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  1. Omg chelle, I screamed a little bit when I saw your Instagram posts! I'm so excited!!!!! Best forum ever!!!
  2. She eats them to block the poopoo
  3. Me too!!! Her crotch needs to be reunited with the Puerto Rican flag again!!!
  4. I love dissecting M's music. I love your dissections!!!
  5. There was some amazing art in the rebel heart performance by the fans, this could have been another way to showcase their work!!!
  6. It was in the vocal stems, plus that performance (the choreo and music) was meant for Deeper.the unreleased verses fit more into the music than the spoken ones on the album version.
  7. The what the mess was in reference to his penis flopping everywhere. I still don't think she got it!
  8. It's funny, yet breaks my heart. My poor Dita Dito
  9. I don't think she understood the meaning and reference of his outfit!
  10. Oh, and I love how the album is a companion piece to the book, and vice versa.... They're synonymous with each other. The book references several songs, including "Waiting."
  11. Quite possibly her greatest song ever. I've connected to this song multiple times over the past few years. It's like therapy.
  12. Well there will be a change in costumes if she goes there. So it is possible there might be a change in the setlist.
  13. it looks fucked on a desktop! i guess iphone only/apple products
  14. It's, how do I say this..., REDUCTIVE!!! There are so many talented artists out there that they could have reached out to for creating these, but instead they decided to go with their interns. Good luck trying to make money off this
  15. It was on the press release!!Just like how "JML bonus footage" was mentioned for the release of Celebration!!
  16. She must have asked Shak if she wanted to be the bitch. I'm surprised she wasn't!!
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