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  1. Victoria Beckham admitted to needing surgery because of bunions oh no!
  2. Of course!! Her relationship with Guy died in 2007.
  3. An incubus!!! The LAP album is my mystical.
  4. Yeah, Erotica worked so much better. I think she did it for Guy. She dedicated it to him during the rehearsals, plus it's his favorite song of hers.
  5. You're right, and I would win the Oscar!
  6. I think your better off being Camille Barbone.
  7. Different actress for each part?They need Kate Winslet.
  8. The "here kitty kitty kitty" bit?
  9. She thought it was too "hip hop," so she chose to put Don't Stop on instead.
  10. It really is. The intro alone just screams "track 2" material.
  11. Yaaaaaass!!! I've been dreaming it too.Or just a simple cross (for a runway to be exact)
  12. I love pretty much all of them. And they all work well echoing and transitioning into the following album. But since I've never really cared for the song Take a Bow, I'd vote that was my LEAST FAVORITE. (She doesn't have a worst, let's be honest.....)
  13. Sweetie, you said that "Bedtime story"s and "Deeper and Deeper"s wouldn't make sense for 2014. I was trying to make a point that 70s music wouldn't have made sense for 2013, but it worked and became pretty popular. Don't try and hark on something different now. The point is dated music, it's making or has made a comeback. So what if she does it. It's new madonna music anyhew.
  14. It's tough, cause I usually base this on the opening like. Erotica will always take the top spot on that. "My name is Dita, I'll be your mistress tonight." Holy fuck, that's just amazing. Only Madonna could think of that and pull it off. The act if contrition is quite stunning in GGW too, it's a great way to start that while era, and it was expanded and explored on the tour, giving it and the song a whole new meaning. But based on a whole song, DW is also a good opener. But since I'm an Erotica loon, my vote goes for that. Have a great day everyone!
  15. Thank you! The jelly donut dancing Her dad sleeping on the floor Practicing dancing while cooking eggs The relationship with Camille And I love the bit during the Paris audition where she steals the spotlight from the other girls. A total Madonna moment. So where's the bluray? I need this for my collection.
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