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  1. Carta

    ABBA thread

    I have a massive confession to make. Even though I absolutely adore ABBA, I don't think I've ever listened to one of their studio albums in full...! I love their singles and over the years, I've discovered various gems via word of mouth, but I honestly can't remember ever listening to a studio album from start to finish. About 18 years ago, a good friend mentioned "Like An Angel..." and was absolutely mortified that I didn't know it (since he knew how much I loved them). It was pre-iTunes, so I needed to track down a copy via other means. I loved it! I own all of the deluxe editions of their albums, but I just haven't listened to them. I'm sorry, everyone...forgive me...
  2. Carta

    ABBA thread

    "Hasta Manana" was the first single I ever owned. Our neighbour (whom I absolutely idolised) took me to Myer at Ringwood in Melbourne to buy it and I was so excited! "So Long" was the B-side (my 3.5 year old ears didn't like that one at all!). It's the first pop song I can remember being aware of. I don't remember being aware of "Fernando", but I definitely knew "Dancing Queen" - I remember seeing the video on TV between shows (Australia TV shows would often play a music video clip being two shows, rather than string together 6-8 30-second advertisements). Of course, the record companies were paying for this promotion, but it was still a great way to see videos. They stopped doing it around 1982, unfortunately. ABBA are, hands down, my favourite group of all time and my second favourite artist after Madonna. The were indescribably massive in Australia until after their tour - they never had a #1 single ever again after that, although they had half a dozen more Top 10 singles between late 1977 and late 1980. Their music resonates to this day.
  3. Here in Australia, it's a winter song - #1 from late autumn until late winter In any case, it was released in January, which is smack bang in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, so technically, it's a "winter" song that's such a smash hit that it's lasted three seasons so far...!
  4. Something that would pretty much guarantee a return to #1 for "Despacito" would be a proper video for the Justin Beiber remix. Justin's not big on videos, and Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee don't have enough sway to convince him to film one (unlike DJ Khaled), but a video featuring all three would attract a heap of attention. I think it's only in the last couple of week's that "Despacito" has dropped significantly in terms of overall points. Two weeks ago, it had around 1.45 times more points than "Wild Thoughts", which has had the biggest chance of dethroning "Despacito" in recent times. Its margin narrowed significantly last week, though.
  5. They're definitely aiming for #1. Releasing the official video juts a few days after the lyric video will have a huge impact on streams, as who has watched the lyric video will most likely then watch the official video. A very clever move. The US will end up with a tied record next week, but it won't be broken the week after that (in spite of the quality of Taylor's latest. It's annoying that Katy Perry couldn't get a #1 with the (IMO) far superior "Chained to the Rhythm", yet Taylor will with this...
  6. Carta

    Does Anyone Still Buy CDs

    I still buy a heap of CDs and I can't see that changing unless they completely stop manufacturing them. Including CD singles, I have around 12 000 CDs all up. I refuse point blank to stream music. I spend a heap on iTunes and I also buy Various Artists compilation, so that I can own physical copies of tracks as well as the digital copies. Music is my passion and I firmly believe in paying for it.
  7. I'm not - I think it's fantastic! To each their own
  8. It's actually awesome! It's as catchy as hell and is a well-crafted pop song. I know it annoys the hell out of a lot of people, but it's sold millions of copies around the world (and has been viewed literally billions of times), so it's struck a chord with an insanely large proportion of the music buying/consuming public. That doesn't happen by chance. It's not a novelty like "Harlem Shake" a couple of years ago - it's a bona fide, worldwide smash, hands down. Love it or hate it, you can't deny it's a phenomenon (and deservedly so, as far as I'm concerned)
  9. Probably. A valid point will also be that she was #1 in a time when streaming and downloads didn't exist - people actually had to go to a music store and spend money to keep OSD at #1 (although obviously, airplay played a major factor in its success, as it did for most of the long-running #1s in the US prior to this decade). It's infinitely easier for a single to spend months in the upper reaches of the charts these days, thanks to digital media (multiple singles in the Top 10 this week have been charting for 30+ weeks and a couple of those have spent their entire chart run in the Top 10...!). In short, Mariah and Boyz II Men's achievement is more impressive than Luis Fonsi et al's (hopefully) will be, but ultimately, "Despacito" will be better remembered internationally than OSD, since it is a global phenomenon, whereas OSD was merely a hit single everywhere but the US. I still can't get enough of "Despacito"!! Roll on 17 weeks at #1!!!
  10. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/7905151/justin-bieber-friends-despcaito-number-one-hot-100 Some technical info in the link above on the chances of "Despacito" breaking the record. Unlike just about everyone in this thread, I absolutely adore this song! I thought it was heading for the record in Australia until P!nk released "What About Us?" (Australia loves her and she will definitely be #1 this week, ending the massive 13-week stint at #1 of "Despacito"). Ed Sheeran broke ABBA's 14-week record earlier this year by spending 15 non-consecutive weeks at #1. There's a chance that it could return to #1 the week after (if P!nk drops off in sales), but it's looking less likely, which is a shame. Is there anyone else out there who loves "Despacito"? I can't get enough of the original or the remix. Justin really is stupid for allowing his record company to jeopardise his chances of being part of a record-breaking single. Fingers crossed it holds on for another three weeks...
  11. i just read your stories of the shows :) where there really reports of lip synching? so annoyed with the lies :( i thought of asking you in the thread, but I know media is lurking and they make it into a bigger thing hope you slept enough now ;)

    1. Carta


      Hi Nikki! Yes, the media picked up on some tweets that accused her of lip synching "three songs" in the first 20 minutes...!! Absolute Madness! It's so frustrating that the media seems so hellbent on dragging her down. A friend who doesn't like her at all said that it's obvious they have an agenda.

      I've had a little bit of sleep, but I do need more!! It was all worth it, though! After Paris, at least I knew that I had Bris...

  12. Exactly! Yet some of her fans don't even believe this (not many around here, though, which is good!).
  13. Thanks Whoop! How did we find out that the labels were wrong? The acoustic demo and Demo 5 are more similar than the dance version. The fact still remains that Avicii produced the final album version
  14. Let's not forget that Avicii actually produced the version of RH that ended up on the album - he just personally preferred the one that sounded more like his own style (from memory, Madonna reverted to an earlier version of the track that they had produced, rather than Avicii's "final" version). It's not as though Madonna gave the track to someone else to produce, who then turned it into something completely different (a la "Frozen"). WAOM, on the other hand, was reworked by Kanye (as outlined above).