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  1. I did wear a T-Shirt with Haring art. I will wear another one for the other concert I will go to.

    I love that Madonna is still connected to her early roots. The Haring backround is great and with thanking Seymour Stein today in Berlin it was another visit to her past. Also, I totally went crazy during Borderline which I never could imagine ever see live.

    post a photo of the shirt you wore

    i wanna see it!!!

  2. :rolleyes: at the amount of people taking this SO seriously. It was a GREAT video and the musical remix was excellent. In the context, she was mentioning people that did STUPID things in her opinion, among them McCain and Mugabe. The words were actually from The Beat Goes On, if I remember correctly, and it made a lot of sense! It's telling people to THINK and make whatever it's possible to STOP stupid things from happening (e.g. electing McCain among them).

    More importantly, M's message was to get out and vote

    like you said, people are taking it too seriously

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