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  1. Except it's not..."Rise" was released about eight months ago and peaked at #11 in the US (#1 in Australia and Top 10 in many other countries).
  2. This is the first mention I've ever seen of a non-Madonna demo of GMAYL. Do you have a link? I think everyone would be fascinated to hear it. Martin commented that he came up with a dubstep section and Madonna thought it was too "hard" for her, so they came up with something softer. This indicates that they actually did collaborate on the creation of the song (Martin has also commented on how hands on Madonna is in the studio). TUTR's demo has been available on YouTube since 2012 - Martin himself said that Madonna took the song and made it into a Madonna song. The lyrics of the verses are very different (Madonna's input) and she altered the melody.
  3. Australia - 40 (42 if Double A-side singles count as two separate songs) Canada - 49 UK - 62 (60 if the officially re-released Holiday and CFY in 1991 don't count)
  4. My Blu-ray copy arrived in the post today - I won't get a chance to watch it until the weekend, but I'm really excited to see it! Some very good friends of mine were interviewed for it. Kudos to matteo_mac for making it happen!!!!
  5. They're actually worth an absolute fortune, if they're genuine...! He'll be laughing all the way to the bank and you'll be...well...just laughing
  6. I wouldn't say they were "massive" (especially in terms of singles success which, ultimately, is what determines a pop artist's long term impact), but you're definitely right that each album was more successful than the last in Australia. "Control" (which, peaking as it did at #25 and having only one Top 10 single, definitely wasn't "massive") introduced her to Australia and then she used the multiple singles from RN to earn herself a #1 album over a year after its release (the first five singles missed the Top 10 in Australia, with only one of these actually reaching the Top 20 - "Black Cat" peaked at #6 and was the only Top 10 out of 7 singles in Australia). "janet" changed all of that and she finally had a bona fide smash hit solo single in Australia with TTWLG. Still, it has to be noted that the album could only produce a solitary Top 10 single in Australia. Only one Janet Jackson album managed to produce more than one Top 10 hit in Australia - The Velvet Rope (Got 'Til It's Gone and Together Again). All up, she had just 9 Top 10 singles in Australia (including two duets - one with Luther Vandross and the other with Michael, which means just 7 of her own singles reached the Australian Top 10). I actually love Janet and have seen her live twice - she lipsynchs an awful lot, but knows how to entertain. She was definitely massive in the US for a good 15 years (does anyone else remember the Diva chart comparisons from the old Madonna Mailing List, featuring Madonna, Whitney, Mariah and Janet?), but her global success was on a much smaller scale. Globally, in terms of hit singles, absolutely no solo artist compares to Madonna between 1984 and 2012.
  7. I think it was US chart expert, Fred Bronson, who commented that the only difference between a #1 single and a single that peaks at #2 is timing, which is spot on. Essentially, he was saying that any song that can make it to #2 has all the makings of a #1 single - it was pipped at the most by something that was a bit more popular that week. As someone else pointed out, "Frozen" only peaked at #2 due to the chart rules at the time (which excluded radio-only singles from the Hot 100, thus giving any single that was available commercially an "artificial" boost, since there were airplay only singles that actually had more chart points than singles that were available to purchase - a bizarre situation). It peaked at #7 in airplay and #10 in sales. All of her other #2 peaking singles were at least Top 3 in both sales and airplay (although not necessarily in the same week).
  8. I suspect we'll be waiting closer to 4 years for a new album than three this time. She spent pretty much all of 2014 working on RH and preparing it for a March 2015 release. We already know that she's making a movie this year, so unless she plans to squeeze everything in like she did with MDNA and W.E., she won't have time for new music until 2018. I suspect we'll see a similar pattern to RH - album in March 2019, then a tour from September 2019 to March 2020. An alternative would be a COADF pattern - November 2018 release and then a tour in the northern spring/summer (possibly starting in Australia in March and then ending around September). Either way, I can't see us getting an album until at least 3.5 years after RH was released.
  9. I'm really sorry, but this simply isn't true. Madonna was everywhere on radio in the 80s and early 90s in Australia. Every release was an event and given maximum exposure. The only 80s single I don't remember hearing on the radio in full was "Oh Father". Did you live in a small country town or something? She was certainly everywhere on the major QLD radio stations and from jazzyjan's post above, Melbourne, too.
  10. Madonna was phenomenal in Evita and several articles were written about how she was snubbed by The Academy. Billy Crystal even made mention of it when he introduced her performance during the ceremony. Some critics begrudgingly acknowledged that she had done a great job, but pointed out that this was mainly because Evita was one long music video (a medium in which the general consensus was that she excelled). The point is, though, that anyone who appears in a music video is acting. The fact that Madonna was delivering the dialogue by singing it rather than speaking it doesn't detract from the quality of her performance. Had Meryl Streep played the role and done as well as Madonna did, she would easily have scored a nomination. As for "Masterpiece", Madonna wanted it to be considered for an Oscar - she wouldn't have submitted it to The Academy for consideration if she hadn't (it was rejected, since it appeared after a brief musical interlude during the credits of the film, rather than as the very first music heard during the credits). She noted that she initially refused to write a song for W.E. because she didn't want her music to play any part in the film, but then Guy convinced her otherwise, for which she was grateful.
  11. Pat Leonard commented, though, that they were both really disappointed when OF wasn't a big hit, because they thought it was the best song they'd ever written. There must have been at least some level of belief in the single's chart potential (from both Madonna and Warners).
  12. There's so much cynicism around here. Madonna tried numerous times to help Anthony and ultimately, he was fired by his father for drinking on the job. Still, it was Madonna's fault that he ended up homeless. Now, apparently, she's helped Martin (yet again). I have no qualms whatsoever with her helping her family on her terms. I have no doubt that over the years, she's been very generous to them financially, but it reaches a point where enough is enough. If all she does is throw money at the problem, nothing's going to change. If she sets boundaries and expects people to follow them, then their chances of improvement are significantly higher. It's not as though she's placing unreasonable demands on them. As for Paula attending Madonna and Guy's wedding, if she paid for the rest of her family to be there, but refused to pay for Paula, then that's one thing. If everyone else paid their own way and Paula was the only one asking for a free flight, then it's complicated. Do you pay for Paula and then reimburse everyone else for their flights, since it's not fair to give one sibling preferential treatment over the others? Do you pay for partners to attend, too? Nieces and nephews? Where do you draw the line? You couldn't pay for any of Madonna's family to attend and then not offer to cover all of Guy's family's travelling costs, too. I know we're talking about an insanely wealthy person, here, but the basic principal remains the same - where do you draw the line? If one of my family members couldn't afford to fly to my home city for my wedding, then I could cover those costs. Multiple family members, though - absolutely not. All we know about Paula's situation is what Christopher has said. He was doing well at the time - couldn't he afford to pay for Paula's airfare?