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  1. Unless it's another airport meeting with Patrick Leonard....
  2. I want her to explore indietronica, dance-punk, synthpop. Add some new wave to the mix. I know she's done "electronica," but let's do a 360 of it, let's add the salt and gravy on top.
  3. Didn't she switch sides when Kelly modeled Material Girls? I kinda remember them both going at Piers defending M.....
  4. She's a gossip. That's what a gossip does, they don't think before they speak. They spit everything out and move onto the next subject.
  5. She's just DESPERATE for attention. First she used the "N" word to steal the spotlight from MLK, now this? What's next, lighting fireworks in the street to celebrate chinese new year?
  6. Carlos had seeded her before this video, correct?
  7. This. Plus I just despise when someone in the media uses "Desperate" and "Madonna" in the same sentence.
  8. Like I said they are taking a RISK! I wonder what DM is going to say now...
  9. What if she's performing with them? Hmm..... It would be a dream come true NIN + M =
  10. Continue the discussion here! I'm Google Newsing "Madonna." It's the only subject that's getting reported, but most of the articles are from yesterday it seems. Looking forward to Sunday, so this "controversy" can end it's course...
  11. Someone post the gorgeous ICON illustration please.
  12. Correct. But they have also been right. They are taking a big risk by "confirming" her performance.
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