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  1. That was her first ever performance at The Grammys. She sounds nervous (which is understandable, given that she dislikes performing at awards shows, since she's not overly comfortable performing in front of a bunch of critics...!), but the vocal was by no means bad. If memory serves me correctly, this was the first year (or one of the first years) in which artists were allowed to perform tracks from a nominated album, as opposed to solely tracks that were nominated individually. Had the old rule been in place, Madonna would only have been allowed to perform "Ray of Light". Some Grammys trivia for you! Warner made the decision to submit ROL for the Dance category in 1999 and "Frozen" for the Pop category. ROL made it all the way to Record of the Year, whereas "Frozen" missed out (unfortunately). The following year, the submitted "Beautiful Stranger" to the Pop category (and it earned a nomination), then they did the same with "Music" (i.e. they made a deliberate push for a Pop nomination/award over the almost sure fire Dance nomination/award it would have received). I firmly believe that if they hadn't changed the eligibility rules for the Dance categories in 2011 (for the 2012 awards), Madonna would still be earning nominations in that category (e.g. Girl Gone Wild and Bitch I'm Madonna). "Serious" dance producers were tired of "pop" artists "stealing" their nominations and awards, so they pushed the academy to change the rules.
  2. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    He also conducted the interview with Pat a couple of months that was posted in this thread.
  3. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The "visuals" error is definitely laughable! They got it right later in the booklet, though An accordion is a musical instrument. It's very French and was played during "La Vie en Rose".
  4. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    2-CD - yes Maybe it hasn't been released in the US?
  5. Supposed Singles ?

    There was a bit of concern at the time about the fact that the verses were so slow and that for the first half of the song, it's quite stop/start. She wasn't expected to succeed with LTT, either, since it stopped in the middle of the song, but she proved the naysayers wrong on both occasions
  6. Supposed Singles ?

    In the UK, the official release was TPOG/LS (i.e. a double A-side single). That's how it appeared on the charts at the time, too. Regarding "Amazing", it was released as a promo single in Australia and got a decent amount of airplay.
  7. EROTICA 25

    It wasn't banned - in fact, it debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart, and it holds the record for the highest debut ever on that chart. All of Billboard's chart experts expected it to go to #1, but Sex was released and sales of the single were nowhere near as strong as expected, unfortunately. Its #3 peak was still extremely impressive, though.
  8. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    "La Isla Bonita" has just been made available at iTunes (taking the tally of pre-released songs from the digital album to three so far).
  9. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Thank you I tend to get on my high horse when people try to diminish Madonna's role in the creation of her music. In spite of the plethora of evidence to the contrary, there are still those who believe/assert that Madonna is prone to claiming credit unfairly. Thanks for the support
  10. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    It was spine-tinglingly amazing!!!!!
  11. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I love it, too, Jan!! They can tease us all they like, but they will never change our minds!!!
  12. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    When has Madonna ever "changed a word, claimed a third"? "Heartbeat" has been mentioned, but the lyrics were vastly reworked by Madonna (the entire second verse has been rewritten, and that's just for a start - there are major differences between the two versions in terms of the lyrics, along with many unaltered sections). Anyone can hear that and anyone who would deny Madonna a writer's credit or claim that she basically just re-recorded the demo is being grossly unfair to her and completing diminishing/dismissing her input. Every single one of her collaborators has commented on how heavily involved she is in the production of her work. Justin Timberlake commented how she let him go through her journal of lyrics/lyrical ideas and he basically pieced together songs using what she had in her journal. Who else has she given her journal to? Jenson Vaughan? Rosette (who did the demo and, according to her, co-wrote whatever Jenson wrote which, according to the Benassis, was the "top line" - lyrics and melody) says that it was written for Madonna, so who's to say that Jenson Vaughan wasn't given an outline by Madonna, which he then fleshed out (with Rosette), and then Madonna eventually changed various parts of the lyrics? That's entirely feasible, especially since we know the song was created specifically for presentation to Madonna. As Kim mentioned earlier, it was common knowledge at the time that session singers were involved in singing many of the demos (with the suggestion at the time being that songs that Madonna had written with various writers were then demoed by someone else - Madonna was still involved in the writing of the songs, though). Let's not get carried away and call a spade a hoe....
  13. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Even if she only changed 10%, it's still not the "literal" carbon copy you suggested, though. Let's not completely dismiss Madonna's contribution...her detractors do enough of that....
  14. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Huge apologies, Suedehead! I made an assumption about your knowledge and I feel bad for doing that. I'm sorry! The order means nothing at all - it's all about the publishing splits. An example is something like "Paradise". It's well known that Mirwais presented "Paradise" as a completed track to Madonna, and that she basically wrote English lyrics to add to the finished track. Her credit for the composition of the track (publishing rights) is 33.34%, which reflects the respective writers' contributions to the tracks. On all of their other collaborations, though, the share is 50/50, suggesting that they had equal input. On all of Madonna and Pat Leonard's collaborations, it's a 50/50 split (Pat has commented on numerous occasions that everything they wrote was a true collaboration). Regarding "Die Another Day", it's well documented that Madonna writes the bulk of the lyrics she sings and she generally writes the melody (so, in effect, most of what she sings is her own creation). The co-writers of Celebration said that they presented Madonna with an instrumental, to which she wrote "the lyrics and melody". There is plenty of evidence that this is her general modus operandi. GGW is an exception, since we know that Jenson Vaughan wrote the "top line", as it's known (i.e. the melody). The fact that Madonna's name appears first in the credits means nothing, though. She's listed first on "Revolver", yet she definitely doesn't receive the largest share of the royalties. Again, Suedehead, apologies for making an assumption! I have a tonne of respect for you and the wealth of knowledge you bring to this forum!!
  15. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Suedehead, you of all people know full well that the order in which the songwriters appears means nothing...! Madonna is almost always the first writer credited on her own recordings, even when she only receives a 10-25% share of the credit.