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  1. I think the general consensus is that the vocals are all genuine (most of them definitely aren't from the album version), but the track itself is a reconstruction from stems (i.e. it's not an actual demo, but it's certainly something we've never heard before). Like Jan, I find it fascinating!
  2. He's actually not allowed to. He was asked at the time whether he planned to, but he said that anything recorded after Madonna signed with Warners was owned by them and he wasn't allowed to do anything with it. He released Pre-Madonna without Madonna's approval (she tried to block its release), but as he shared ownership of the demos, so he was allowed to go ahead an release them, even without her permission.
  3. Didn't he say that he has a different version that he likes better than the released version? That doesn't mean that it's the demo - just that it's an alternative version.
  4. I don't know. Neither do you, for that matter....
  5. Has everybody missed the post where Aldo says that the image that everyone is having a major meltdown over isn't actually the cover? Why let the truth prevent a good old dramatic meltdown...! I can't wait to buy this. I haven't seen the Showtime version and now that Australian TV has cancelled its plans to air it, this will probably be the first version I see. Didn't Madonna herself say that she had to edit the show down to fit Showtime's requirements, and that the full version would be made available?
  6. Gambler - it's unlikely that this was composed specifically for "Vision Quest", so it was probably ineligible, too (Madonna was probably asked if she had an upbeat song for use in the film and provided "Gambler" LTT - ineligible for an Oscar (Pat originally composed part of the music for another film, but it was rejected, so he used it for "At Close Range"). ITG - again, this wasn't written specifically for DSS - it was something she brought to the set when they needed a song for the club scene and they ended up keeping it (she and Steve wrote a song called "DSS", but they didn't use it). WTG - overlooked CAC - overlooked LOL - overlooked CS - overlooked TUTBMP - does anyone know for sure whether this was eligible of not? The only reason it might not be is if it wasn't the first piece of music played over the closing credits (I can't easily check if it was or not). If it was eligible, then it was overlooked. IR - overlooked BS - overlooked DAD - Overlooked Masterpiece - Miramax submitted this for Oscar consideration, so it's implausible that she would have deliberately made it ineligible for an Oscar (why bother turning up at the Golden Globes if she didn't want acknowledgement for the music? Imagine the publicity for the film if it had been nominated for an Oscar - Madonna wouldn't pass up an opportunity like that).
  7. Love Makes The World Go Round - they wrote it during the very early stages of The Virgin Tour and she performed it for the first (and only) time live at Live Aid. LIB - the instrumental was offered to MJ, who rejected it. Bruce Gaitsch said that Madonna wrote the lyrics and finished the melody after MJ rejected it. She was filming "Shanghai Surprise" at the time in Macau.
  8. "Desperate Madonna returns to 80s hit maker in a last ditch attempt to earn another hit" - we KNOW that's the spin some outlets would put on it!
  9. Did Laurie Mayer's demo leak a couple of years ago or am I imagining things? Edit: OK, it was a demo by Priscilla Renea. Found it...!
  10. If it's the script that was floating around in December, then it's woeful (was it proven to be real or a fake version of Hollander's script?). Her age is wrong The entire premise of the script is that The Emmys were signed to Warners for their debut album and then Madonna did the dirty on them and got Jellybean to produce the album for her as a solo artist (there's a whole scene dedicated to the recording of "Borderline" as a duet between Madonna and Dan Gilroy...!) The Emmys don't realise that Madonna is releasing it as a solo album until "Holiday" is played at Danceteria and the DJ says that it's the first single from the debut solo album of "the person you know as the lead singer of The Emmys". Mark Kamins and Reggie Lucas have been replaced entirely by Jellybean. Sidewalk Talk features heavily as the planned first single from the follow-up to "Madonna". In 1983 (after the release of "Everybody", which doesn't actually happen in the script), Madonna works at The Russian Tea Room, Dunkin' Donuts and as a nude art model (i.e. they've borrowed events from her past and placed them much later in her life story). If the script is real, then this is going to be an absolute disaster (I haven't read the whole thing - just skimmed bits and pieces). If it's fake (highly likely), then there's hope. "Innocence Lost" is much closer to the truth than the rumoured script of "Blonde Ambition". Showdown mentioned Cher - the only reference to her is when Madonna and Steve Bray try to give Nile Rodgers The Emmys' demo tape and Cher is with him - she thinks they want her to sign the cassette for them and Madonna snatches it from her hand and gives it to Nile (who passes it to his assistant, who later throws it away). Cher comments, "You might want to re-think your name" (The Emmys), or words to that effect.
  11. And yet she worked with Pat on three albums in a row (plus a soundtrack), then again for a one-off single four years later, then again 3.5 years later on a different album. Steve Bray was around for three albums in a row (plus a soundtrack), too. I know you said "usually", but it's clear that she is both comfortable with working with someone for multiple albums and has done so many times in her career (Mirwais, Shep, William and Stuart Price were involved in two projects each before Madonna moved on). Having said all of that, though, I'm sure you're referring to going back to someone after having worked extensively with someone else. She's done it with Pat (with great success) and William (less successful, but that's completely subjective - I happen to love what they created together for MDNA).
  12. What about their 90s work? Just about all of IB was with Pat, then there's IR, Frozen, NRM, Skin, SFH, HTB...
  13. It's a shame we'll never get to hear the original version. It's such a great song!!