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  1. sotos8

    Why Kanye West is hated in US?

    he used to be a genius ,not anymore he is megalomaniac but now he does not have the goods to back it up The man is clearly mentally unstable and it shows ..that made him a mockery ..Such a pity cause he was the latest of the great ones His marriage to that noone didn't help either Plus ..too many drugs
  2. sotos8

    2018 MTV VMAs

    Arianna ''stole'' M's performance of holy water from RH tour last night https://www.wmagazine.com/story/2018-mtv-vmas-ariana-grande-performance?mbid=social_facebook
  3. i guess she was rather wasted or mentally ill off medication .In both cases sad ,nothing to laugh about
  4. well ,isn't time to release old ghosts ?
  5. i didn't know that Franko's bones were kept like he was some kind of hero .kudos to spain's new government that they will remove them from Valle de los Caídos
  6. sotos8

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    MDNA tour has a clear vision ,the stage is a work of art and imo the setlist fits the vision .RHT is more intimate and i remember most of the fans here preferring RHT (except Kim of course who's always seeing things more clearly)
  7. sotos8


    If Drake manages to sell only 100k albums on his first week that means the entire recording industry is over not only the glory days
  8. He dropped a new song .Mega flop..
  9. sotos8


    Here's yet another updated glimpse of how Scorpion by YMCMB/Republic's Drake is doing in its first week. Drake (YMCMB/Republic) 740k total activity, 150-160k album shockingly poor sales for Drake
  10. i like her reaction when a fan throwed a bottle on stage in Nice
  11. sotos8

    North Macedonia

    the real criticism of the agreement is that from now on they will be called Macedonians (not North Macedonians) and their language Macedonian and that will lead to ridiculous demands from them