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  1. i just read your stories of the shows :) where there really reports of lip synching? so annoyed with the lies :( i thought of asking you in the thread, but I know media is lurking and they make it into a bigger thing hope you slept enough now ;)

    1. Carta


      Hi Nikki! Yes, the media picked up on some tweets that accused her of lip synching "three songs" in the first 20 minutes...!! Absolute Madness! It's so frustrating that the media seems so hellbent on dragging her down. A friend who doesn't like her at all said that it's obvious they have an agenda.

      I've had a little bit of sleep, but I do need more!! It was all worth it, though! After Paris, at least I knew that I had Bris...

  2. Exactly! Yet some of her fans don't even believe this (not many around here, though, which is good!).
  3. Thanks Whoop! How did we find out that the labels were wrong? The acoustic demo and Demo 5 are more similar than the dance version. The fact still remains that Avicii produced the final album version
  4. Let's not forget that Avicii actually produced the version of RH that ended up on the album - he just personally preferred the one that sounded more like his own style (from memory, Madonna reverted to an earlier version of the track that they had produced, rather than Avicii's "final" version). It's not as though Madonna gave the track to someone else to produce, who then turned it into something completely different (a la "Frozen"). WAOM, on the other hand, was reworked by Kanye (as outlined above).
  5. This is great! Thanks for posting! All of the evidence suggests that Madonna's stamp is all over everything she records, yet people still try to discredit her and claim that her co-writers only praise her because they want to work with her again and aren't game enough to "tell the truth". Complete garbage. You only have to listen to the demo of something like "Love Spent" to hear that even when she doesn't write something from scratch, she always does something to the track (whether it's altering the lyrics or reshaping the melody) to make it her own.
  6. Does the GP actually know Army of Me anyway...?
  7. How amazing is that remix?!!! Thanks for sharing, 5iVe Elements!!! This and GT are my favourite RH tracks.
  8. NKM was only released to clubs (like Impressive Instant and Mother and Father). I'm wondering if Joseph submitted a treatment unsolicited (i.e. they weren't actually planning to make a video for DP, which is why they didn't ask someone else for a submission). Hold Tight was released as a radio single in Italy and reached the Airplay Top 40, but didn't hang around for long.
  9. Agnes is amazing!!! Even more amazing, though, is "Never Let You Go" - I love it!!!
  10. It's not eligible, though - they changed the rules in 2012 so that only recordings by recognised club/dance/EDM acts are eligible. It's ridiculous, especially given Madonna's success as a dance artist. Diplo is eligible for his recordings, but Madonna isn't (go figure!). If BIM was credited to Diplo featuring Madonna, then it would have a chance... Wouldn't it be bizarre if the academy decided to reward Madonna's lowest-profile release with a slew of nominations (like they often do to other artists, whose nominations raise eyebrows because no one's actually heard the material!)...!
  11. I beg to differ, as you've misunderstood what I said. I wasn't talking about the individual instruments - I was talking about the musical backing itself (i.e. the chordal structure and the non-vocal melodic lines, which would include your a-ha and Rolling Stones examples). Madonna's collaborators have often mentioned that she will compose a melody line over a backing track that he/she has written (i.e. the basic chords....the music, if you will). In simple terms, the music is what is left of a song when you take away the sung melody. An arranger decides how the music will be structured/arranged. A producer decides how it will sound (instruments used etc.). The songwriter creates the song (music, melody, lyrics). A concrete example - Pat Leonard bashes out on the piano a series of chords that he has put together (the backing track of a song). Madonna sings a melody over the top of them and then writes words to fit the melody. A classic is born :-).
  12. Did Live Nation even submit anything for nomination? If they did, they were limited to two of the three videos Madonna has released this year.
  13. Thanks RoccoPapa! I'll check with my friend and see if it works!
  14. This is a cool diagram, but it doesn't actually account for the music (i.e. the instrumental that's left behind when the vocals are taken away). Melody and lyrics constitute what the singer sings, whereas the music is what backs the singer. As I said, though, it's a cool (and interesting) diagram - thank you for sharing!!
  15. I think you're confusing the terms "songwriter" and "producer". A songwriter is anyone who is involved in the composition of the song, including music and lyrics (your comment suggested that you thought everyone listed was involved in writing the lyrics). A producer is responsible for determining how the song sounds. In the old days, most producers weren't involved in the songwriting process - they simply took a song and determined how it would sound. Jellybean produced "Holiday", "Crazy For You" and "Gambler", but he wasn't involved in writing any of those songs - he determined how they sounded, though. Two different producers could take the same song and make it sound completely different (see "American Pie", for example - same song, but the two versions sound completely different). If a producer changes/adds a melodic line, a new synth arrangement, a guitar riff etc. etc., then they can claim a songwriter's credit (which, it seems, almost everyone involved in the production of RH has done). Even a minor addition/change can be worthy of a credit (see Madonna's input on "Revolver", which consists of minor lyrical changes and the addition of a vocal riff - "faaaaaaaaaallllllllllll"). Hope this helps!
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