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  1. It's connections - always the same - to get your own connections, start a website - seems to have worked well for Edward Russell, Billy, Hector, Jeannie, the girl that started madonnaliscious/the little star etc.

    What's the connection though??? Guy? Someone else in her team? Did the connection just contact them and say, "hey you want front row tickets instead of those 200 level ones?"
  2. https://soundcloud.com/madmusiclover/heartbreak-city-demo-4

    I know I know. The demo talk is so redundant, ever since it first started almost 11 months ago. And yeah, there's already a thread for Heartbreakcity. But I feel like this demo deserves a thread of it's own.

    Epic is such an overused word, but it perfectly describes this demo to a t. The added horns and long opening gives the song so much more emotion than it already did. I love it. It's so fucking powerful. I was in awe over it when I first heard it over a week ago. And to think that this was only demo 4, so close to being the final version!

    This demo can NOT go unnoticed. I demand everyone to listen to it. You NEED to hear it. https://soundcloud.com/madmusiclover/heartbreak-city-demo-4

    Not only does the horns and long opening add more to the song, but so does the alternate lyrics.

    "I let you in my kingdom house, and helped yourself to everything, and left me with this your mess."


    There's so many themes throughout Rebel Heart, but one that sticks out is this Royalty/Fallen Queen theme. It's everywhere, even in the demos.

    Heartbreakcity = "You said I was your Queen..."

    Heaven = "Our beautiful kingdom, Once was a paradise we reigned. You took my crown, I brought you down, We’re both to blame."

    Messiah = "I'll be your Queen, safe in your arms."

    Queen = (self explanatory)

    And then there's little things:

    Living For Love = "Picked up my crown, put it back on my head..."

    Two Steps Behind Me = "It's an ugly look princess, what are you all about."

    I do love that she explored it in the visuals for the album artwork, as these two images are my favs from the album shoot.


    It would have been awesome to get a music video with this look and theme. Maybe one day.

    Anyways. I just find this demo to be very beautiful and compelling. I'm not gonna say anything about it being more deserving to be on the album than the released version.

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