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  1. I still think I don't Search I Find is one of her greatest songs of her career. This album sounds so like Madonna and not some wannabe robot like how she's been for a few albums now. To me it's on a level with COADF and ROL. Superb album.
  2. Her best song of all time I genuinely think that haha. So so good. Should have been the lead single without question.
  3. Ohhh fuckkkk "I don't search I find" is the best song she has done in 25 years. So so good. Madonna is making cool as fuck music again. This is incredible. This has just become my favourite Madonna song of all time. Ok I will stop with the commentary now. Jesus. What an incredible song.
  4. I couldn't resist and listened to god control, come alive and batuka. What a brilliant album I'm listening to the rest now. Easily her best album since Ray of Light. Totally unlike anything she's done before it sounds current but classic, reminds me a lot of Like a Prayer in that sense. What an incredible return. Had kind of lost interest in Madonna though I thought the last album had a few great tunes. Drivel before that I thought. Shes totally inspired again. God Control should have been the lead single, a live performance of that with an orchestra, dancers and choir would be insane. the incredible reviews are deserved.
  5. Have only heard God Control fuckkkk it's amazing. Finally she's back to leading the pack instead of playing catch up. What an amazing song. That one song shits on her last several albums from a great height.
  6. Love this video. Like the harking back to NYC and she hasn't looked this good in a video since Beautiful Stranger. Fact. Nice to have a video mostly on location again.
  7. This album to me sound the most exciting since confessions. I rise is her best song since Get Together and Medellin is her best lead single since Music. Also the image and performances around this era are so much better instead of the "I'm still 25" persona she had for the last few
  8. Both true statements but she has also made some fucking shit music in the past decade. It's refreshing to focus on a good song and not how empowering she made Mel C feel 15 years ago or how she wanked Drake off at Fire festival.. or whatever was going on at that time
  9. This definitely feels like a body of work in terms of not really knowing what's been going on, at least I haven't been. Also the fact she's taken her time and is working with interesting people. Instead of churning out some tripe so she can release it in time to jump on stage with whichever cunty rapper had a mixtape out at the time
  10. I bet it's been painful here without the likes of me (and her previous albums)
  11. Jeeeez I honestly haven't given a fuck about Madonnas music for a while although I did like some of Rebel Heart. This lead single though is a proper return to form. Now I'm excited to hear more. So much better when she's doing her own thing sound and visuals wise instead of pretending she's a 25 year old dumb cunt from the projects. Great song, her best lead single since Music.
  12. how many dates is she doing in London ?
  13. what an incredible review. This seems like one of the best London shows of her career, so jealous I never got tickets.
  14. and she was EVERYWHERE it was one of those insanely successful eras like ROL and Music and very welcome after that dire kids book author period. fucking hell.
  15. still remember to this day the NME (when it was still respected and not a free rag) advertising the album, saying "believe the hype, its better than Ray of Light" and it wasnt, but it was still great purely because of Get Together.
  16. Model Alice Dellal posted on Instagram about Madonna using that picture of the nuns smoking on her insta. It's a picture Alice Delall took of her own band. Very cool ! http://instagram.com/aliceoliviadellalxiii
  17. Shame her fans were booing him he does good stuff. Smart for her people to get him on the UK dates.
  18. Was Rejjie Snow the warm up act ? He just posted on Instagram saying he played the show. He's the next big thing in London at the minute.
  19. agreed. one of her best performances to date.
  20. This I think looks like one of her best performances ever, really reminds me of how she performed it 30 years ago. How does she look so young its insane I kind of didnt think she would top MDNA but this seems leagues above.
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