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  1. "There are no words to describe the weariness I feel today. I have not slept well in days, and when I do, there is no comfort. My dreams are violent and full of betrayal. Like my life, there's no escape. I feel the responsibility of this film. I cannot talk about Evita and her life without defending myself ... Dear God, what have I gotten myself into? What is happening to me? Today we went to shoot a music video for my next song. But I kept forgetting the lyrics, and felt like crying each and every time I did it. It was so frustrating. It's my own song!"
  2. How many times do you think it took them to film it? 2 takes? 3?
  3. I have a feeling it may be true, as we rarely ever had grammy rumors in the past. The first news of this mentioned Beyonce, which turned out to be true. Fingers crossed.
  4. It's great. Slow intro, which I think people tend to skip to the next track just because of that. But if you listen to it all the way through, you might actually end up liking it. Has anyone here ever listened to the song?
  5. Listen to the demo of across the sky, that's all danja. Then timbaland added his touch and final production for the final version. That's what danja did, the groundwork.
  6. Oh, that bitch, Giuliana Rancic or whatever, on E! news, had something to say.... I had my eyes rolling the whole time, so I don't remember what she said exactly. But it was really random, right after a story about Harry Styles at a concert.
  7. But it's not like Stevie is gonna come out first... The first half of the performance is gonna be directly Daft Punk, and the latter they'll honor Stevie and have him play a song on the piano.
  9. You can just see her love for the audience when she's walking down the runway. The audience was going crazy! She felt it, and you can see her nerves disappear right away!
  10. I fucking hate Vibeology.

    1. PaulaAbdul


      Believe me, honey. You're not alone.

    2. ryan


      :) Well welcome to MadonnaNation!
    3. Bill


      I love Vibeology.

  11. She had a hernia that night (OUCH!) But my god, that woman can rock Lavender like no other
  12. I don't think that one counts and I believe most of us have blocked it from our memory.
  13. I knew you would come back, I just didn't think it would have been that long! Good to have you back, babe! You missed out on a lot. I started a MadonnaNation Top 40 back in the summer, and while you weren't here to participate, I still made sure you presence was visible, thanks to your old fav songs thread. http://forums.madonnanation.com/index.php?showtopic=43906 And yes I saw that you added me on twitter/twatter, I accepted you when it happened and followed you back. I rare...

    1. loomer


      Wow that countdown is fabulous and of course I'm honoured you used some of my write-ups, how lovely to come back to! <3 xoxo

  14. OH MY GOD THAT IS THE GREATEST IDEA. The bed will be on stage, she'll be under the covers..., and as soon as Nile starts playing the chords to Like a Virgin..., she'll come out from the covers singing, "I made it through the wilderness..." :wow:
  15. Liz Rosenberg also did say in 2000 that the final version of Music would be vastly different than the demo.
  16. Fuck. You. Anyways, I don't hate any of her songs either. But I do dislike Take a Bow. Push is my least favorite on Confessions. And I just can't really get into Jimmy Jimmy or Love Song. And does One More Chance count too? I do love the bridge though...
  17. Personally speaking, I hope she brings the cheeks in full force. I want them doubled in size.
  18. Madonna loves disco music. She was last seen with Farrah Fawcett curls on SNL. She has previously worked with Pharrell and Niles, plus she just injured herself from dancing in heels, which she was rehearsing for something. So dancing is involved with this performance. I think all roads lead to Daft Punk, and I'd be pleasantly surprised if it was someone else.
  19. Surv....ival??? Girl Gone Wild??? I dont know what songs are hated...
  20. Wake up and smell the coffee dear. She is not perfing a new song. I know we lost a lot of connections since she left Warner, but we would have heard something a few months ago if it were true.
  21. There we go! See, the list still continues, with our very own Queen! Thank you Ryan! Love, Ryan.
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