJ only SLEPT with them, CUDDLED them, CARESSED their skin, nothing else.
  4. It still feels so good that you were fucking banned. Even after 5 years.

  5. 100% yes to these. You are really another me or I am another you. Wow. The "Can't Stop" post, and this. And we both agree that Madonna is too sophisticated for today's pop audience!
  6. @Jazzy Jan My favorite part of the docco is when James' mother said that she was dancing upon hearing the news of MJ's death, because no children could ever be abused by him anymore. And there was a certain strange kind of sadness that hit my heart about the last time Wade saw MJ - that moment when MJ went upstairs after having too much wine. . I don't know, it felt extremely bleak.
  7. The videos have been removed, well of course. Luckily I didn't miss to watch them while they were still up
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