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  1. I guess I'm alone in liking both of her latest releases...! "Dancing" actually scored some decent airplay here in Australia for about a month, but then when streaming didn't take off, the stations moved on. Still, it got more airplay here than any Madonna single since "Celebration", which it kills me to say, because most of Madonna's singles since 2009 have been very radio friendly (BIM is probably the only one that hasn't been, to be honest). RH went to #1, but none of its singles came close to bothering the Top 100, let alone the Top 50 (which Kylie still manages to do at least once per album). I'm still stunned that RH has become the first Madonna album not to contain a charting single in Australia. What on Earth is going on in the world? Anyway, as I said, I like "Stop Me From Falling" and "Dancing" and will listen to the new album with interest. In a world where even Taylor Swift and Katy Perry can release singles that are ignored, I'm glad that record companies are still willing to spend money to release music by older artists. Kylie is 50 in May and Madonna will be 60 by the time she releases her next album. How often did this happen back in the 80s, when Madonna and Kylie were the "young 'uns"? Tina Turner was pretty much the first older woman to have any sort of success and she was in her mid-40s when "Private Dancer" was released. However, I digress...!
  2. Even after 38 shows, though, Madonna said that she was completely sick of her music and never wanted to hear any of her songs ever again. I'd say she wasn't interested in touring for any longer than she had in TVT, probably because of the physical demands (and, as boy noted, her marriage was in trouble and it's possible that Sean told her to make a choice between him or her career). Incidentally, her first ever tour was supposed to be to Australia and Japan (before the US), because initially, she was more successful in Australia especially than anywhere else ("Madonna" was the 10th highest selling album of 1984 here). Then LAV exploded and it was decided that she needed to focus on her domestic fans in the US first (so we had to wait until 1993 to see her, and then until 2016 to see her again...). These days, artists don't make any real money from music sales (Adele and Ed Sheeran excepted...!), so touring is a necessity. Back in the 80s, there was serious money in music sales (even one massive hit single was enough to set an artist up for years of living in comfort). With streaming generating a pittance for artists, they really have no choice but to go on the road if they want to earn a lot money (not that this is what motivates all of them, of course - it's about being artists first and foremost, but everyone deserves to be paid for their work).
  3. I find it interesting that on one side of the GS DVD, you can clearly hear Madonna singing the first few lines of "Vogue", but on the other side, you don't hear her at all (yet it's the same performance). Did she sing the whole thing live on the night? Did they decide to replace her vocal with a track for broadcast/DVD purposes? Why have different audio tracks on the different sides of the DVD? What tomfoolery is at play here?!
  4. There's a difference between 100% playback (e.g. "Now I'm Following You" on BAT) and Madonna singing live over a "soft" double up of her lead vocal (e.g. "Burning Up" on RHT - she's clearly singing live and loudly in that clip posted above where she misses her cue). The real question is, who actually decides from night to night the exact mix/balance of the two vocal tracks, since for some songs, it clearly differs from show to show (for the record, I think she actually sings live the whole time she's on stage, but the audience doesn't always hear that). In "Vogue" on the BAT, at least for the Barcelona show, she actually sang the "Oooh....you've got to..." outro after the rap (over a "guide" vocal, true, but she's definitely singing live herself). She also sang "Vogue" live during rehearsals, so it's unknown as to why the actual performance used a support vocal. Fans bicker amongst themselves about whether have a supporting vocal means that Madonna's actually singing live or not (e.g. LAV at the MTV Awards in 1984, "Bye Bye Baby" at thee MTV Awards in 1993 etc. etc.). If she were doubling up her vocals during something like LTT, then it might be considered odd, but in anything uptempo, doubling up the vocal to strengthen it makes sense.
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The "visuals" error is definitely laughable! They got it right later in the booklet, though An accordion is a musical instrument. It's very French and was played during "La Vie en Rose".
  6. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    2-CD - yes Maybe it hasn't been released in the US?
  7. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    "La Isla Bonita" has just been made available at iTunes (taking the tally of pre-released songs from the digital album to three so far).
  8. Madonna's UK Singles Stats/History

    Madonna has released some brilliant music over the past five years that has been ignored. "Masterpiece" and "Ghosttown" are just two examples of singles that should have been massive, but barely dented the charts anywhere. "Living For Love" was Top 10 material, as was "Girl Gone Wild". Radio 1 very clearly stated that Madonna doesn't appeal to their demographic. How is that going to change down the track? If, as someone suggested, Radio 2 played GT a lot, why didn't this translate into sales? Is Radio 2 exposure enough to generate a hit single? "Give It 2 Me" was a sizeable hit across Europe. Australia didn't give it much time, unfortunately. "Celebration" as a single was a disaster in Australia (relatively speaking), yet it was huge across Europe. HC didn't kill off Madonna outside the US. Warners promoted it in a way that Interscope definitely hasn't for any of her LN-era releases. In the UK, "Celebration" was big in both sales and airplay. Why? Warners promoted it...this is a key factor. Kim, you mentioned earlier that with no record company pushing RH or promoting it, its singles struggled for airplay in the UK. Doesn't this imply that it's not just about the quality of the music (i.e. even great music will be ignored if it's not promoted properly)? To say that if Madonna releases a great song again, radio will play it, overlooks the fact that she's released great music in the past that has been ignored by radio stations (for whatever reason). If all it took to create a hit was a great song, then we wouldn't have situations where a song is a smash in one country but relatively ignored in another. Promotion and exposure is key to success. Take that away and the odds are against even the best song. US radio wasn't interested in HU, hence its relatively "low" peak on the Hot 100 compared to every single other country on the planet, where it was an unqualified smash. Does that mean that the HU that was released in the US wasn't as good as that released everywhere else? No. It's the same song, but something in the US prevented radio stations from playing it.
  9. Everything except for the following: BIM Devil Pray Holy Water S.E.X. Illuminati Messiah They edited LS out of the DYU/ITG/LS medley, removed LDLHA from HeartBreakCity and didn't show the "extra" performance of LAP. Reports of the show being "butchered" are grossly exaggerated
  10. They kept "Iconic" (they started with her in the cage - none of the footage before she appeared) and then went straight into "Burning Up". All of the interludes were scrapped. The only RH tracks that remained were "Iconic", "Living For Love", "Heartbreak City", "Unapologetic Bitch" and "Rebel Heart" (sorry - my original post was misleading).
  11. See? I knew you'd find something to like about it
  12. Wash your mouth out with soap, young man!!!!
  13. "Cringe worthy"? How can anything featuring two hours of Madonna in concert be described like that?
  14. I was stunned at first, but then I really didn't mind - the last time a Madonna concert was shown on Australian TV was 2001, so although I missed seeing the whole concert, it was brilliant to see her on TV again. Given the 2-hour timeslot they'd allocated to it (including ads), it's not a surprise that they edited out a lot. Whoever edited it for Channel 9 chose to leave in every song that the much maligned general public would know, and removed the RH album tracks (plus BIM). They obviously wanted it to rate decently, so it will be interesting to see the figures. It was cool seeing so many familiar faces in the crowd (San and Carley multiple times)! At first, I was confused at the close ups I saw of people I'd met overseas (and who I was sure hadn't been in Sydney), but then I realised that the whole concert is a mixture of footage from around the world (LAV would have confused the hell out of people, though - she was alternating between two different outfits in just about every shot, although I'm sure this was discussed to death in December! ). Some people I know who didn't see the show live were texting me to tell me how brilliant it was, so it can't have been that bad I'm glad I finally got to see it (I haven't had a chance to watch the Showtime version).