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  1. People that use social media to spread homophobia and hate are cowardice and wouldn't have the guts to say it without the protection of their computer screens.
  2. She should have just recorded those lines again instead of sampling the original track.
  3. I never watch the grammy awards unless Madonna is performing anyways. It's bullshit she has been snubbed but what can you do. I'm sure Madonna isn't losing sleep or even aware that she was snubbed. She doesn't pay attention to this nonsense.
  4. Well the crowd yesterday was still better than the crowd for MDNA and Sticky and Sweet in Toronto. At least from my perspective fro, where I was sitting
  5. Madonna shows remain unparalleled period. Even Cher's shows are a bit low brow for such a legend.
  6. She was stunning. There was not a dull performance in this whole show, minus the S.E.X. interlude. I thought the crowd was good, maybe because my section was on their feet most of the night. Madonna honestly deserves the best audiences for the amount of effort she puts into her performances. As for all the comments throughout the tour about her dancing less, I just don't see it. There's so much movement and dare I say that there are many choreographed numbers. Just shocked that everyone's saying she's dancing less because I really couldn't agree less but I digress. I would love to go to tonight's show as well but my wallet is telling me otherwise. Gotta pay those bills. Thank you Madonna yet again. You remain unmatched.
  7. I'm going to tonight's Toronto show. So pumped!
  8. I can't wait. Feels like Christmas morning
  9. Im in 119 tomorrow. Somewhere between the heart and stage. Can't wait. Everyone best be on their feet tomorrow!
  10. MDNA was a great show but I was disappointed with the crowd in Toronto. They sat on their lazy asses in my section and only stood up for Like a Prayer. Better not be the same situation this time around because I'm sitting down for no one
  11. Only one week away. I'm so pumped. I want to see the show on the 6th too but have no one to go with I hate seeing concerts alone.
  12. As much as I love this site I think i will be taking a break until my show October 5. I really want you be completely surprised and in suspense this time. The last few tours have been great but something is missing when you know what perforomance and song is coming next during a live show.
  13. As if Madonna would ever drink a Coke lol
  14. I just listened to the demo again today and isn't as good as I remembered. I prefer the album version. Madonna made the right choice.
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