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  1. Gross!M's team should be holding onto these
  2. There has to be one at this very moment that you're feeling. I guarantee which ever it may be, by next week you'll have a different answer.I know that as of right now, 11/7/2015, my fav is Bedtime Stories.
  3. Now I'm curious as to who her French lover was at the time!!
  4. Love this song. The line that has always stood out to me the most is, "Cause after all is said and done, I'm still alive. And the boots have come and trampled on me, and I'm still alive..." It's like she's addressing the ups and downs of her life/career. After all the shit the press has put her through, she rolls with the punches and continues on with her life.
  5. It looks interesting. What are all those extra things in the pockets???
  6. I love both But Burning Up for me It's about her hot pussy acting like a fire hydrant, squirting out all her hot juices all over herself It's why I love physical attraction so much
  7. 30 wasn't too hard, but 40? god damn that was tricky what it feels like die another day like a prayer living for love bedtime story girl gone wild bad girl i want you oh father erotica frozen human nature rain justify dress you up celebration open your heart gimme all your love paradise fever get together ray fo light deeper and deeper bedtime story RIT express yourself power of goodbye american life nothing really matters vogue burning up papa don't preach give it 2 me music hollywood lucky star take a bow you'll see borderline cherish true blue
  8. You should post the full article! It's fantastic! The 10 facts is really well done for a gossip mag!
  9. Halloween: Supernatural Christmas: Santa Baby All Saints Day : I'm a Sinner Free Money Day : Love Spent
  10. I love the opening trap beat and the orchestral strings throughout the album mix. The chorus after the bridge is sooooo powerful. The only thing missing in the album mix is the acoustic guitar. I wish there was a mashup of the two.
  11. I saw this too It's being shot live and airing the same day. Please do another NY date and broadcast it live on HBO. Please!!!
  12. "Cheap Popcorn" Wasn't the Virgin Tour bootleg called "Borderline Poptart?"
  13. Both JML and Rescue arnt in qsound on the album. Most likely cause they weren't completed in time to be remixed in qsound. The q sound mix of JML has a lot of heavy breathing and moan sounds
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