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  1. That's because Living is co-produced by Ariel Rechtshaid. And there is def a bass line! AND, there is Diplo elements; the opening. It's a repeat of what he did for End of Time and Elastic Heart. That song is a modern take on house music, which use to be synonymous with Madonna's name. I'm shocked to read any kind of hate for that song in particular, when it was generally loved by pretty much all fans.
  2. How was the buffet food in the vip room???
  3. Thank you for posting what they wrote!!! (I hate entering threads and having to click on a link to read something) I love the praise and appreciation this song has recieved with the media and critics. I would never have expected it. She outdid herself with this album. Clearly one of her all time greatest albums. I would have assumed Ghost or even Living would make a list like this! Rock on Bitch!!!!
  4. I don't think it's fair for LFL or RH to be grouped with those songs. Living and Rebel are fantastic, and what's stands out the most with those two compared to the others, is the melodies. They are catchy as fuck. They have compelling and straight to the point lyrics, with a terrific hook.
  5. The part you hear is where MIA's rap would latter be. Nicki's rap is still there, it's right before M's bridge that was replaced by MIA
  6. They haven't leaked. He confirmed it on facebook back when they were recording the album
  7. Rebel Heart is one of her all time greatest albums. It's in her top 5! It received a countless amount of praise, and that's all that matters!
  8. Oh PudI love you But that post is just a mess!
  9. Printed lyrics! They already have them typed out, yet can't include them on the album booklets???? And i miss M's bridge. I love MIA but, but gummies only needed one guest appearance. Don't know why they had to add her last minute And a final note I haven't listened to gimmie in so long, I forgot how good the dub step sounded during the bridge!
  10. Why are we getting this now? Why did they not release this during the mdna promo????
  11. Meh. Any updates on the candles? Scents?
  12. Isn't there a story behind this? Like she dreaded the thought of recording it or something?
  13. Ok, let's not let this thread die. Over 40 shows so far, let's keep the discussion going! I've been watching this video/performance on repeat for the past hour and a half!
  14. Maybe they are using the photos for the video?????????????????
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