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  1. that's because Drake released his new album and a lot of his songs are charting
  2. you're insensitive ,you're talking about human beings forced to live away from their lands in such manner .Shame on you
  3. Turkey threatens a European country (Greece) every goddamn day and the European community does nothing .Erdogan plays the refugees card because he can .Think about Chech republic ,Poland and Hungary, they have built walls and not receiving not one refugee from Syria ,did Europe sanctioned them ? Nooo! Far wing parties are everywhere in Europe ,nazi sympathizers are most in Greece that suffered the most by Nazi Germany and France .Germany of course kissed Turkey's ass for years and now has a problem with Erdogan cause he doesn't play by the rules.Talking about hipocrasy!
  4. With major stations putting it in heavy rotation the free fall on itunes just proves that nobody would waste 1.29$ to buy this shit of a song
  5. 13 Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 0.2109 0.3232
  6. let the free fall begins
  7. After a lot of time she receives great comments from the press ,in Greece at least. She's been described as Queen of feminism and Queen of our hearts among others
  8. she has an airplay of 30 million ,streaming is the main factor on Top 100 these days .i don't think it's fair either
  9. Worst: Metallica and Lady Gaga Self-Destruct Of all last night's Grammy pairings, MetalliGaga was the one that seemed to have the best shot at actual awesomeness – a chance for pop's most metal-friendly superstar to bare her teeth alongside true giants of the genre. That their version of Metallica's Hardwired ... to Self-Destruct rager "Moth Into Flame" (maybe the band's most Gaga-apt song given its perils-of-fame theme) turned out to be a complete clusterfuck was only about half the performers' fault. Goofy onstage faux-moshers and gratuitous pyro set a cheesy Rock of Ages tone right from the start. James Hetfield suffered complete mic failure, turning his and Gaga's line-trading duet into a nonsensical half-song. From that point, it was a mad sprint to the finish, with Hetfield knocking over his mic stand in frustration, and Gaga doing her best to pick up the slack via desperate vocal histrionics and an ill-conceived mid-song annoying of Lars Ulrich. As Hetfield disgustedly tossed his guitar offstage at the conclusion, you had to sympathize: A band that already suffered one infamous Grammy indignity (that Jethro Tull loss) found itself once again at serious risk of mockery.
  10. It's my first song of hers i actually like but when the rap in the middle of pop songs is gonna stop? it's beyond tired
  11. Madonna Faced 'Uncomfortable Questions' in Malawi Adoption Process Madonna said the children will keep their birth names as part of an effort to preserve their identity as Malawians, and a Malawian carer will travel with the children to the United States to ease their transition, according to the ruling. The twins were delivered by Caesarean section and the mother died within a week because of complications from the birth, the court document said. The children have five older siblings and the father, who was at the Jan. 25 court hearing attended by Madonna, had remarried and was unable to provide for all his dependents, it said
  12. HDD changed the nr to 111m viewers
  13. In a lot of ways, Lady Gaga has been the victim of a compressed career arc. Her first single went to No. 1 in 2009; within a year she was the biggest pop star in the world, within two years she was already struggling through her Difficult Second LP, and within four years her popularity was markedly on the wane. And so in 2016, when Gaga was announced as the halftime headliner for Super Bowl LI, it felt almost like a throwback choice, even coming in the midst of the promo campaign for her much-hyped fourth album Joanne -- particularly after that album was released to respectable sales but mixed reviews, and its singles stalled early and often on the charts
  14. ingrid casares ‏@ingridcasares 3m3 minutes ago More Thank god @gaga was not the highlight of the #SuperBowl. @tombradby you are by far the greatest qb in NFL history. #GOAT