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  1. Well if thats true they certainly fooled me! VOGUE sounded more live than the RIT pre-recorded version.
  2. 22 years later and Vogue is still selling!!!!
  3. I don't think Vogue was mimed either. If you watch again and listen during the rap/ rundown part it sounds like her voice cuts in and out yet the backtrack is still running. It sounds like she was singing with a recording!
  4. Can't wait to see the ratings numbers this week for how many people watched. And it's not gonna count how many youtube views it will get in the coming days and weeks!
  5. I also appreciate the musical direction of the show! Curious, was there a band and backup singers with her?
  6. Me too! Except this is almost like the Candy Shop intro on S&S so she most likely will re-work this!
  7. I really like her 2012 look. Her face filled out and she has that "Madonna" face. Not the skinny, puffy cheek face that she had in 2008. She looked like she really appreciated being there and she looks as if she put all that negativity from '08-'09 behind her. Now we must suffer till opening night of the new tour LOL!! We haven't seen or heard this much hooplah for Madonna in years!!! THANK YOU LIVE NATION AND ALL THOSE IN MADONNA'S CAMP!!!!
  8. Really? But you know with today's technology they filter and enhance her voice on her tours. The only one that sounded mimed was GMAYL. Apparently Stuart Price and Orbit did the mixes for this performance. VOGUE again did it for me. Chills down my spine again!!!! Vogue is always a great opener! Very dramatic with the visuals, choreography and added sound effects!!!!
  9. After watching the HQ Youtube vid it sounds like it was all sung LIVE but with effects and enhancements. GMAYL was prob the only one mimed but of course people will hate!
  10. We all thought it was great!! VOGUE had a RIT feel to it which is my absolute favorite Vogue performance. Chills went down my back when she started singing Vogue and it didnot sound like playback. I even thought the LMFAO insert was good. I was kinda looking forward to the rumored ROL performance. GMAYL was OK for what it was. LAP got us misty eyed as always LOL. I would have fell out if Express Yourself woulda played out with Cee-Lo. WELL DONE!! WELL DONE!!!! p.s. Did anyone else think she looked kinda nervous at the opening of vogue?
  11. I really liked the video and the song is starting to grow on me. The best part for me was near the end when they're wearing the throwback Madonna wigs and lace dresses. She looked not a day older from when she recorded the video for Express Yourself and Vogue. She looked really good too. WAYYY better than her look for HC. Cant wait for the tour!
  12. I wonder if we will be getting a LIVE band or playback. Also if there will be backing vocalists. It would be nice if Donna Delory was on stage especially during Ray of Light.
  13. I could almost imagine Cee Lo singing the Nikki part of "Like a Prayer". This should be very interesting if this is indeed true.
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