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  1. Carta

    Boxscore Figures

    I know this is an insanely controversial topic and it causes a huge amount of angst and discussion every time Madonna tours, but I've just come across some info that made me feel that it was worth discussing it again (I know the topic will be deleted if the discussion is deemed inappropriate and I completely and absolutely respect the moderators' right to do this, so I apologise in advance if I'm inadvertently breaching any rules here). Controversial statement ahead! The attendance figures reported to Billboard Boxscore are based on pre-determined figures by the promoter for a "sold out" show (but do not necessarily represent the actual number of people who attended that particular show). For example, for Brisbane (Australia), Live Nation determined that 13,886 tickets would be the official "sold out" figure for the two Rebel Heart Tour shows. They sold that many tickets, so the show was officially listed as sold out (irrespective of the number of people who attended the show/s on the night, or whether there were physically any tickets left for sale). Had they not sold that number of tickets, the shows wouldn't have been listed as sold out. This happens in every venue. LN determines this figure before a single ticket goes on sale (so it actually represents the minimum number of tickets sold). Every time Madonna tours, there are reports of "empty seats", "empty blocks" etc. etc. and questions as to why 14,772 people was the "sold out" figure for Madison Square Garden for the last tour, yet for this tour, it was 11,022. People ask how a show can be described as "sold out" when there are still tickets available on show night. The practice described above of pre-determining a sold out figure before tickets go on sale (a "projected" figure) explains this. The figures are based on market demand during previous tours, economic factors, expected demand for the current tour etc. etc. Disclaimer - there's no article anywhere stating that what I've described above actually happens, but it's a theory that seems to make sense. Boxscore has recently released figures for Cher's "Here We Go Again" Australian Tour. I attended the first show and it was absolutely jam packed (I was surprised, to be honest). From what I've been told, it was the same the second night. Both shows have been listed as sold out, with a total attendance figure of 13,669 (slightly lower than Madonna's figure of 13,886). Here's the catch. I bought my ticket late on the afternoon of the show, barely two hours before it officially started, and the "pax" details printed on the ticket indicated that my ticket number was 8421 (indicating that across the two dates, there would have been at least 16,842 tickets available). There were at least 10 tickets still available in my row when I purchased the ticket, but the entire section was full when I got there, so all of those tickets were sold after I had bought mine. This means that there were almost certainly at least 3000 people attending the two shows beyond the official "sold out" figure. Why? See above for a plausible explanation. Thoughts anyone? Again, apologies in advance if I'm inadvertently breaching any guidelines. With a new tour likely to take place at some stage over the next two years, it's a topic that will undoubtedly be raised, if not by me, by someone else.
  2. Carta

    ABBA thread

    I have a massive confession to make. Even though I absolutely adore ABBA, I don't think I've ever listened to one of their studio albums in full...! I love their singles and over the years, I've discovered various gems via word of mouth, but I honestly can't remember ever listening to a studio album from start to finish. About 18 years ago, a good friend mentioned "Like An Angel..." and was absolutely mortified that I didn't know it (since he knew how much I loved them). It was pre-iTunes, so I needed to track down a copy via other means. I loved it! I own all of the deluxe editions of their albums, but I just haven't listened to them. I'm sorry, everyone...forgive me...
  3. Carta

    ABBA thread

    "Hasta Manana" was the first single I ever owned. Our neighbour (whom I absolutely idolised) took me to Myer at Ringwood in Melbourne to buy it and I was so excited! "So Long" was the B-side (my 3.5 year old ears didn't like that one at all!). It's the first pop song I can remember being aware of. I don't remember being aware of "Fernando", but I definitely knew "Dancing Queen" - I remember seeing the video on TV between shows (Australia TV shows would often play a music video clip being two shows, rather than string together 6-8 30-second advertisements). Of course, the record companies were paying for this promotion, but it was still a great way to see videos. They stopped doing it around 1982, unfortunately. ABBA are, hands down, my favourite group of all time and my second favourite artist after Madonna. The were indescribably massive in Australia until after their tour - they never had a #1 single ever again after that, although they had half a dozen more Top 10 singles between late 1977 and late 1980. Their music resonates to this day.
  4. Quick comment - "Like A Prayer" wasn't actually part of the set list for RHT. She played it often as the "extra" track, but definitely not at every show (e.g. I saw four shows and she played it once...thank God I saw it then, because anyone who saw her in Brisbane missed out on seeing it, since she skipped it at both shows). I wouldn't complain if she played it on every tour and to be completely honest, I'm a bit disappointed when it's not on the set list (but that doesn't stop me from being dazzled by the brilliance that is a Madonna show, without fail).
  5. Even after 38 shows, though, Madonna said that she was completely sick of her music and never wanted to hear any of her songs ever again. I'd say she wasn't interested in touring for any longer than she had in TVT, probably because of the physical demands (and, as boy noted, her marriage was in trouble and it's possible that Sean told her to make a choice between him or her career). Incidentally, her first ever tour was supposed to be to Australia and Japan (before the US), because initially, she was more successful in Australia especially than anywhere else ("Madonna" was the 10th highest selling album of 1984 here). Then LAV exploded and it was decided that she needed to focus on her domestic fans in the US first (so we had to wait until 1993 to see her, and then until 2016 to see her again...). These days, artists don't make any real money from music sales (Adele and Ed Sheeran excepted...!), so touring is a necessity. Back in the 80s, there was serious money in music sales (even one massive hit single was enough to set an artist up for years of living in comfort). With streaming generating a pittance for artists, they really have no choice but to go on the road if they want to earn a lot money (not that this is what motivates all of them, of course - it's about being artists first and foremost, but everyone deserves to be paid for their work).
  6. I find it interesting that on one side of the GS DVD, you can clearly hear Madonna singing the first few lines of "Vogue", but on the other side, you don't hear her at all (yet it's the same performance). Did she sing the whole thing live on the night? Did they decide to replace her vocal with a track for broadcast/DVD purposes? Why have different audio tracks on the different sides of the DVD? What tomfoolery is at play here?!
  7. There's a difference between 100% playback (e.g. "Now I'm Following You" on BAT) and Madonna singing live over a "soft" double up of her lead vocal (e.g. "Burning Up" on RHT - she's clearly singing live and loudly in that clip posted above where she misses her cue). The real question is, who actually decides from night to night the exact mix/balance of the two vocal tracks, since for some songs, it clearly differs from show to show (for the record, I think she actually sings live the whole time she's on stage, but the audience doesn't always hear that). In "Vogue" on the BAT, at least for the Barcelona show, she actually sang the "Oooh....you've got to..." outro after the rap (over a "guide" vocal, true, but she's definitely singing live herself). She also sang "Vogue" live during rehearsals, so it's unknown as to why the actual performance used a support vocal. Fans bicker amongst themselves about whether have a supporting vocal means that Madonna's actually singing live or not (e.g. LAV at the MTV Awards in 1984, "Bye Bye Baby" at thee MTV Awards in 1993 etc. etc.). If she were doubling up her vocals during something like LTT, then it might be considered odd, but in anything uptempo, doubling up the vocal to strengthen it makes sense.
  8. Carta

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The "visuals" error is definitely laughable! They got it right later in the booklet, though An accordion is a musical instrument. It's very French and was played during "La Vie en Rose".
  9. Carta

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    2-CD - yes Maybe it hasn't been released in the US?
  10. Carta

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    "La Isla Bonita" has just been made available at iTunes (taking the tally of pre-released songs from the digital album to three so far).
  11. Here in Australia, it's a winter song - #1 from late autumn until late winter In any case, it was released in January, which is smack bang in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, so technically, it's a "winter" song that's such a smash hit that it's lasted three seasons so far...!
  12. Something that would pretty much guarantee a return to #1 for "Despacito" would be a proper video for the Justin Beiber remix. Justin's not big on videos, and Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee don't have enough sway to convince him to film one (unlike DJ Khaled), but a video featuring all three would attract a heap of attention. I think it's only in the last couple of week's that "Despacito" has dropped significantly in terms of overall points. Two weeks ago, it had around 1.45 times more points than "Wild Thoughts", which has had the biggest chance of dethroning "Despacito" in recent times. Its margin narrowed significantly last week, though.
  13. They're definitely aiming for #1. Releasing the official video juts a few days after the lyric video will have a huge impact on streams, as who has watched the lyric video will most likely then watch the official video. A very clever move. The US will end up with a tied record next week, but it won't be broken the week after that (in spite of the quality of Taylor's latest. It's annoying that Katy Perry couldn't get a #1 with the (IMO) far superior "Chained to the Rhythm", yet Taylor will with this...
  14. Carta

    Does Anyone Still Buy CDs

    I still buy a heap of CDs and I can't see that changing unless they completely stop manufacturing them. Including CD singles, I have around 12 000 CDs all up. I refuse point blank to stream music. I spend a heap on iTunes and I also buy Various Artists compilation, so that I can own physical copies of tracks as well as the digital copies. Music is my passion and I firmly believe in paying for it.
  15. I'm not - I think it's fantastic! To each their own