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  1. And yet she worked with Pat on three albums in a row (plus a soundtrack), then again for a one-off single four years later, then again 3.5 years later on a different album. Steve Bray was around for three albums in a row (plus a soundtrack), too. I know you said "usually", but it's clear that she is both comfortable with working with someone for multiple albums and has done so many times in her career (Mirwais, Shep, William and Stuart Price were involved in two projects each before Madonna moved on). Having said all of that, though, I'm sure you're referring to going back to someone after having worked extensively with someone else. She's done it with Pat (with great success) and William (less successful, but that's completely subjective - I happen to love what they created together for MDNA).
  2. What about their 90s work? Just about all of IB was with Pat, then there's IR, Frozen, NRM, Skin, SFH, HTB...
  3. It's a shame we'll never get to hear the original version. It's such a great song!!
  4. I think you're thinking of the letter she wrote to Pat when she decided to work with William Orbit instead of him on ROL (it was posted a couple of pages back). Shep was given a shout out in the liner notes of BS ("Thanks for understanding") - he was clearly upset, though, because he went on to lodge a copyright claim against Madonna for "Secret" (Tony Shimkin, who himself was initially robbed by Shep of a co-writer's credit for almost everything on "Erotica" actually believes that Madonna was being very generous by giving Shep a retrospective co-writer's credit for "Secret", because he didn't think he deserved it).
  5. No - he did the score for "I Am Because We Are".
  6. IOM samples the part near the start where the guy is saying "let me (see you back and forth)". It only appears at the very start of IOM. You'll know it as soon as you hear it now
  7. I know I'm completely in the minority here, but I want Madonna to work with whomever she pleases. If that's Pharrell, I'm 100% OK with that.
  8. Do you like my acid rock (I don't hear anything about "my dancing"....?).
  9. It was a missed opportunity for a #1 single in the UK. The ballad version was released in December a week before Christmas and debuted at #3, then dropped to #5 and then to #10 before a separate CD featuring the Miami Mix was released. The following week, it moved back up to #5. Had they released both CDs in the same week, it's highly likely (although obviously not a certainty) that it would have debuted at #1. I loved it then and I love it now. Such a fun, carefree track (and Tim Rice loved it, too, and not just because it helped him to make a heap of money, either....!).
  10. A very good point! I think as fans of someone who inevitably reached the Top 10 in multiple countries with pretty much everything she released from 1984 through to 2009 ("Miles Away" being the first real glitch, mainly thanks to the UK not showing any interest in it at all), we developed a distorted view of what constituted a hit (by "normal" standards). Making the Top 40 Year End Global Chart is incredible, especially given the number of singles that are released in any given year (and the fact that pretty much anything can chart these day - Ed Sheeran's recent ridiculous domination of the "singles" charts being an extreme example).
  11. Die Another Day, American Life, Hollywood, Me Against The Music, Hung Up, Sorry, Get Together, Jump, 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me and Celebration all hit the Top 10 in multiple European countries (I know that many will declare that this single or that single aren't worthy of a "hits" album, but the fact remains that they were, by definition, Top 10 hits...).
  12. I absolutely love NP!!!! It's such a fantastic song!
  13. Madonna said that "Liquid Love" was scrapped from music because "it didn't give me the right tingles". William Orbit said that "Run" needed "a bit more work", but acknowledged that the demo that leaked was pretty much the version they stopped on (I think he basically implied that it reached a certain point and then they gave up on it and never actually produced a final version, unlike "Liquid Love", which was fully completed). William commented a while back that he loved LAAPTMR. Madonna herself has never acknowledged it, though (ditto for "Run"). Regarding the track list for GHV2, she said in a BBC interview at the time that she chose the track list by listening over and over to all of her singles from 1992 onwards and whatever she still liked after multiple listenings made the cut. AP was left off as "punishment" for its inclusion on the international edition of "Music" (she commented that she allowed herself to be "talked into" including it, when it didn't belong there, so she was punishing it). She stressed, though, that she really liked the song. My issue with GHV2 is the liner notes (so Guy Ritchie...!) and the non-chronological order. Like someone said earlier, though, the inclusion of the radio/single edits was a great idea.
  14. It's such a beautiful song! I absolutely loved it from the moment I first heard it when it leaked in December 2011. It really should have been released as a proper single back then - it could have done well with the right promo. For me, it's one of her very best songs of the 2010s (beautiful lyrics and melody and a great vocal delivery). The MDNAT version was brilliant! A big shout out to @dubtronic for his amazing mixes! I'm still annoyed that they stuffed up this masterpiece's eligibility for an Oscar!
  15. When Madonna left Warners, she retained control over her cataglogue. Essentially, they can't release anything "new" without her approval. This is why they can reissue her albums (e.g. all of the vinyl reissues) or bundle them together (e.g. The Complete Collection), but they can't release anything in a "new" configuration (e.g. #1s, Movie Songs, The Best of Madonna etc. etc.).