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  1. I wonder this too. What about the live albums?I do have hopes that she might pull another I'm Breathless type of album. She tried to do that again with Hello Suckers. I just really want her to pen more movie songs.
  2. MDNA had 12 tracks. Hard Candy had 12 tracks. Confessions had 12 tracks. I like the 12 track trend.
  3. When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything.
  4. The music got better towards the end of the tour. I prefer the Japan audio. 8)
  5. I agree. It's sexy yet humorous. She's all smiles through out the video, yet this part she's serving QOL face. It's so "don't fuck with me." Glam Goddess. Ultra Fierce. The ultimate. Premium Madonna.
  6. Which one do I chose for the BareBack awards?
  7. This is why she wore a mesh top and not just a bra during S&S.
  8. At first I thought that was Christopher Walken on the right.
  9. I think she also employs them as nannys.
  10. Favourite Madonna tour of all time: Drowned World Tour Least Favourite Madonna tour: Re-Invention Best tour DVD/Blu-Ray: Confessions Tour Worst tour DVD/Blu-Ray: I'm Going To Tell You a Secret Best tour live vocals: Drowned World Tour Worst tour live vocals: Sticky Extravaganza Best costumes: MDNA Worst costumes: Re-Invention Best choreography: MDNA Worst choreography: Re-Invention Best live band: The Girlie Show (DWT comes in a close second) Worst live band: Confessions Tour Best setlist: The Drowned World Tour Worst setlist: hmmm, Blond Ambition? Best stage
  11. You can hear her talking in Rocco's video. "Lack of exercise when he's with his father."
  12. You know, this is one of my all time fav performances, no joke. I did consider perfing it to save the world, but I was afraid my nipples wouldn't be perky enough!
  13. I'm in such an American Life mood at the moment, plus I just finished jerking off, and i'm about to go to the gym. So I would have to go with Nobody Knows Me from Re-Invenion, cause I can so work those treadmills like no bodies bisnez!
  14. THE END OF THE WORLD IS VASTLY APPROACHING! THE ONLY WAY TO STOP IT IS BY PERFING ONE OF MADONNA'S PERFORMANCES WHAT PERFORMANCE DO YOU CHOOSE? You can only pick one song. If you choose more than one, you will end up being the first to die! Choose wisely, you need to please the gods from above! DO NOTE: You are re-enacting a previous performance. You can not pick a song that hasn't been performed, if you don't follow this, a puppy will be shot. You must do the performance justice. Too many changes are not allowed. Good luck, and break a leg!
  15. She dressed like it was the 20th anniversary for A League of Their Own.
  16. She has walked out in the street looking not so fab, so I don't see the big deal really when an unflattering outtake leaks. Big deal.
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