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  1. Supposed Singles ?

    I love "Don't Stop" and "I'm So Stupid"
  2. Supposed Singles ?

    No, he wasn't. His ex girlfriend claims they continued to see each other after Guy and Madonna got together, but that's just speculation.
  3. MADONNA REWIND: "Spotlight"

    I've always loved "Spotlight" and was really disappointed that it wasn't released as a single worldwide. I find it interesting that in the 22 years that I've been communication with other Madonna fans online, I've yet to come across anyone who worked for Warners (at any stage) - were there no Madonna fans at Warners or are they still working there and are afraid to talk about any of the processes behind the decisions that were made when Madonna was with them? It would be fascinating to know why certain decisions were made.
  4. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    Pat commented that LAP could easily have become TB 2.0, but they didn't want it to be that way, which is why they used primarily live instruments on LAP. AWDF is clearly synthesised, which suggests that they decided it wasn't "good enough" as a demo to go to the "live instruments" stage. Pat wouldn't have posted even this brief snippet if he wasn't sure that it was OK for him to do so. As for the song itself, it sounds great!!
  5. Supposed Singles ?

    Instead, it was huge over Easter, so with the imagery involving crosses and stigmata, it probably generated even more controversy than it would have, had it been released over Christmas (possibly!). The Pepsi ad featured the blond streak in her hair (a "test" for her Breathless Mahoney hair colour), so it's an absolute certainty that the LAP video was filmed before the Pepsi commercial (probably only just, though - my guess is that they were both filmed in January 1989 - I'm not sure about Sharon Oreck's comments/timeline. They might have shot some scenes just before Christmas, 1988).
  6. Supposed Singles ?

    I did a quick search on YouTube for it, but it's not coming up. It was recorded for Channel V (Australia) early in 1998. When I track it down, I'll post a link to it. I have it on VHS, but that doesn't help...!
  7. Supposed Singles ?

    Except it was winter in the southern hemisphere
  8. Supposed Singles ?

    No, Madonna definitely wanted "Ray of Light" (she told Molly Meldrum this in an interview early in 1998). It was then that she admitted that she was "terrible" at choosing lead singles. Warner Brothers held a listening party for all of the heads of the various branches of the company across the world in late 1997 and they were the ones who decided that "Frozen" would work best as a lead single. I'm sorry to contradict you! In the interview, Molly suggested that "Frozen" was a "bold choice" for a lead single. Madonna expressed surprise ("Really?") and said that she thought ROL would have been a bolder choice. She felt that "Frozen" was a good bridge between her older style and her new music.
  9. Supposed Singles ?

    According to the article, the album was going to be released "shortly after January 1" 1989, whereas the single was scheduled for a Christmas release...
  10. No one answered the question about what the interview says before Debbie says "including my hair!". French speakers...?? I think the most important thing to focus on is the fact that Debbie said "yes" twice in response to Chris's praise for Madonna (not the fact the she jokingly commented on Madonna's hair - I'm assuming the interviewer said something about Madonna borrowing a lot from Debbie, or being inspired by her or something like that. I saw Blondie live a few months ago and I was very taken by Debbie's stage presence. She completely owned the stage!
  11. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    I've only just seen this - by Pat's own admission, Madonna tends to create the melodies she sings. He comes up with the music and she generally writes the melody to fit the chords. Sometimes, the basic outline of the melody is already present in the music, but other times, it's not. He's also said that even when the basic outline appears in the music, Madonna always changes it to suit herself (to fit the lyrics she's written or to take the melody to a different place).
  12. Everything except for the following: BIM Devil Pray Holy Water S.E.X. Illuminati Messiah They edited LS out of the DYU/ITG/LS medley, removed LDLHA from HeartBreakCity and didn't show the "extra" performance of LAP. Reports of the show being "butchered" are grossly exaggerated
  13. They kept "Iconic" (they started with her in the cage - none of the footage before she appeared) and then went straight into "Burning Up". All of the interludes were scrapped. The only RH tracks that remained were "Iconic", "Living For Love", "Heartbreak City", "Unapologetic Bitch" and "Rebel Heart" (sorry - my original post was misleading).
  14. See? I knew you'd find something to like about it