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  1. Except it's not..."Rise" was released about eight months ago and peaked at #11 in the US (#1 in Australia and Top 10 in many other countries).
  2. I remember George Michael saying decades ago that one of the classic 60s songwriters once advised him to avoid key changes at the end of a song at all costs. I've tried to find the interview online, but all I could track down was a comment attributed to him that the key change was a "desperate grand gesture 'cause you've got nothing else". He specifically mentioned Whitney Houston songs as examples and said he never includes them in his own work (because it is a lazy technique). Does anyone else remember this?
  3. She really did sound phenomenal! It was such a fantastic concert! I'd loved it up until Martika came on and then she took it to another level entirely.
  4. No!!! She brought the house down during her recent Australian tour. She did a brilliant job!
  5. No - I just really like instrumentals I love Madonna instrumentals and devoured all of the ones that leaked a while back. I really like hearing aspects of the instrumentals that aren't always evident beneath the vocals.
  6. Does anyone know where I could get official Kylie Minogue instrumentals to download? There are heaps on YouTube, but I'm interested in good quality ones (rather than just ripping them from YouTube). No hate, please Thanks in advance!
  7. I saw them both live last month - Martika stole the show! She was brilliant (it was an 80s revival tour with a heap of people who had at least one major hit in Australia back in the 80s - Martika, Limahl, Berlin, Stacey Q, Katrina from Katrina and the Waves, Men Without Hats, Paul Lekakis, Wa Wa Nee and Real Life). The whole show was great!
  8. I've seen her a couple of times live and she's always fantastic! The most recent time was just before Madonna toured Australia this year.
  9. i just read your stories of the shows :) where there really reports of lip synching? so annoyed with the lies :( i thought of asking you in the thread, but I know media is lurking and they make it into a bigger thing hope you slept enough now ;)

    1. Carta


      Hi Nikki! Yes, the media picked up on some tweets that accused her of lip synching "three songs" in the first 20 minutes...!! Absolute Madness! It's so frustrating that the media seems so hellbent on dragging her down. A friend who doesn't like her at all said that it's obvious they have an agenda.

      I've had a little bit of sleep, but I do need more!! It was all worth it, though! After Paris, at least I knew that I had Bris...

  10. Sul serio?? Io l'ho gia' vista una dozzina di volte e la vedro' un'altra volta in gennaio.....