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  1. Looks like those clips were from a montage imo im leaning more towards a documentary for some reason
  2. You ok? Michelle not your fav First Lady?
  3. This Michelle meme will never get old!!!
  4. She's a fucking bad ass!! Where's skin???? Remember when Michelle Obama met that YouTube girl Michelle Pham??
  5. the vice president is just as fucking bad! THEY ALL GOTTA GO!
  6. i hope he fucking dies and his vp too
  7. Was about to say the same thing! Why do they even bother with her?
  8. https://www.awesomestories.com/asset/view/Mongolia-Home-to-Velociraptors
  9. Tove Lo thread

    Yupp Its not always easy to do. I mean look at Kaley Cuoco when she tried to do JML. Looks like it was shot in a Hilton hotel Only a a few people have done it right IMO. Lohan did a good job at replicating an iconic look: And when it comes to replicating Madonna's essence and attitude, Diaz did a decent job: But this LAP wannabe... Youre just setting yourself up for failure. LAP is iconic. A legendary album. It's like saying you're album is lyrically and musically comparable to it, which IT IS NOT!