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  1. It would have been interesting to hear what PSB could have done with Madonna as they were originally planning as the follow up the COADF. Make no mistake, I love HC but I love PSB too and an album with Madonna would make me salivate.
  2. I love Discipline but she had little input on that album. I know, I know, Janet always works with a ghostwriter.... Well I just feel the new album took a more mature approach away from the baby making jams she always churns out.
  3. The afro is a new look for her. I think it's my favourite. Of course the other looks are classics however I seen them all 1000 times before.
  4. Fame Monster> Born this way > The Fame> Artpop > Joanne
  5. I'm not supportive of Janets behaviour cancelling her shows and making up constant excuses but the album is good. Credit where credit is due.
  6. She would never receive an apology from the NFL and really she doesn't deserve one. She should have just never apologized in the media after the event. Madonna never received any apologies for her controversies. She owned it all and moved forward. Janet back tracked and her career was never the same since.
  7. I'm going to give her credit. Her Unbreakable album was a return to form and her best since the Velvet Rope. I just only got around to listening to it and was really surprised. Finally an album where every track is not about her vagina. Unfortunately it is too little too late. This should have been her follow up to All For You.
  8. People that use social media to spread homophobia and hate are cowardice and wouldn't have the guts to say it without the protection of their computer screens.
  9. I actually like this. Better than any recent VMA performances.
  10. What would these bitches do if Madonna wasn't still around setting the blueprint for their next work?
  11. Well she did cancel her last tour suddenly and never rescheduled the tour dates. I think her performing days are likely over
  12. She does like awful. Poor Britney
  13. Totally. I think I will go to the first show with my coworker. She was jealous i went to the show back in April so now is her chance to see it. I love me some Cherilyn!
  14. Chair is doing 2 more shows in Toronto in October. Are you going?
  15. Her tattoos are ugly.