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  1. Big surprise IMF approves $4.2bn loan for Ecuador
  2. He only had one plastic surgery indeed .People telling otherwise are just mean..
  3. maybe but nowadays a lot of fascist , far right pigs are been voted throughout the world
  4. I watched it.. it's everywhere ,you don't even have to look for it .The humanity at it's lowest ...
  5. I have just watched a video on youtube about MJ's trial back in 2005 and my conclusion was that if you have the best lawyers and tons of money you can get away with almost everything . That's just very sad
  6. they did have their own interests at heart ,that's for sure ,fame and money .. I gave them one excuse though ; they were living in more innocent times and MJ was God back then
  7. Just watched it ..2nd half is powerful . They are either telling the truth or they deserve an Oscar if they don't .MJ was sick ,end of story
  8. i'm not sure if he was a paedo or not but shame on the parents that left their kids alone with a grown man alone in his house .If he was not a famous ,powerful man he would be arrested immediately and for good reason
  9. and does he even realizes the seriousness of the allegations? Clearly not
  10. the video is so disturbing ,shows a person who really thinks he is above law .The way he disrespects the process is infuriating
  11. All of his albums up until yeezus included are hip hop masterpieces .Let's not compare him with Drake .It's his personality the problem .
  12. Macron just promised increases in salaries and cut taxes .He is in panic ..These french people when they fight ,they mean business
  13. That's because the left wing In Europe has failed miserably and they don't even get it .They were soaked in scandals and corruption as governments and the lost touch with the people .It's the same in every European country
  14. Are the french so angry for no reason ? I don't think so .When you're attacking the median and lower class with your policies every day the result will be violence .And these images of war just mean one thing: Things have got to change
  15. I have to hand it out to the French ,when they fight they mean business!! Bravo!
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