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  1. Michelle Obama is a FORCE of nature. I respect that she hates politics, but DAMN. She would make a great president. Best speaker so far after 2 nights (and I won't be surprised if it stays that way - we'll see).
  2. Yes, thank you Jazzy Jan! Healthcare should be a right in EVERY wealthy country!
  3. Kamala is SASSY! At this point in US politics, that is what we need. She can hold her own. She is a fighter, and I love that. She will win the debate with Pence EASILY. I can't wait!
  4. One More Time.... That's what we all saw! Good for you for being the first to say it, lol!
  5. So very sad. Words on the internet don't mean much, but it's all we can do when we are out of the situation... I'm so sorry for those affected by this horrible tragedy!
  6. This again! I know it's already been quoted, but it can't be said enough! Tell your friends how important this election is (even more if you live in swing states).
  7. What a horrible night. I remember everyone worried about some of our friends in Orlando. I think we even had one member who said he had been there earlier in the night.
  8. Most people who supported Bernie in 2016 aren't racists, but who knows. It's still VERY sad that some of them were sexist. So who knows? I still think we don't need to demonize them in this election cycle (unless they sit out again). By the way, I think you will find many BLM protesters to be Bernie supporters over Biden supporters.
  9. I hope the Bernie voters who sat out 2016 learned their lesson. I supported him in the primary, but I voted for Hillary in the election. They are dumb fucks if they sit out again. I think that they will vote for Biden this time around (there was some sexism in 2016 too... not everyone, but some people).
  10. I don't believe that Trump can turn this around. He mishandled the Covid19, he mishandled the Black Lives Matter... what else will he mess up before the election? I think he's unelectable at this point.
  11. I know that Gayle King has talked about "if Oprah ran", but I honestly don't think Oprah would do it. While Oprah would be tons better than the zero experience Trump from 2016, I just think we have so many accomplished women in politics who would be better. That's why I left her off the list. While Michelle Obama hasn't held a political office, she has lived the life with her husband. She is experienced in politics in my opinion.
  12. Depends upon who he chooses as his VP. Obviously Michelle Obama would be ideal, but I'm not sure she wants it. After Michelle, I would want Warren or Harris. After that, I would want Hillary.
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