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  1. I know that Gayle King has talked about "if Oprah ran", but I honestly don't think Oprah would do it. While Oprah would be tons better than the zero experience Trump from 2016, I just think we have so many accomplished women in politics who would be better. That's why I left her off the list. While Michelle Obama hasn't held a political office, she has lived the life with her husband. She is experienced in politics in my opinion.
  2. Depends upon who he chooses as his VP. Obviously Michelle Obama would be ideal, but I'm not sure she wants it. After Michelle, I would want Warren or Harris. After that, I would want Hillary.
  3. And so was I. So we were both wrong.
  4. I wish you the best (being honest). You don't know me or my work (or lack of). I still wish you the best. I won't reply to you again in this thread. I hope you can find peace.
  5. You don't know me, but I love your posts. I just don't think that burning shit helps things. Is that crazy?
  6. Been on this forum longer than you. Unless you were here before Dotmusic days, which I doubt. Also, maybe you didn't mean you supported literal fires. I hope not.
  7. I would never want the world to burn for the horrific actions of one person. You want the WORLD TO BURN. YOUR OWN FUCKING WORDS. SICK. Justice needs to be served. Not the World To Burn.
  8. Get some help. Really. You should not want peaceful people to suffer.
  9. This. Even more in some other countries that are even more backwards with LGBTQ rights! We have to remember that we have come a long way, but we have a long way to go.
  10. I agree with everything you say, but I do think that Elizabeth Warren is a star. She isn't afraid to stand up and fight (which is something we need in 2020).
  11. LOL. Skin wasn't out during the election cycle. He was a busy bee until the pussy grabber won. He needed a break after the election, which I understand.
  12. But of course! Let's always remember this!
  13. Where did the gunman get the gun? I hope police find this out so that it doesn't happen again in France.
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