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  1. It's my favourite Erasure album since Nightbird. Still It's Not Over is one of their best tracks ever.
  2. Not a fan of the lyrics but the music sounds like a classic Erasure track. Andy could have done better!
  3. Looking forward to it. Just discovering Panic of Girls and loving it. I really enjoyed Ghosts of Download too. I still listen to it regularly
  4. It's against his wishes, however I'm grateful for it. I'm guessing it's just going to be the Warners material and nothing post 1992.
  5. Drama! Stop She Won't be Home Push Me Shove Me Spiralling Chains of Love I Love You Treasure Sweet Surrender Reason
  6. I'm sure I've read at some point that wendy and Lisa stated that Prince was not supportive of their relationship.
  7. I love Prince but unfortunately I can't erase the fact that he did make that comment about God punishing mankind for "sticking it wherever." Then his spokesman went and claimed Prince was misquoted which was nonsense of course. I don't think Prince was a supporter of the gay community however his early work such as Uptown and Controversy are great gay anthems.
  8. People that use social media to spread homophobia and hate are cowardice and wouldn't have the guts to say it without the protection of their computer screens.
  9. Goes to show you that chart positions play very little in the makings of a legend.
  10. I just bought the Black Album cd fairly cheap on Amazon used. Who knows if any of these albums will be re-released at any time. I'm still missing 20Ten and Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic.
  11. The Gold Experience is not on Itunes unfortunately. Many of his Warner albums are not on Itunes like Chaos and Disorder and The Black Album.
  12. Well this is next to impossible but here's probably my most listened to Prince top 10 Little Red Corvette When Doves Cry Controversy Head I Wish U Heaven I could Never take the place of your man Let's Pretend We're Married Sexuality Mountains Housequake
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