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  1. That Medellín part is the main chorus, coming in three minutes into the song (deconstructing, thus, the so called genre rules)
  2. Team Looking for Mercy right out here. This was supposed to be the filler? God
  3. In the evidence of it's brilliance. Dark Ballet is not a song, it's Theater. Thumbs firmly up
  4. The only point here is she didn't win the GP back. Quite the opposite. The performance (Future) was theatrically remarkable, but lacked stamina and was too subtle for a dumb event watched by (mostly) dumb people. The press and haters are having a field day here. Wish that happened in other event, not one watched by millions across Europe. Yes, attention span last one minute nowadays. Let time pass. Cue to Madonna: if you can't sing Like a Prayer, don't sing it at all.
  5. With her it's always a no win situation: people ready to comment it's pure garbage even without pressing play; fans wanting some redo from the past ("it's no Frozen... no Like a..., no Erotica"). It's Medellín, and it's fantastic for what it is. When the poison of the social networks should spread, people will come back and say "It was a gem, pity...". Fuck to all of them: those who see themselves as top music critics, haters and so called fans. Long live Medellín. Big 1, 2, cha, cha, cha to everyone!
  6. The excitement makes me drink while watching vintage tor show stoppers altoguether
  7. It's so clear it's gonna be Bitch, I´m Madonna it´'s not even funny (setting the tone for a first "rebel" segment-party started)
  8. Best album since Ray of Light. I'm even akin to think Girl gone Wild is genius. Thanks Madonna.
  9. Well, probably Bruce or ACDC. Not many more, that's for sure. Don´t misunderstand what I said. The numbers are good,but I was talking about the general feeling in audiences attending certain shows in a particular country rather than judging the so called failure of an otherwise fully succesful tour. They chose venues large enough to overshadow the big success you appoint with the emptiness of their tiers. Anyhow, 200k for a tour in Spain is great.
  10. Well, my point isn't difficult to get, is it? You may disagree. If I wrote that it was because I heard a lot of people talking about the matter after the show. I didn´t state she was finished or she was not a megastar anymore. It wasn´t just an unqualified triumph in terms of attendance in SPAIN (it was artistically according to people's reaction to it, which is indeed good). PD: I had Madrid in mind, not Zaragoza, a city she had not toured in almost 20 years.
  11. Thanks for educating us into something we already knew. The sight of a half empty stadium does not reinforce the megastar image of anyone. Word of mouth of the fact is out and loud. So treasure your Boxscore data and discuss them with people of the industry (i.e. the people who matter) Sell out equals no tickets left for most people. That's it. Lisbon: 75.000 tix put on sale and actually sold. The rest is a literary pamphlet put out by Live Nation so that their artist look good.
  12. If Live Nation lows the mark of what a sell out is in order to make their artist look good, as stated previously, their task is only half arsed. It may look good somewhere else. But here is Spain, one can only looks those boxscores with a big WTF smile on his face. Media here WIDELY reported Madonna`s unability to sell out any of her spanish gigs and That was eventually in everyone's mouth. Tell someone who was at V. Calderon that the show was sold out according to Live Nation and Billboard and expect only laughter. Again, this will look good in the NY Times. Done with Boxscore. They do whatever they want with it. Not that reliable.
  13. The fact is that, as feared, it was not sold out but it was a good showing taking all matters into account. Reports vary from 40.000 to 45.000, so at least 10.000 tix were left unsold. I'm fearing worse results for Madrid tomorrow. Zaragoza promoter stated that Barcelona was the strongest seller among the spanish dates. Too many dates and expensive tickets. that`s it. See u tomorrow in Pista A¡¡¡¡¡
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