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  1. ryan

    I think there's a place down the street from me for sale.

  2. ryan

    cause after all

    my ass is indestructible

  3. ryan

    lol I actually collect it too. I don't know where it all is, but I live close to the shore, so whenever I'm down there I'm always on the hunt. I don't know why I've always been fascinated by it, but it just grabs my eyes and attention I guess.

  4. ryan

    I love sea glass.

  5. Oh and I had no idea that film was already out, haven't read any reviews on it yet. Would like to see not only cause James stars and directs it, but because of the fellatio scene too. Who wouldn't want to see him go down on a prosthetic penis? lol

  6. Nikon seems to be the popular choice nowadays. Alot of the photo majors at my school owned a Nikon and would laugh at the sight of any Canon camera. I still like my Canon though.

  7. Wherever did you find that lovely piece of art, luv? I need that piece hanging in my place.

  8. You better get that camera soon!!

    Do you know which one your getting yet?

  9. Thankyou for explaining the meaning of your user name. Enjoy your probing!

  10. I came on here one day and was like, "omg a new loomer pic!!" And you have a beautiful smile I must add.

  11. e-mail my heart

  12. ryan

    can we play some basketball?

  13. haha, That would be my older brother, unfortunately.

  14. And your one of my favorites on here!

  15. ryan


  16. You should post pics of yourself more often so I can see more of your beautiful self.

  17. hope your having an amazing birthday!!!!

  18. I just got back from seeing it. It was a great film, even though the storyline has prettymuch been done before, the performances is what stood out the most, especially Hardy. But he could do without the American accent, I prefer the British accent.

  19. ryan

    I wanna rub some coco butter all over you so I can heal those rashes.

  20. Babe, you are so sweet to me! You always give me lots of love. I would be ever-so gracious to show you what I could do with those lips of mine. I'll be sure to upload of a picture of me smiling next time around. And don't be miserable, I find you as one of thee most enthralling and entertaining members here. I can NOT get enough! ;)

  21. Imma kiss you all over.

  22. ryan


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