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  1. logo_sstour.gif

    SETLIST (80% Finished)

    INTERLUDE OPENING (Candy Girl "Jackson Five Cover")

    Candy Shop

    beat goes on

    human nature/Gimme More



    VIDEO INTERLUDE (Nobody Knows Me)

    Into The Groove sample Jump


    Borderline/Dress You Up

    She's Not Me


    INTERLUDE (Special)

    Devil (Acoustic Piano)

    miles away (Acoustic Guitar)

    Like a Prayer

    True Blue (Not 100% confirmed)


    Spanish Lesson

    You Must Love Me/Buenos Aires

    La Isla Bonita

    Angel (Not 100% confirmed)

    INTERLUDE(Secret Mix)

    Holiday Introduce 4 Minutes

    4 Minutes

    Impressive Instant

    Ray Of Light

    Hung Up

    Give it 2 Me

    sorry, but, source??

  2. zero spins from MTV??? well, that's what happens when you shoot a cheap video...

    it may just be cause MTV no longer is showing videos during late and early hours

    Thats how it was when the video premired on TRL, after that for like 2 weeks straight, they stopped playing videos in the morning

  3. If they manage to get the tour aired on TV properly this time (live, promoted, and not during a holiday period- hopefully HBO because they know what they're doing) that could be a decent boost.


    the broadcast most likely wont happen till like, what, during the fall?

    GI2M will be 6 feet under byt then

  4. Popbitch

    And filming is complete on the Britney sections of the Madonna Tour videos....

    1 video is her in a hoodie trapped in a lift, cracking up and going mental. This leads to the final line "Its britney bitch" which then kick starts a mash up of "The Beat Goes on" and "Piece of me". The video for this, is Madge and Britters mummified and men in nothing but leather thongs unwrap them, to reveal them both in not very much touching and rubbing.

    Later appar, there will be a Britney vocal / video element to "Human Nature"


    Spanish lesson and Buenos Aires have been dropped from the setlist.

    She's now rehearsing "Angel" as part of the tour.

    "Incredible" has also been dropped.

    other snippets include a "Dance tonight / Borderline" Medley

    A "open your heart / heartbeat" medley

    and POSSIBLY! "Dress You Up"

    The rumours of a holographic 3D Madonna are still persisiting. And it alllll kicks off in approx 7 weeks....

    hmm, i find this pretty sketchy

    Was Incredible ever part of the setlist?

    i dont think so......

  5. It's not just a matter of setlist for me- it's a different time in my life than it has been in the past, and I'm just not feeling the same anticipation that I have in the past. The setlist (if true) doesn't do anything to boost the excitement, admittedly- but, it's not 100% or anything like that that I'm not going to go.



    I think this goes for everyone, its not the same anticipation as we had with RIT and CT

    this is completly different

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