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  1. I agree with everything you say, but I do think that Elizabeth Warren is a star. She isn't afraid to stand up and fight (which is something we need in 2020).
  2. LOL. Skin wasn't out during the election cycle. He was a busy bee until the pussy grabber won. He needed a break after the election, which I understand.
  3. But of course! Let's always remember this!
  4. Where did the gunman get the gun? I hope police find this out so that it doesn't happen again in France.
  5. Yes. Schumer is still trying, but unfortunately the Susan Rice NON SCANDAL has taken the media narrative for now.
  6. Is this true? I'm opened minded about it, but my instinct tells me that it isn't fake.
  7. This could be part 1 of a bait and switch. Rachel gives the bait to the Repukes and then she makes them look like fools with the later documents.
  8. Can women drive cars in Saudi Arabia yet? Just wondering.
  9. I would also add that all relationships are people being whores (by your definition - minus the "old" part). Who doesn't weigh the benefits in a relationship? If you are attractive (Melania) then you want someone wealthy OR attractive. Why call someone a whore just because they choose someone wealthy over attractive? I'm sure we have fellow Madonna fans on this board who have done the same. No need to call them whores.
  10. OK, I accept your statement so long as you think nothing is wrong with someone being a whore. Your tone indicates otherwise.
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