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  1. I want Madonna to retire The Beast Within. She's obsessed with that. I love it too but how many times is she gonna feature it with some bizarre imagery or creepy dogs or whatever. lol But I like how she at least changes the images. Lazier acts (not naming names) would just play the same vids over and over again.


    honey, shes only done it twice...

    why would she do it a third time?????????

  2. bks at Pulse:

    With 1 day left, here's how Hot 100 Airplay is shaping up:

    No. 1 - Usher (-8.2 million)

    No. 2 - Jordin (+3.8 million)

    No. 3 - Lil Wayne (+15.3 million)

    No. 4 - Ray J (-4.8 million)

    No. 5 - Mariah (-11.7 million)

    No. 6 - Leona (+12.3 million)

    No. 13 - Madonna (+2.8 million)

    No. 15 - Danity Kane (+7.7 million)

    No. 34 - Rihanna (+7.8 million)

    No. 46 - Usher, Beyonce & Lil Wayne (+22.4 million)

    No. 66 - Mariah (+8.4 million)

    you think she'll rise some more?

  3. Audience reach for statiosn in Philly have lessened- WPST (Trenton, NJ) isn't that big of a station- it's now a Hot AC station, and the audience data isn't too big. Q-102's reach has gone down a lot too in recent years (though I imagine it's like that with a lot of big markets- even Z-100's most-played song a few years back had 10m+ audience; now it's like 8.5m or so).

    pst is a hot ac station???

    i remember playing Sorry quite alot

    And its very surprising for q102 to play 4 minutes a heafty lot

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