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  1. Aight, will do, baby ;)

  2. ryan

    I told you that no matter what you did

    I'd be by your side

  3. Your set is spinnin'

  4. Are you saying it's boring like the movie? lol

  5. ryan

    loca loca loca

  6. There needs to be more people like you in this world.

  7. hey you, don't you give up

    it's not so bad

  8. I'm so happy Oprah has joined the WAHLD side.

    This coming out party is immense!

    C'mon, do the Bey n O dance! Back et upp, back et upp!

  9. want you to stay, in me btw

  10. it's got me singin' hey ey e

  11. http://tinyurl.com/83prfso

    I feel like sinnin’

    You got me in the zone

    DJ play my favourite song

    Turn me on

  12. How are you btw?

  13. He truly is gorgeous. Come April I'll be traveling across the country in search of him, and force him to be mine.

  14. ryan

    it's mmm-mmm good!

  15. ryan

    I can't fathom a full album of hers, it turns me stomach. I feel heartburn coming on, it's like my arteries are being clogged.

  16. ryan

    Sorry, don't know that one. How about Heartbreaker, the Remix?

    Guess who's back in the motherfuqin house

    With 2 big ol' tities fo yo mouf

  17. ryan

    oh wait, you stan for the other artist, my bad!

  18. ryan

    and it's just. like. honeeey

  19. Well babe, little more than just a bit. He's too much, dabbing into every playing field. He's kinda got that GaGa ego. When did he become so NY artsy phartsy? He's still nice to look at, but the douchiness is a turn off. But i do plan on seeing that Oz film he's gonna star in.



  21. i love a good ass squeeze now and then

  22. lol, yes I have seen that.

    he recently put up his own website, and created his own web series: http://www.jamesfrancotv.com/

  23. ryan

    stick it in me

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