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  1. WTF I think he looks nice. nothing wrong with the suit! FUCKERS
  2. why are we still left with lady shit-stain
  3. terrible :( Ugh Im just so tired of all these wonderful musicians dying! just stop! :(
  4. thank you so much. yes they are both fine. volunteering at local places to help those in need. that's what we all need to do. spread the love!
  5. i hope you've all donated! It will really help people! https://www.youcaring.com/victimsofhurricaneharvey-915053 its a terrible situation over there!!!!
  6. thank you. still no water in their homes. !!!!
  7. both of my parents are trapped in their homes, surrounded by water. However, the water has not entered their homes yet. Supposed to get hammered with more rain tonight so I pray the situation doesnt get worse for them!
  8. ive been listening to them nonstop for a month now! cant believe its already been a month :(
  9. Thank you. He was my biggest crush. And I'm so lucky I was able to meet him on 4 different occasions. I can still remember how he smelled. Like he just came out of the dryer..fresh and clean lol. Must have been the fabric softener but it's so vivid in my mind. This was on his birthday in 2003
  10. I have never felt that way before either. That's why it just blows my mind. And his family....his kids. As a mom and wife, my God, I wouldn't be able to pick myself up again. I can't even imagine what it must feel like to have such pain you feel like death is the answer.
  11. ive been listening nonstop as well and the lyrics are just so tragic and haunting im really feeling for his band brothers. i mean, he just threw away everything they have worked so hard for. took away their ability to ever perform again in the same capacity. i dont see how mike could ever perform some of those lyrics again - or let alone - let someone fill in for Chester. I can only imagine some of the anger and hurt they must be feeling. I know he had demons but it is a damn shame he let them win. i think about him every day when i wake up. I wish it wasnt real
  12. hurts to the core ive been drowning my sorrows in his mysterious sexy voice. i hate this is happening. soooo sad found another picture xoxo
  13. i do believe he was on that MTV show where they went to celebrity houses? I cant remember the name and i cant find a clip! I think they showed a closet with his records and yes he collected all of Madonnas!!! He was amazing
  14. you got that right!!! gorgeous voice! I am just so heartbroken! I cant imagine the pain his family is feeling!
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