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  1. will MTV be holding the win tickets contest like they do all the time????
  2. i think what matters the most is that Madonna had a huge hit out this year 4 Minutes did amazingly well on the charts, and managed to get tons of airplay It's a well known song, and the kids love it
  3. Madonna will never be on Amercian Idol i hate to say it, and i totally wish she will be but i just dont ever see it happening
  4. nah, i think MTV in general will
  5. it was like, just released its rising rapidly once the videos has been playing on TV, everyone will know about the song it will knock out mariah, eventually 4 minutes is a song for everyone
  6. pst is a hot ac station??? i remember playing Sorry quite alot And its very surprising for q102 to play 4 minutes a heafty lot
  7. shes doing fantastic!!! im so excited for this cant wait to see where it lands soon
  8. Pat did have production on ROL he did the orchestral arrangments She mentioned in several interviews how hes a proffessionl musician
  9. Im watching Driven: Madonna there are alot of people she could have thanked
  10. here it says its #14 http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/charts/char...0&g=Singles or is that for somethign different?
  11. q102 has been playing it, surprisingly so has 94.5 great that sojo is hopping on it they've been playing it since its been out
  12. does the song come out on itunes tommorow? (in the US?)
  13. Does it matter about age? I was making a reference as to what Nelly was before "Loose"
  14. they played Nelly Furtado Nelly Fucking Furtado remember her? she sang that crappy annoying indie song "im like a bird"?
  15. when will be getting a Billboard update? like on the bubbling under when it will be able to get on there?
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