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  1. how to last more than 1 minute

  2. always had the same feeling!!! wonderful song
  3. it's one of the best ever's the demo? what's the difference?
  4. very difficult... as of now is Inside Out
  5. i have headaches reading some posts on the last few pages and i won't comment them.... ....but..... are you implying that pre 90s Madonna wasn't creative?
  6. well, it's not that underground... and honestly, imo and it's just a matter of tastes, as much as i love BIM since the beginning, i don't know if i'd love a full BIM sounding (or its variations..) album
  7. happy 8 madonna's shows!!! it was one of the 3 songs i didn't like on the albums (and of course all of them are on the tour...), but the tour version is really gorgeous!!!
  8. totally agree with this it's really difficult to pick just one (i particularly love Gad's work). i just wonder how much of Avicii was in the final production of the tracks he's credited for.... (btw, if i read and remember correctly, diplo is involved in UB production too)