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  1. I'm pretty sure "I'm So Stupid" is the song from American Life being a video interlude.......since I remember rumours about it being a video interlude on RIT after M decided to change her mind to include it on the set list performed live , then completley nixed off later..... :dramatic:

    but im so stupid has never been performed, so its not it

  2. this is a pretty disappointing setlist :confused:

    no video intro? WHAT? thats what sets the initial tone of the show. what, shes just gonna pop out and start singing? :S

    She's doing the same thing the way all her other tours (excluding RIT) were, have a long opening till the begining of the 1st song starts

  3. MadonnaTribe:

    "Apparently there won't be a video intro like in the previous tour, and that they may do that Candy letter at the beginning as well. I've asked my sources and I've been told that "as of now" Candy shop and the tour intro is just like the promo tour. I'm sure we will have a different costume."


    thats not news

    i think we all knew this from day 1

    ofcourse candyshop was going to be performed, but it doesnt really work anywhere else in the setlist

    it works great as an opener

    but what ever happened to Heartbeat opening the show???

  4. WOW!!!!


    On the East Coast Sorry was supported more the first few weeks.. Especially that station in south NEw Jersey :dramatic:


    did not hear Hung Up once in my area (south jerset)

    was suprised that i heard Sorry a bunch of times each week, shame it didnt go higher

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