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  1. I actually have a folder of magazine clippings from that era I saved! One thing that I have to say is, experiencing an entire album era of Madonna's while being in HIgh school = prob the greatest thing ever!

    I was 15 and rushing home everyday to catch TRL to see Hing Up and Sorry at #1. Remember the auto voter? :lol: and then come holiday shopping, Macy's and Best Buy would play the songs allllll the time, not to mention Walmart aired the koko gig in stores.

    It was a magical time. American Life seemed like ages ago when we first learned of Hung Up in July. Everyone was craving new Madonna, and a dance Madonna was well needed too! Everyone wanted so much for M and the album, and it turned out to be a huggggge success! I loved every minute of it!

    That album means so much to me!

  2. I wish the album was given an "Immaculate Collection" treatment. New mixes with slight updates. I never listen to my Celebration album. :( I put "Celebration" and "Revolver" on the end of my Hard Candy album. :D

    This. That's why I love TIC. Celebration should have been this, or nothing but the single versions.

    The inclusion of some rarities like HU unmixed and Frozen unedited etc make it unique

    But other than that, it seems like a rushed effort, except for the beautiful artwork

  3. Again, you're all Sadists.

    This cannot be done. I refuse.

    You got me to pick only 3 albums, now this?

    I'm changing my name to Sophie.

    There has to be one at this very moment that you're feeling. I guarantee which ever it may be, by next week you'll have a different answer.

    I know that as of right now, 11/7/2015, my fav is Bedtime Stories.

  4. Love this song. The line that has always stood out to me the most is, "Cause after all is said and done, I'm still alive. And the boots have come and trampled on me, and I'm still alive..."

    It's like she's addressing the ups and downs of her life/career. After all the shit the press has put her through, she rolls with the punches and continues on with her life.

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