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  1. Most likely fake if you can't track down concrete info
  2. Roland, such a terrif job with this thread! You really did lay down the mystery over the "shower" and La Isla Bonita for the show. When we first heard of the two, I thought the shower thing was part of LAB. That original concept of BAT sounds real interesting, would have loved to have seen her as the Virgin Mary. Thank so much for sharing everything!!!
  3. He does the jiu jitsu with Guy Ritchie. I think he trains Rocco.
  4. On the Fukuoka recording it's def Singing In The Rain
  5. Now that we're on the subject of songs played before and after M's concerts. What were the songs for the previous tours? I know Singing In The Rain was played after GST
  6. It's lovely. And groovy as hell.The opening music reminds me of Mary Jane Girls "All Night Long"
  7. Nah. The camel toe came out in full force during Confessions. The fans used "vadge" quite often during that time
  8. I like the photos used. But I still prefer the original album cover. It's very 80s.
  9. It's all over it. HU, Sorry, Forbidden Love, ...
  10. Don't you think that's reflected in the lyrics??
  11. The two shows I was at it was WBSS to open, and Bad to close. I love that she does it btw! WBSS sounds soo good in the arena's!
  12. OMG People are crazy! I forget just how bizarre it use to be here
  13. You're reading way far into the topic, and I don't think anyone else brought up those points you just mentioned..
  14. IKR. She did like 10 radio interviews, when has she ever done that before?
  15. Hard Candy is life. Can never get enough of it
  16. Plus, she was returning to her funky side, which she has done before, and I think people didn't like that she wasn't stepping up to the plate by doing something new. Her fans just want electronic music and ballads. No hip hop beats. It's silly.
  17. People saw the collaborators involved and were turned off even before listening to the album.
  18. I find it interesting that she would reach out to Joseph Khan, of all people. But I think that reasoning comes from the Taylor Swift... You'd think she'd ask other directors to come up with a concept after not liking someone elses....
  19. I don't know where the idea of the MadonnaNation Top Song Countdowns were single-only came from, as that was never the case. The most recent one in 2013 allowed any song, the same with the one from last decade back in 2007. The MadonnaNation countdowns was always a community effort and event, as a lot of us consider everyone family. That's why there's the write ups, to make it feel like a celebration and bring it down to a personal level to show that everyone connects to Madonna's songs in different ways. Here's a link to the most recent one from 2013: http://forums.madonnanation.com/index.p
  20. You should listen to a Rihanna concert. Lol, I know how that idea sounds, but she uses a full band. Drums bass, you name it. And it sounds good! It really shouldn't matter what kind of music it is. Everything can be converted and performed with the use of live instruments.
  21. The band leaves the stage during the interludes, at least they did during Messiah As amazing as this tour is, the only thing lacking is the musicians. That's my only complaint. We need a second percussionist and a bass player. Bring it back M!
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