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  1. What happened to Spotlight?

    At the time, exactly the same things were said about "Who's That Girl" and "Causing A Commotion" ("La Isla Bonita Pt 2" and "Into The Groove Pt 2"). I loved "Spotlight" and was disappointed that it wasn't made a single worldwide.
  2. Even after 38 shows, though, Madonna said that she was completely sick of her music and never wanted to hear any of her songs ever again. I'd say she wasn't interested in touring for any longer than she had in TVT, probably because of the physical demands (and, as boy noted, her marriage was in trouble and it's possible that Sean told her to make a choice between him or her career). Incidentally, her first ever tour was supposed to be to Australia and Japan (before the US), because initially, she was more successful in Australia especially than anywhere else ("Madonna" was the 10th highest selling album of 1984 here). Then LAV exploded and it was decided that she needed to focus on her domestic fans in the US first (so we had to wait until 1993 to see her, and then until 2016 to see her again...). These days, artists don't make any real money from music sales (Adele and Ed Sheeran excepted...!), so touring is a necessity. Back in the 80s, there was serious money in music sales (even one massive hit single was enough to set an artist up for years of living in comfort). With streaming generating a pittance for artists, they really have no choice but to go on the road if they want to earn a lot money (not that this is what motivates all of them, of course - it's about being artists first and foremost, but everyone deserves to be paid for their work).
  3. I find it interesting that on one side of the GS DVD, you can clearly hear Madonna singing the first few lines of "Vogue", but on the other side, you don't hear her at all (yet it's the same performance). Did she sing the whole thing live on the night? Did they decide to replace her vocal with a track for broadcast/DVD purposes? Why have different audio tracks on the different sides of the DVD? What tomfoolery is at play here?!
  4. There's a difference between 100% playback (e.g. "Now I'm Following You" on BAT) and Madonna singing live over a "soft" double up of her lead vocal (e.g. "Burning Up" on RHT - she's clearly singing live and loudly in that clip posted above where she misses her cue). The real question is, who actually decides from night to night the exact mix/balance of the two vocal tracks, since for some songs, it clearly differs from show to show (for the record, I think she actually sings live the whole time she's on stage, but the audience doesn't always hear that). In "Vogue" on the BAT, at least for the Barcelona show, she actually sang the "Oooh....you've got to..." outro after the rap (over a "guide" vocal, true, but she's definitely singing live herself). She also sang "Vogue" live during rehearsals, so it's unknown as to why the actual performance used a support vocal. Fans bicker amongst themselves about whether have a supporting vocal means that Madonna's actually singing live or not (e.g. LAV at the MTV Awards in 1984, "Bye Bye Baby" at thee MTV Awards in 1993 etc. etc.). If she were doubling up her vocals during something like LTT, then it might be considered odd, but in anything uptempo, doubling up the vocal to strengthen it makes sense.
  5. From this article: Shimkin: She really holds fast to a general rule, which is that she's in charge of lyrics and melody, and you're in charge of music. While she has her say in the music end, it's more about the arrangement and how it works with her vocal. She'll still be open to ideas you have about a vocal. One is her dominion, the other is yours, and they don't meet that often, but it's not unheard of to be able to comment either way. Yet another collaborator confirming that Madonna tends to handle the lyrics and melody of her songs (i.e. the part that she actually sings). The woman is a genius. Maybe one day, people will recognise this!!! Fascinating to read 2017 opinions shared by her 1992 collaborators!
  6. He was talking about her album sales in the US. As of 1992, her certifications for her studio albums were: Madonna - 4m Like A Virgin - 7m True Blue - 5m Like A Prayer - 3m I'm Breathless - 2m I doubt he would have been referring to "I'm Breathless" as pop, but certainly, each studio album after "Like A Virgin" sold significantly less than the previous one. Even "Madonna" sold more than LAP, and LAP was #1 for six weeks.
  7. That was her first ever performance at The Grammys. She sounds nervous (which is understandable, given that she dislikes performing at awards shows, since she's not overly comfortable performing in front of a bunch of critics...!), but the vocal was by no means bad. If memory serves me correctly, this was the first year (or one of the first years) in which artists were allowed to perform tracks from a nominated album, as opposed to solely tracks that were nominated individually. Had the old rule been in place, Madonna would only have been allowed to perform "Ray of Light". Some Grammys trivia for you! Warner made the decision to submit ROL for the Dance category in 1999 and "Frozen" for the Pop category. ROL made it all the way to Record of the Year, whereas "Frozen" missed out (unfortunately). The following year, the submitted "Beautiful Stranger" to the Pop category (and it earned a nomination), then they did the same with "Music" (i.e. they made a deliberate push for a Pop nomination/award over the almost sure fire Dance nomination/award it would have received). I firmly believe that if they hadn't changed the eligibility rules for the Dance categories in 2011 (for the 2012 awards), Madonna would still be earning nominations in that category (e.g. Girl Gone Wild and Bitch I'm Madonna). "Serious" dance producers were tired of "pop" artists "stealing" their nominations and awards, so they pushed the academy to change the rules.
  8. Patrick Leonard thread

    He also conducted the interview with Pat a couple of months that was posted in this thread.
  9. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The "visuals" error is definitely laughable! They got it right later in the booklet, though An accordion is a musical instrument. It's very French and was played during "La Vie en Rose".
  10. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    2-CD - yes Maybe it hasn't been released in the US?
  11. Supposed Singles ?

    There was a bit of concern at the time about the fact that the verses were so slow and that for the first half of the song, it's quite stop/start. She wasn't expected to succeed with LTT, either, since it stopped in the middle of the song, but she proved the naysayers wrong on both occasions
  12. Supposed Singles ?

    In the UK, the official release was TPOG/LS (i.e. a double A-side single). That's how it appeared on the charts at the time, too. Regarding "Amazing", it was released as a promo single in Australia and got a decent amount of airplay.
  13. It wasn't banned - in fact, it debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart, and it holds the record for the highest debut ever on that chart. All of Billboard's chart experts expected it to go to #1, but Sex was released and sales of the single were nowhere near as strong as expected, unfortunately. Its #3 peak was still extremely impressive, though.
  14. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    "La Isla Bonita" has just been made available at iTunes (taking the tally of pre-released songs from the digital album to three so far).
  15. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Thank you I tend to get on my high horse when people try to diminish Madonna's role in the creation of her music. In spite of the plethora of evidence to the contrary, there are still those who believe/assert that Madonna is prone to claiming credit unfairly. Thanks for the support