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  1. I got injections just for you!

    1. loomer


      She looks like Lindsay and a bit Vadge there!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. ryan

    Thank you handsome. I'm touching myself while I'm looking at your new pic posted in the lounge. You really know how to make a guy go crazy!

  4. Clear your inbox por favor , I have something for you..

  5. 10 days? Miss you luv!

    1. loomer


      IKR. :( I only meant to have a couple of days break, but I decided to extend it cause I have better internet access at my mum's where I went to tonight for... a holiday. Ha. OMG loving the geek chic pic, mega cute. And baby you are so motherfucking cool going to a midnight showing of TDKR. Bet you were proper freaked out afterward though! :o Least it didn't impede on your enjoyment. Great that you saw it before all that at least, I did think of you when it was all over everything.

    2. ryan


      Aww that's sweet of you to say, I'm actually seeing it again next week at an IMAX dome in Philly.

  6. ryan

    Sweaty too, it'll be wet n' wild, like a slip n' slide. Better gimme a bite of that ass.

    1. Skin


      And you can lick up on the curvature of my back that you like so much. lol

    2. ryan


      Mmm hmm. I'll start at the back of your neck and work my tongue down to you-know-what.

  7. ryan

    Lay your pussy on my face.

    1. Skin


      LMAO! Gurl you crazy.

    2. Skin


      That being said my pussy is always open for you. ha

    3. ryan


      You wanna get crazy, WHAT?

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  8. Deelish!

    1. Elysium


      You mean deee-lite from the 90's right? I love them! ;)

  9. He certainly was no Col. Mustard or Mrs. Peacock. That's what you gotta do for a deep investigation.

  10. Muchas gracias papito!

  11. I think we may have been a tad bit mean to GG... (not gaga)

  12. ryan

    My heart just skipped a beat!

  13. ryan

    Gorgeous I'll tell ya, GORGEOUS!

  14. what is this, facebook?

  15. BREAK IT DOWN!!!

    1. MadFan


      it's true it's true.

  16. Love the signature! lol

    I actually saw that in theaters.... :blush:

  17. ryan

    you my supa supa star

  18. stay envious

  19. ryan

    Babe you can see that I'm danger

    Glamorous, but I'm deranged, yeah

    Teetering off of the stage, yeah

    I said it really nicely so can you be my savior?

  20. ryan

    I like their hot dogs.

  21. What's that in your pants?


  23. The best kind of days are the Rosie Perez days!!

    Were you loud moufin' it up?

    Did you have a CrackwhoreDonna by your side?


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