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  1. Love this. I love decoding and analyzing M's work, and seeing other fans interpretations. No arrogance either. <3
  2. And it gave the most gorgeous remix ever!!!
  3. It should have been a free release! It's not bad, it has good content. It was just very unnecessary. Should have been a 4 disc collection if you ask me....
  4. Not a bad post karb..., but when you call the song "weak," well.., I really really wanted to lash out at you. Watch your back.
  5. Hmmmm. Material Girl or American Life? Poor American Life
  6. No, no ones really saying that. I didn't it. N4p isn't either.
  7. Nile Rogers and Marvin Gaye wouldn't make sense for 2013, but it worked for Robin Thicke and Daft Punk
  8. And who's to say that their relationship was perfect during COADf?
  9. But it was her choice to do all that. Go back to all the interviews from 2001 and 2002, she wanted to be a good wife. She wanted to play house and be a wife. Guy didn't force it on her. So don't throw your show at me.
  10. I hate this saying (gaga), but she didn't let her freak flag fly during the Ritchie years. He must of not been a fan of it. But LAV/LS at MDNA tour is very telling. He wanted her covered up. He wanted her looking like a lady.
  11. Girl Gone Wild and Turn Up are fab Spanish Lesson is fantastic I can never skip Incredible Runaway Lover is my jam Thief of Hearts is classic Think of Me is so funky Pretender is on repeat right now I'm So Stupid could have been a fab single ILNY has so much energy, like putting your finger in a electrical socket The Love Profusion video is soooooo ca-yute!!!!
  12. I always wondered why their relationship didn't last. They were a beautiful couple.
  13. Did they ever post the final part in 720? I know they once posted like the first 2 or 3, which I downloaded..., i'm just missing everything after the Dick Tracy segment
  14. There are people on this forum that don't like MDNA. There are people here who didn't like Hard Candy and Sticky either. There are posters here who don't like "new" Madonna. And there's some who just don't like Madonna period, that don't even post in the Madonna section. There are plenty of people like that here. If you are going to persecute FTS, then I would start reevaluating your friends here....
  15. I think she prefers dancers. I can't really see her being with someone who has an established career. She wants them by her side all the time. No long distance.
  16. ryan


    It was her way of referencing it, like tuckeye said. The media was all about a malfunction before the performance.
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