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    It just didn't have that "oomph" like her other first singles had. It needed additional production to spruce it up. Martin should have sent it to WO so he could added some bubbly bios and swirls on top. The demo is so much better. Those girls doing the chants are so painful to hear. Plus the ending is so much bettet
  2. Erotica. I wanna know what guys she was fucking seeing. Plus we know nothing about the collaboration between her and Andre. It was a different time for M all before the book and album dropped. I'd even be a fly on the wall for the meetings she had with Warner. American Life comes to mind since it was such an intimate album with basically 1 producer. The convos she had with Mirwsis about society and politics would b interesting to hear
  3. The album version is not as good as the live version.
  4. If it was an infant next to a bottle of gin, would you laugh or call DYFS?
  5. And I Highly doubt their not friends anymore. Unless M was bothered that he knocked up Angela the tarantula.
  6. I'm sure he was commissioned to remix songs, but they weren't approved. M tends to pick the remixes by new up and coming djs
  7. no. The kid remained nameless ever since birth.
  8. I think I wanna add Sanctuary to my list now
  9. Bad Girl Inside of Me Has to Be Love Spent hard to narrow it down to one.
  10. It's really really good. I agree, it's magical. It has so much warmth and energy. I love the post ROL-2YK production. It definitely could have been included on something. I'm not sure if it could have fit on Music. If so, it would need 3 other tracks to accompany it. But Music is not that kind of album. Would have been a great B-side. Orbit is a magician!!!
  11. For the longest time the album was rumored to be titled just "Madonna." MIA was prob all like, "You know, it would be so rad, if you like, stylize it by abbreviating it. Like.., MDNA."
  12. "Stop Posting About Gaga and Start Posting About Me."
  13. If I was a visual artist like Madonna, I'd make a feature length film titled and based around a new song.
  14. The idea is past it's prime. As it is to do a duet or having a a guest feature from a big mainstream artist. I'd prefer for her to not have any featuring artists on the next album. But if she did, someone underground please! Someone unknown!
  15. I've never been keen on these "personal pizza" threads; picking your own producers. But let's turn the thread around and focus on it's original intention. I haven't done this in a long time. But here a few of my fantasies: DFA Photek Headcleanr Air Basement Jaxx Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross I'm not opposed to her working with Orbit again. I've always enjoyed the tracks they've done together. I wouldn't if she went down that ambient techo-60's psychedelic vibe again. Bring on Sasha and Moby for the ride too.
  16. It's amazing. One of my fav performances of all time. The dancing is on point. I love how she removes her layers of clothing. Shame it wasn't a single. Yes, I said it!
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