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  1. PLEASE request the song on open house party: requests@openhouseparty.com
  2. PLEASE request the song on open house party: requests@openhouseparty.com
  3. to be honest, im not exactly thrilled about the setlist what happened to angel, dress you up, open your heart, who's that girl, and nothing really matters??
  4. why the hell isnt phill playing it???
  5. yepp did not hear Hung Up once in my area (south jerset) was suprised that i heard Sorry a bunch of times each week, shame it didnt go higher
  6. and i cant find anything on this Noel Clarke person, unless its the actor
  7. i think i will faint if she does Angel
  8. shame theres no Spanish Lesson really looking forward to seeing that one live
  9. its still rising, its not falling why call it a flop??? look on the brightside, at least its getting airplay She is getting sum love
  10. ya'll need to start requesting the song on Open House: requests@openhouseparty.com
  11. that whole bullshit about a song not being the sound/vibe of American radio is fucking bullshit its a stupid ass reason
  12. is that true? if so, its ok news
  13. this is what someone from NY on Fanzine is saying about the station and playing the song: *URGENT NOTICE* So, once again I called Z-100 to request Madonna's "Give it 2 Me". This time though, I decided to ask that one particular D.J. (who happens to be a male) when will they start playing the song. He informed me that he honestly does not know WHEN AND IF they'll play the song. I informed him that the song is being played all over America, and that I am assuming that N.Y. isn't really responding to the song well. He replied that the song isn't getting requests BUT gaurantees it WILL be played
  14. is this song added on open house party playlist?? if so, we should start voting for it
  15. it is the morning stations are more likely to play the new stuff latter in the day
  16. http://www.vh1.com/shows/series/top_20_countdown/vote.jhtml
  17. i think it'll do quite good!!!
  18. you actually watched that show??? :lol::lol::lol:
  19. 1 more week till its release on US radio!!!!!
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