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  1. The cure is discounted again on itunes!!
  2. Based on HDD's predictions the number of streams is way too low *) Katy Perry (Capitol) 180-195k SPS, 160-175k albums
  3. way to go Arnie!
  4. it's exactly the same with Almost famous movie poster
  5. So this movement represents that you're allowed to copy paste and get away with it ? Great example fot the new generation!Bravo!
  6. No way she will have a top 10 with sales approx of 60 k (according to Kworb net) ,zero radio plays and zero streams
  7. "My new single 'The Cure' is available on iTunes now," Gaga told the Coachella crowd as her set ended. As promised, soon after Gaga's performance, the singer dropped the studio version of "The Cure" on streaming services, as well as the single's cover art. i do not why i find it hilarious "My new single 'The Cure' is available on iTunes now,"lols
  8. If Clinton would bomb Syria it would be justice..America is bombing countries when they feel like to .That's the only truth .Cop of the world
  9. that's because Drake released his new album and a lot of his songs are charting
  10. you're insensitive ,you're talking about human beings forced to live away from their lands in such manner .Shame on you
  11. With major stations putting it in heavy rotation the free fall on itunes just proves that nobody would waste 1.29$ to buy this shit of a song
  12. 13 Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 0.2109 0.3232
  13. let the free fall begins
  14. she has an airplay of 30 million ,streaming is the main factor on Top 100 these days .i don't think it's fair either