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  1. WTF I think he looks nice. nothing wrong with the suit! FUCKERS
  2. thank you so much. yes they are both fine. volunteering at local places to help those in need. that's what we all need to do. spread the love!
  3. i hope you've all donated! It will really help people! https://www.youcaring.com/victimsofhurricaneharvey-915053 its a terrible situation over there!!!!
  4. thank you. still no water in their homes. !!!!
  5. both of my parents are trapped in their homes, surrounded by water. However, the water has not entered their homes yet. Supposed to get hammered with more rain tonight so I pray the situation doesnt get worse for them!
  6. the news just said 19 dead :( this is just absolutely terrible! I feel for those families
  7. im hoping tonight when the candidates meet he grabs her by the pussy instead of shaking her hand.
  8. well i definitely can say im not shocked by this type of talk... what did shock me was that last week a 12 yr old boy came up to my 11 year old niece and told her she looked like she a "nice wet cunt under her jeans" i have no words anymore
  9. awwwww YES HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much! you are such a gem in a world full of garbage. thank you for all your support! xoxox i LUV YOU
  10. im thinking chicken wings, popcorn and definitely some Lone Star beer
  11. It's going to be glorious. I seriously cannot wait. I need to come up with a party menu
  12. terrible news! so sad! prayers to Italy
  13. Did anyone just hear Ryan Seacrest describe the atmosphere at the volleyball games like a gay club? Hahaha I'm guessing he had a fabulous time!
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