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  1. I commented on an earlier post of Casey's on Instragram, outlining in detail what he should be entitled to, given that he has agreed that his contribution amounted to 15% of the song's publishing. Surprise, surprise, my comment was deleted and he blocked me. I guess my argument was too solid to allow it to stay up there for public viewing.
  2. I think it's the way you worded it. Madonna didn't actually know that the work Mirwais presented her wasn't entirely his own. Her lawyers have said this. Using inverted commas implies that Madonna has somehow claimed unfair credit for someone else's work. She didn't. Mirwais, on the other hand, did. Madonna's contribution to "God Control" isn't under question, and nor should any of her other credits on the album. Had you said, "I wonder if there are any other songs on Madame X that Mirwais 'wrote' that were actually written by someone else?", I don't think anyone would have had an issue
  3. William didn't co-write "Frozen", though - it was Pat Leonard. In any case, eventually, the plagiarism claim was overturned and found to have no basis. This is a completely different story, though.
  4. Absolutely incorrect. Madonna claims credit where it's due and is careful to give credit where it's due. See my Tony Shimkin example earlier. Casey did not sign away his publishing rights. He was offered a $25K advance, which Madonna's team felt was an appropriate projection of the income that his 15% publishing royalties would earn in time. If it earns more, he'll receive more money. If it doesn't, he'll end up in front. He agreed that his contribution amounts to 15% of the final product (which suggests that the verse he has uploaded is his only contribution in terms of lyrics and
  5. It will be for sure. It's the first time someone well known has claimed that Madonna has ripped a song off from them, so it's going to generate interest, unfortunately. Mirwais was foolish to do what he did and Madonna will not be happy with him. Her naysayers will have a field day. Connor knows exactly what he's doing by focusing on Madonna, even though he's been told that she wasn't aware of his involvement.
  6. I've actually advised Casey to get in touch with Tony Shimkin, who, as we know now, was screwed over by Shep Pettibone and robbed of royalties for most of his work on "Erotica". When Madonna found out, she ensured that he was looked after (and he said that if she'd known what was happening at the time, she wouldn't have allowed it, since she's very big on ensuring that credit is given where it's due). Casey agreed that 15% was a fair representation of his input (so the demo he's posted of the first verse of the track is likely his entire contribution to the song), and by his own admission, r
  7. "Crave" is the best song on the album (and I love everything else). It's brilliant!
  8. Or they result in interesting new music ("Medellin" is fantastic and "Crave" is up there with the very best she's produced in the past decade, no question about it). To each their own...
  9. Some AC stations are reluctant to play anything by artists considered to be hip hop. I remember many years ago, a network in Australia wouldn't play any verses that were considered rap (e.g. they edited out Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez's verse on Melanie C's "Never Be The Same Again"). That was their strict policy for many years, because they felt that their audience didn't connect with that genre.
  10. I think it's one of the best songs she's recorded over the past decade, to be honest...! I seriously can't get enough of it! It's easily my favourite on MX and is better than all but a handful of tracks on RH, MDNA and HC.
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