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  1. The only thing I know is that the GH is set to include the Oakenfold tracks only.

    I am as-of-yet not aware of any re-recording of "Revolver".

    The track is done.

    Any post-production changes do not involve Madonna.

    Though it is true we may get an "album mix" and a "alternate remix" on the release.

    all the other information sounds radical! :thumbsup:

    but if Revolver is not going to be put on the GH, then what was it recorded for? Im guessing its going to be released, but in support of what?????

  2. I really dont like what they did to her voice, especially not on Vogue

    Atleast im not the only oen! :thumbsup:

    i dont like it at all.

    It's not deep, and its not Madonna. And they should have fixed up her voice when shes speaking, cause that sounds like the normal Madonna, and completly different than the fixed singing voice

  3. OMG I'm in my music vault and I found the multitape of the song I produced "Love Hurts" which was never released...

    Can anyone guess who is the artist who I produced it for and who is singing on it....

    I'm actually singing with this artist on this unreleased, never heard before track!

    Memories..I'm still gagging over the song that I found in my vaults that I wrote and produced for her madgesty with her and I singing on it!

    The public never heard it and it is unreleased....

    oh this is a huge treasure...I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it


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