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  1. Nah she's on the east coast. Look at her attire and the windows in the building.
  2. That isn't a how to book... Its on her table cause Madonna.com is featured in it Its from 2006
  3. They're all numbered and dated. The fact Alek even had a hard time tracking down a final theater print kinda shows this is more than just a "original print." There's over 20 boxes. Based on the size, looks like 35mm reels, aka Paris concert
  4. It's pretty much gone. MTV.com uploaded a TON of unedited clips in crystal clear quality of numerous interviews. Erotica Steve Blame, No Bull, ROL ultrasound, Breakfast with M.... Only less than half of those clips are still up
  5. That second clip uses a unique mix of Bye Bye Baby not found on the maxi. It's identical to the VMA and tour version. Unused single mix? WE NEED IT ASAP!
  6. Looks like those clips were from a montage imo im leaning more towards a documentary for some reason
  7. You ok? Michelle not your fav First Lady?
  8. This Michelle meme will never get old!!!
  9. She's a fucking bad ass!! Where's skin???? Remember when Michelle Obama met that YouTube girl Michelle Pham??