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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    FUCK YEA!!!!!!
  2. I really hope so! I would eat it up!!!!!! M sounds great!
  3. Dolores O'Riordan has died at 46

    why are we still left with lady shit-stain
  4. Dolores O'Riordan has died at 46

    terrible :( Ugh Im just so tired of all these wonderful musicians dying! just stop! :(
  5. i cant recall cause it all seems so surreal thank god for video and photos. i cant believe how lucky I am to have the experiences Ive had
  6. it was a wonderful interview!!!! We watch this show every Sunday so it was so nice to see her on it! My daughter asked me where Madonna was and I said well today shes in Portugal. and shes like when are you going to see her again cause i want to see her too! never fear my little girl! you will!!!!
  7. well she takes all my money anyway so this sounds about right lol we know how tight she is. the house will always win
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    oooh i love this so much!
  9. 2017 Hurricanes

    thank you so much. yes they are both fine. volunteering at local places to help those in need. that's what we all need to do. spread the love!
  10. 2017 Hurricanes

    i hope you've all donated! It will really help people! https://www.youcaring.com/victimsofhurricaneharvey-915053 its a terrible situation over there!!!!
  11. 2017 Hurricanes

    thank you. still no water in their homes. !!!!
  12. 2017 Hurricanes

    both of my parents are trapped in their homes, surrounded by water. However, the water has not entered their homes yet. Supposed to get hammered with more rain tonight so I pray the situation doesnt get worse for them!
  13. ive been listening to them nonstop for a month now! cant believe its already been a month :(
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    thats amazing!!!!!!