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  1. Maybe thats why i felt a little emotion watching her perform Holiday as the closer. She's gradually slowing down from the performer that we're used to. And thats fine. I wouldn't mind seeing her do a WTG tour type of show where the choreography is minimal and the focus is more on the music and voice.
  2. I almost wonder if the reason why the first shows were rescheduled is because some members of the band won't be able to be part of this tour. She mentioned "logistical" reasons. Who knows?
  3. If she performs Express Yourself again I'll be happy. There's something about that song being performed live.
  4. I think she looked pretty good face wise for MDNA especially during vogue. She looked most "Madonna" during that set. Probably the hair.
  5. I could imagine they're cutting out BORN THIS WAY from Express Yourself?
  6. Yeah I notice empty seats also which won't be a good look. I guess they'll mash up footage from Ciao Italia lol! But all jokes aside that looks very depressing. They should have filmed Yankee stadium and called it a wrap!
  7. Her vocals sound horrible during the second verse of the song. There must be heavy vocal alteration going into the DVD because she sang Express Yourself much better the last couple weeks but at what seemed to be a higher pitch. What do you thing??
  8. The best Madonna has looked in years! Being 54 and all!!!! No one else can pull this off!!!
  9. A shed a couple tears watching the youtube clips of Holiday in NYC. Her voice and the live music brought me back to the BA Tour and Girlie Show days. How I miss that. Truly iconic!!!! Thank You Madonna!!!!!
  10. I hope for an HBO Broadcast like the few she did in the 90s and DWT!
  11. I dont understand why the need to boo. Let them go see a Monster Ball then. If Madonna ever came to the Casino/ Resort by my house up in the mountains I would run and sit front and center!
  12. I wish she would've done Express Yourself at this show! Dying to hear and see a high quality professional recording of it. As mentioned earlier I hope the DVD or possible TV broadcast is similiar to this format. I dont care for the over editing and dubbed vocals. Give me the raw, crappy stuff like the WTG show that aired on Italian Television back in the 80's
  13. http://w2thGXFD5zuMww.youtube.com/watch?v= appears to be the hour long show from the theater in Paris. I think its good show and in some aspects better than the tour show itself. Much more intimate and more about the singing. Enjoy!
  14. I think the lack of color is whats bothering me the most. S&S was absolutely the worst for me but I agree it can be hit or miss depending on the theme. I actually like the reinvented cone bra segment the most. It brings back that iconic MADONNA look that I have dearly missed these past few tours. Also the hair in this section too brings out the beauty in Madonna. I dont think it makes her look to old. The poof, oh well, much better than the sarah jessica parker, scream mask look from S&S
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