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  1. Sky Fereirra was there saying it was amazing
  2. from footage I have seen she really is reminding me of her performing in the early days. the show looks INCREDIBLE.
  3. Why do people keep referring to it as 'scaled back' in what way are people talking about ??!
  4. I suspect the rockabilly look will be the coolest tour costume she has ever had !!
  5. Isn't this really old or is it the same as the Q special ?
  6. how long before the start of the MDNA tour did they release those photos of the show?
  7. Fuck her dressed like a teenager having a pool party with a load of spring breakers. Cringe.
  8. Unapologetic bitch should be a single with Rihanna. Best song she has done in so long
  9. This picture is incredible and really reminds me of her early shoots in New York I don't know why
  10. Has she not been seen since the Coachella performance ? Is there any word on what's next in terms of performances/singles etc.. I couldn't be fucked to read through all this drake shit the past couple weeks so haven't been here. Was ghosttown DOA ? A shame if so, her finest single in a decade.
  11. I agree, Instagram has done her no favours really
  12. That is true she looked incredible her body is on point right now. That gif of her walking off stage is mad
  13. Fucking hell now there's a Margaret Thatcher scandal. I wish she would just promote the album fuck all this drake shit and now the Instagram posts. A shame the album is being overshadowed by what I think is really idiotic shit (on her part)
  14. Definitely agree with this. She is certainly not an indie artist but has created music that no other mainstream artist ever would/could. Stuff like secret garden, erotica, drowned world, bedtime story, impressive insant, paradise, shanti, nobody's perfect. I cannot imagine any other mainstream artist making music that left field. Fact
  15. I agree. The whole thing just seemed pointless, unrehearsed and quite embarrassing. Move on.
  16. This is clearly her best era both music and publicity wise since ROL. Though the publicity is nothing like ROL and more akin to what I imagine it was like in 89-92
  17. Is this still being talked about? Fucking hell she's as irrelevant as ever it would seem
  18. I've met him a few times (friends of friends) he's a good laugh and yes the show is very good
  19. 9. Would be 10 if only it was 2 minutes longer. Superb video and ranks up with her finest without question.
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