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  1. I keep noticing GH threads popping up recently, and instead of creating my own, id rather just post it in here. so i hope you dont mind mattress.

    Anyways, for about 2 years now, i have been creating my own Madonna career spanning retrospective collection.

    The whole project would be titled "Madonna - 25 Years"

    It would include, not only disc(s) for her "greatest hits" but also a disc on b-sides, rareties, unreleased recording, a compilation disc of live recordings, and a compilation disc of remixes throughout the years.

    I was planning on releasing this collection with covers and everything in HQ to the public for download, but due to personal issues and busy schedules, i havent had the time to come around and complete everything.

    Im only going to discuss the greatest hits disc.

    Here is the cover i came up with by the way:


    In my opinion, a single disc compilation does not do justice, neither can a 2 disc set. I think were better off going with 3 discs.

    This way you can not only fit more songs into the collection, but also refrain from using edited down tracks.

    Speaking of edits, i think the collection should start fresh and new. What im talking about is using new edits, not only edits (editing down) but also alternate versions of tracks, remixes, maybe even extended versions. I think its very bland and boring to just throw on already released radio edits and album version. Us fans already have those on our computers and in our CD collections. Give us something new.

    And for the project, thats what i did, i made some of my own edits, with different intro's and endings, i even used some of TheRain1981's edits too (which are fabulous by the way) Unfortunatly, its too hard to discuss how each song is edited in tracklist, so ill do my best for the tracklist descriptions.

    Also i added in something extra into the collection, inbetween tracks, i would throw in a small excerpt from an interview. I think the idea is neat-o. But it's cooler if you were to hear it. (For Example: Before Everybody, would use small excerpt from American Bandstand interview with Dick Clark. Before Dress You Up, there would be the audio of Madonna speaking from the begining of the Virgin Tour VHS, etc... etc.....)

    The tracklist. When everyone puts these collections together and make their own, they go for only her #1 hits. Wrong-o. I did not go with that. Instead, i based the collection on whats important from Madonna's catalog. Songs, that when you think of Madonna's name or image, you think of right from the top of your head. It's a career retrospective, i didnt want to leave anything out.

    Disc 1

    1) Everybody

    YCD remix.

    2) Holiday

    3) Lucky Star

    Edit of video remix.

    4) Borderline

    5) Dress You Up

    6) Like a Virgin

    Album version.

    7) Material Girl

    Just like LAV, it needs to be the album version, no remix. Nothing like The Immaculate Collection

    8) Into The Groove

    Original album version. No Piano.

    9) Crazy For You

    10) Live To Tell

    11) Papa Don't Preach

    12) Open Your Heart

    Edit of the remix. I feel the remix is much much much stronger than the original album mix.

    13) La Isla Bonita

    14) Who's That Girl

    15) Like a Prayer

    Im not big on the edits and 7" versions with or without fades. I much prefer the album mix. It begins and ends perfectly. However, i did come across this remastered version that uses the ending from one of the remixes (the name has slipped my mind) and it ends beautifully, though it brings the track to around 6 minutes.

    16) Express Yourself

    I wasnt exactly sure which mix to go with. It's either the video mix using the 7" remix or the longer video mix using the Shep remix.

    17) Cherish

    Video version.

    Disc 2

    1) Vogue

    2) Justify My Love

    Q-sound edit. I think this version is composed better than the album version. There's more moans and such in this edit.

    3) Erotica

    5) Deeper and Deeper

    6) Fever

    Edit one, aka the video mix.

    7) Rain

    8) This Used To Be My Playground

    Video version, it's not to long, and not to short.

    9) I'll Remember

    Orbit's Alternative Mix

    10) Secret

    DWT mix.

    11) Human Nature

    Album version, no editing, but uses the video ending rather than a fade.

    12) Bedtime Story

    Video version.

    13) Take a Bow

    14) You'll See

    15) Don't Cry For Me Argentina

    Miami mix.

    16) You Must Love Me

    Disc 3

    1) Frozen

    Album version.

    2) Ray of Light

    Extended demo.

    3) Power of Goodbye

    4) Beautiful Stranger

    5) American Pie

    6) Music

    DWT tour version.

    7) Don't Tell Me

    8) What It Feels Like for a Girl

    9) Die Another Day

    10) American Life

    No rap version.

    11) Hung Up

    12) Sorry

    13) Jump

    14) 4 Minutes

    Album version. The radio version cuts out the begining and ending, which are fantastic parts of the song, and also, its not even 4 minutes which alot of DJ's complained about.

    15) Give It 2 Me

    16) New Song

    17) New Song

    I was debating on whether or not new tracks should be added, it is a "greatest hits" collection, whats the point of adding new stuff then. But then there is the issue of doing it for the fans and the sake of sales. If there werent any new tracks, i would have included Drowned World/ Substitute For Love into the tracklist.

  2. Mmm.. I'm really not sure. I don't see why it would. For Confessions, NBC was the same as the Channel Four show apart from them cutting out the swearing, censoring certain parts and cutting out the crucifix scene.

    NBC didnt have the crucifix either

  3. mattress, it seems as though you would know this. ive always wondered who 'owned the rights' to madonnas early recordings. like if sire swooped in and bought some? anyway, for the compilation, ive always wanted early recordings to start it off. get up, bells ringing, garage burning up, laugh to keep from crying...mixing those in with her early club hits, then early radio hits. along the way juxtapose some demos into mid career hits down to today. im thinking more of a madonna retrospective. it seems a high percentage of her fan base and public is not in tune with her roots, which, imo - is INSTRUMENTAL in her legendary 25 years at the top. i also would like to see an accompanying book with pictures/work from the estate of warhol, basquiat, haring - again scouring through her influence and collaborations with the great people along the way.

    maybe im way off here with what you started but that is what i would like to see. :thumbsup:


    omg, im creaming my pants just thinking about it!!!

    LOVE the book idea too!!! :thumbsup:

  4. I did wear a T-Shirt with Haring art. I will wear another one for the other concert I will go to.

    I love that Madonna is still connected to her early roots. The Haring backround is great and with thanking Seymour Stein today in Berlin it was another visit to her past. Also, I totally went crazy during Borderline which I never could imagine ever see live.

    post a photo of the shirt you wore

    i wanna see it!!!

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