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  1. Big surprise IMF approves $4.2bn loan for Ecuador
  2. maybe but nowadays a lot of fascist , far right pigs are been voted throughout the world
  3. I watched it.. it's everywhere ,you don't even have to look for it .The humanity at it's lowest ...
  4. Macron just promised increases in salaries and cut taxes .He is in panic ..These french people when they fight ,they mean business
  5. That's because the left wing In Europe has failed miserably and they don't even get it .They were soaked in scandals and corruption as governments and the lost touch with the people .It's the same in every European country
  6. Are the french so angry for no reason ? I don't think so .When you're attacking the median and lower class with your policies every day the result will be violence .And these images of war just mean one thing: Things have got to change
  7. I have to hand it out to the French ,when they fight they mean business!! Bravo!
  8. the church is homophobic but church's representatives are not ,if you know what i mean..
  9. You can thank communism for oppressing religion for 50 years .Of course it would come back stronger
  10. The man was trying to steal a jewelry store and he tried to escape according to reports .The owner of the store with at least another man brutally kicked him when zack tried to exit the store. That what cameras showed. Three coroners who are trying to determine the cause of his death ( one is representing the family ) clearly stated that the beating is not the cause of his death He was not beaten cause he was gay Some now say that he got scared ,entered the store because there was a fight going on outside and got trapped inside the store
  11. i guess she was rather wasted or mentally ill off medication .In both cases sad ,nothing to laugh about
  12. i didn't know that Franko's bones were kept like he was some kind of hero .kudos to spain's new government that they will remove them from Valle de los Caídos
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