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  1. It's such a beautiful song! I absolutely loved it from the moment I first heard it when it leaked in December 2011. It really should have been released as a proper single back then - it could have done well with the right promo. For me, it's one of her very best songs of the 2010s (beautiful lyrics and melody and a great vocal delivery). The MDNAT version was brilliant! A big shout out to @dubtronic for his amazing mixes! I'm still annoyed that they stuffed up this masterpiece's eligibility for an Oscar!
  2. When Madonna left Warners, she retained control over her cataglogue. Essentially, they can't release anything "new" without her approval. This is why they can reissue her albums (e.g. all of the vinyl reissues) or bundle them together (e.g. The Complete Collection), but they can't release anything in a "new" configuration (e.g. #1s, Movie Songs, The Best of Madonna etc. etc.).
  3. Absolutely love it - it's my most listened to track on an album that I actually love
  4. Australia didn't have a dedicated MTV channel back in the 80s. Instead, MTV aired for around 2 hours every Friday and Saturday nights on a local free-to-air TV station (from early 1987 onwards). This is where most of the major videos of the time were premiered (although many of Madonna's were actually premiered during news or current affairs shows). Given that MTV didn't exist in Australia when Madonna became popular, it's safe to say that MTV had zero impact on her initial success in Australia (that honour goes to Countdown and Molly Meldrum). Her videos certainly gained exposure in the early days, but you actually had to make a conscious decision to tune into music shows to watch them (and you'd basically see them 1-2 times a week at the most, and only ever on the weekend. Madonna's impact was felt mainly at radio - this is how she became a massive star in Australia. Countdown and Molly got her noticed, but it was radio that got her into the charts and kept her there with single after single. Ultimately, it was the all about the music.
  5. Madonna definitely wanted BS as the first single, but Warners chose "Secret". The video wasn't filmed until (from memory) early December 1994, but it would have been in pre-production for months, given its complexity.
  6. "Oh Father" charted in Australia, Canada, the US and France back in 1989/1990, but it's highly likely that it was released in other territories at the time, too. DJ was released in several European countries as well as Australia. It charted in Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.
  7. There were only 1000 Gold Circle tickets available per show back in 1993, though. All other tickets were $60 (so in Brisbane, for example, she sold 1000 tickets at $200 each and around 44 000 tickets at $60 each - a small number were available for $50, which were called "Party Pit" tickets or something like that, but they were released very close to the show, when they figured out that they could squeeze more people in somewhere). If only the very closest tickets to the stage were $500 and the rest were (say) $150 (the equivalent of $60 in 1993), she would have sold out multiple shows very easily. People just weren't willing to pay $500 for floor and lower tier seats (all of the cheaper categories sold out very quickly - it was only the expensive seats that moved "slowly").
  8. All of the local JB HiFi stores had RH posters on display. Did that not happen in other cities? We went through a period in the 90s and 00s of getting pretty much everything that was released internationally. It would have been good if they'd done that for "The Look of Love" and "Spotlight". I doubt that TLOL would have been a Top 10 (Top 20, probably), but "Spotlight" would definitely have made it. It got a lot of airplay here (which was really unusual, given that back then, only official singles were serviced to radio stations in Australia).
  9. It's hard to accurately describe what it was like to live though the LAP era. If YouTube, iTunes, streaming etc. had been a thing back then, the single would have been #1 in the US for months. It was MASSIVE, as was the album. I absolutely love everything she's done since then, but for me, LAP (both the single and the album) are her finest moments. I think Madonna herself would find it hard not to name LAP as one of her favourite recordings.
  10. Let's not forget that Greg Kurstin and Jesse Shatkin (Sia's main producers) probably wouldn't have been involved in the production of the tracks (Orbit probably would have handled those duties with Madonna), so the sound itself would have been very different to Sia's own work (Sia's not a producer, unlike Madonna). Interestingly, a couple of years later, Sia would go on to work with Diplo (a year before Madonna did). I'm kind of surprised by the anti-Sia sentiment in here, to be honest. I've been a fan of her work since the very early 2000s (I bought her debut single, "Taken For Granted"). I remember watching intrigued as she publicly discussed obtaining permission to include "Oh Father" on her album with Guy Oseary via Twitter early in 2010. Sia was asking Guy whether they had received her recording and he said that they had and loved it, but didn't understand the urgency involved in needing a response. She said that her deadline was looking and she really wanted it on the album ("Oh Father" wasn't mentioned by name, but it was obvious what they were talking about).
  11. We all know that Guy asked Sia to submit some demos for Madonna to consider for MDNA, but, according to Sia herself, none of them were accepted. Given how much material Sia has released since then, I wonder if any of those tracks originated from those demos? It's unlikely she would have scrapped the demos completely (she would have brought out her A game for Madonna - she's a huge fan and would have jumped at the chance to work with her), so it would be interesting to know what she did with them. Thoughts?
  12. Bye Bye Baby did well in Australia (Top 20). Radio played the remix below. Ugh...why can't I get the video to embed??
  13. Absolutely! The playing field has changed so much now, thanks to pretty much everything counting towards the Billboard charts. Sooner or Later would have rocketed up the charts. Imagine how long LAP would have stayed at #1 if YouTube and views counting towards the Hot 100 had been a thing back then...! Ditto for JMY and I'd bet my entire Madonna collection on "Erotica" being a #1 in the US if today's mechanisms had been in place. GMAYL would have peaked even higher under today's conditions, too, thanks to the SB. I voted for STR - it's such an amazing song! I was in Year 12 when IB was released and I used to listen to it all the time while I was doing homework/studying. My parents worried that the music would distract me, but they admitted their fears were unfounded when I got straight A's It's a brilliant album!!!
  14. That's the thing - she usually writes the bulk of the lyrics and melodies (i.e. what she actually sings), but for some reason, people seem reluctant to give her credit for this.