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  1. What an incredible performance. This era is unreal. Wow. I've said if before but when the era is this epic it's like no other singer exists. So enjoyable to watch all of this. She looks as though she is loving it aswell which we haven't honestly seen for YEARS
  2. stunning artwork, best since Erotica I think or AL. they were work as a three I think.
  3. they shouldn't put the clips online before they air on tv, lessens the impact and the tweeting and all that shit. lol
  4. LFL is fast becoming one of my favourite Madonna songs, what a great performance and great interview snippets.
  5. Great performances and interview. What a great time she seems to be having. Ghosttown should become a Madonna classic, it really is up there with her best work.
  6. So refreshing than how do u stay in shape and all that tiresome bullshit
  7. Don't be so ridiculous. Comment on his looks but not on what he feels for his children that's completely absurd
  8. Would say that's my favourite interview she has ever given. Fascinating, plus she was relaxed and weirdly sounded so much like 1990 Madonna and that MTV take a bow making of. What an incredible era this is.
  9. Best she has looked since the ROL era. Fact. It's insane when a Madonna era of epic proportions (ROL, Music and now RH) are in full swing it's like no other star exists!
  10. Great song really reminds me of that vibe of get together.
  11. That picture is amazing and looks like it was taken in 1983
  12. Demo could have been a single. Is the final version even on the standard version ?!
  13. Crap song shouldn't be on any version. Only one I don't like it's cringe worthy
  14. Can't be bothered to read this thread but based on the music the video, performances, controversy, magazine covers and the fact she is EVERYWHERE this is the best era since ROL. The fact she doesn't go on tour until the end of August means we are getting videos and a lot more promo.
  15. Great song but does sound like nelly furrtardo and timberland. Almost every song on this album has a great melody so it's hard to complain. As I said all along most reviews are great but she would only get less than great reviews because the album wasn't edited down to 12 songs.
  16. I actually really like this track it just sounds good. Fuck SEX that's cringe but this one is funny and real good.
  17. Maybe this is the one woman comedy show she plans to do after the tour?
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