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  1. Earth song :lmao: maybe she could take some time to float a statue of herself down the Thames shortly after the GT premiere
  2. The video made ITV NEWS? That's insane probably her finest video since POG although I prefer GT
  3. It's shits on the Hung Up video by a great height that was boring as fuck and totally amateur hour compared to this.
  4. I think they knew demand wouldn't be insane (yet) which is why she isn't touring til the end of august so she can promote throughout the next few months. It's quite normal, she isn't know as someone that yours every ten years as she was when DWT came about so that dilutes the anticipation. I haven't bothered to watch her live since DWT but I would like to see this tour purely because the music is so good again.
  5. I don't know if it will be a "hit" but it's definitely the most known Madonna single in years, have heard it again several times in the UK on various tv shows and radio stations. If there was any decent tv shows in the UK she should capitalise on that but there isn't loool
  6. I really enjoyed get together and some other tracks but as a whole album RH is infinitely better and is probably her best since Music or ROL
  7. Great video. Her best since Jump without a doubt. Definitely worth the wait and should have been he lead single. Bravo
  8. Here in the UK I hear it everywhere in the last couple of weeks, on TV on various radio stations, I've not heard a Madonna single being played like that since Hung Up. I never heard living for love anywhere
  9. Why does madonna on spotify have no artwork showing at all ?
  10. You can tell she likes Jo whiley the questions were fairly mundane but enjoyable none the less. I guess she had to cater to her Radio 2 audience
  11. I think that is one of the funniest things she has ever done and the fact that Kanye Rihanna JayZ and usher are all pissing themselves makes it even funnier only she could make signing her name something that goes viral
  12. I love the Brits performance aside from the yanking off the stage, it was an incredible performance. She's given us a decades worth of incredible moments in the past few weeks.
  13. How does Madonna look the same age as them it's insane
  14. First time since probably 4 minutes, have I been hearing a Madonna single all over the place, out and about, on TV, and they are doing fuck all with the momentum that is/was building.
  15. How she walked up and signed it turns round and her and Rihanna are pissing themselves laughing
  16. Glastonbury sold out. Wondered if she would be rumoured to play this year.
  17. how the fuck does she look about 35 in the picture above? That could apply to both Madonna and Tayler actually
  18. what a stunning performance, its like an amazing tour performance that you wish she had done at an awards show and now she has, great for everyone to see.
  19. Ghosttown is song of the week on Radio 2 in the UK (the biggest station in the country) heard it 4 times in the past 2 days and I don't even listen to radio 2
  20. People telling her not to cover her hands and wrinkles based on that photo swear people are insane round here
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