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  1. :blushes: Well it's good to have you back, I missing you bad.

  2. ryan

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. ryan


    suck n swallow

  4. ryan

    Si, that was the one night I decided to drink.

  5. ryan


  6. Well, you are my favorite member!

  7. ryan

    I suppose he went on a holiday, hope he comes back soon.

  8. what is your siggy from?

  9. ryan

    Maybe I should post more about your hotness so you can post more pics ;)

  10. ryan

    so, once upon a time, i had a mnation friend who lived in jersey

  11. havent i seen you somewhere before, you look familiar

  12. ryan

    every little thing every little thing

  13. ryan

    i'm hung up, i'm hung up on you

  14. ryan

    waiting for your call waitin for your call

  15. ryan

    i'm fed up, i'm tired of waitin on you

  16. ryan

    have you ever been to FOOOOOOOORMAAAN MILLLLLLLLLSS???

  17. ryan

    ooooh ah ooooh ah, only at mattress giant, ooooh ah

  18. ryan

    Did you fall from heaven?

    Bill, you are stun gorgeous, the sexiest member here!

  19. I just love it when there's a new photo of you! Come to me!

  20. Ya I change it too many times. I always find a new, hot image and just have to end up changing it.

  21. lol, I just had to use it as my siggy.

    There's just something about the Polaroid quality that makes it so raw and seductive

  22. Put your fingers in me...

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