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  1. They still do this show 😂 90s - early 00s this would have been a major piss take but these days it's laughable there's even a thread devoted to this tripe 😂 

    Whos the video vanguard award going to, Ashanti's dog walker hahahaha

    what a waste of everyone's time. MTV for as groundbreaking as it was is probably the most out of date media outlet going. Shame really but reality tv killed it off. RIP. Again 😂

  2. 6 hours ago, Confessit said:


    I'm not saying she hasn't pushed the artistic boundaries before, she's made a career out of doing just that but we have arrived at a different phase of her career and my God it's so interesting and beautiful.

    Agreed. You know it's an incredible Madonna record when you forget about other artists out at the minute. So glad she's back because I had lost interest for about ten years. 

  3. A monumental song/video... absolutely classic Madonna. The whole message and execution is an artist on a crusade, her best work since ROL. American Life I have always thought was controversial for controversial sake and then to add to it the song was shit. GC is anthemic and provocative as LAP was. 

    So good to be a fan of her again. God bless Banda and their move to Portugal. 

    Her best album in 20 years, no question. 

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