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  1. Who cares what people say on social media? gtfo
  2. Someone give her a fucking meatball to shut her up
  3. It's horribly typed letter. It looks and reads more fake than anything. Someone's playing an awful prank on that couple.
  4. door-salesman-1.jpg Could you please take a few minutes out of your day and vote for the MadonnaNation Top 40???????????????? Pretty Please??? ;)

  5. Omg is that a thing? I didn't even know that was on the menu!!!!
  6. Girl, once you eat the wings, those shimmer tights won't even be on your mind!
  7. it's called peer pressure. mom could have had the belt in her hand just incase he didn't go for it...
  8. She should have just taken the boy and his friends to Hooters. Have yall ever been???? The greatest wings ever like, seriously
  9. 5 stars for that photo alone. yum

  10. You can. But all these threads will be closed in a few weeks. Just start a new one when that time comes!
  11. I forgot all about that!!! Almost as good as We R Superstars!
  12. I'd also like to use this post to promote the MadonnaNation Top 40 that's currently running right now. Be sure to vote!
  13. It's funny, cause when I first heard the demo during it's leak, the chorus reminded me so much of disco music. I think it's the melody. So it was kinda funny seeing that expressed in the final version. I like both mixes! I can't really pick a favorite. So i'm team sideline!
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