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  1. Madonnafan

    What tours have you seen live?

    The Confessions Tour and The Sticky and Sweet Tour. It was great.
  2. Madonnafan

    Madonna Super Bowl thread

    Great photos Does anybody know if her father was in the audience? Have anyone photos of him?
  3. Madonnafan

    Evita is an amazing movie

    Evita is a the best movie which Madonna has made ever. I like it very much. My favourite songs are Don´t Cry For Me Argentina and You Must Love Me.
  4. has not set their status

  5. Madonnafan


    Wonderful video
  6. Wonderful beautiful photos
  7. Madonnafan


    Dear Madonna, I wish you a wonderful happy birthday. Hope you and your family have a great day. Love your fan
  8. Madonnafan

    Madonna & Mercy

    That´s a wonderful photo
  9. I´m glad she is ok. She should stopping horse riding.
  10. I have heard that she has made a cover of American Pie of Don Mclean Does anybody hear about it?
  11. Mercy James is as a cute baby as David Branda. What do you think?
  12. Madonnafan

    S&S DVD release

    Do you mean it does come no dvd out this month, HolidayGuy?
  13. I´ve read that she and Jesus live together in one house
  14. Madonnafan

    Madonna Greatest Hits: Hopefully Out By Fall

    I´m looking forward to the new Greatest Hits CD.
  15. What does plastic surgery mean?