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  1. i agree. Pink's so boring ,you know what her songs sound before you even listen to them
  2. the song went to nr 1 on UK itunes after the performance and dropped soon because the general public didn't care ..
  3. WE is a masterpiece compared to this horrible film
  4. I wonder what was EU's official position at spain's police brutality the day of referendum?
  5. the leaked songs were heard only by us ,hardcore madonna fans ,the general public had no idea .The only way general public will pay attention is a collaboration like 4 min sadly. Radio won't touch her ever again if she's alone
  6. this happens a lot you know ,i don't get the significance of this accident
  7. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    she doesn't seem bored to me
  8. They say that only 50 % voted etc .Didn't you watch many people that were dragged out of the voting ballots and the ballot boxes that were stolen by the police forces? and what about the people that were terrified to go and vote ? It felt like this referendum happened in some communist country of the late 80s .If this is called democracy then something very rotten is happening in the so called EUROPEAN UNION lol
  9. you replied to Kim's comment .I actually quoted Kim not you ,sorry
  10. they're reporting at least 700 wounded of the police attacks .sorry but that's not democracy it's junta