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  1. i cant recall cause it all seems so surreal thank god for video and photos. i cant believe how lucky I am to have the experiences Ive had
  2. you can tell the person handling the bird is in charge. here.... hold this. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a joke
  3. Netflix just posted a clip of her shopping in walmart and the comments are fantastic! LOL Robert Williams That outfit is very Walmart age Jay Scott Typical customer service. The employees didn't want to lift a finger to help but soon as they realized there was a camera and who she was it was like...."I want a picture with you!!" Manage Gregory Munson Well it's nice to socialize and all but pushing your CD in front of others isn't going to increase sales. If people want your CD they will find it and buy it. Manage David Angle Customer service was crap BEFORE they knew that was Lady GaGa "sorry but you're gonna have to turn that camera....oh wait that's you. Okay we allow it." πŸ˜’ nage Brenda M Cook What the hell kind of shirt is she wearing?????? Showing your bra is NOT COOL!!!!! Have some decency and wear a shirt that covers your chest......... anage Steve Bauer Well...she sure dressed appropriately. Manage Ryan Greene She dressing just like everyone else at walmart Manage Oni Uzumakii She's looking for her own album cause no one else buys them. Trevor Reust She looks like one of the ppl you would see on ppl of walmart ha Manage Sheila Scott why don't she just go topless? I'm not a bit Impressed with her or her lack of clothes! Duane Thome What kind of narcissist do you have to be? Manage Victor Medina Typical Walmart employees. Lmao .. Can never help customers right. Penny George She fits in perfectly with the Walmart outfit Manage Damon M Martin And look nobody cares about him Manage Cathy Mcfe Probably my favorite moment of the documentary Manage Jennifer Ruddick 'Can I take a picture?' Nope. You don't want pictures or to be recorded! πŸ˜‰ Manage Brian Bennett I don't want to be recorded...oh wait you known okay go ahead then I won't be a douche to you... Robbie Jones Its good to see she dresses like everyone else who shops to Wall-Mart. Aynaet Danglathas I thought she was skinnier than that πŸ€” Kara Eden Well she fits right in dressed like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Mike Wollslair This doc made me sad! I’m worried for her health! Bill Goodfellow First time I've found her attractive Robert Mandrell Welcome too the real world 🌎 Sierra Reed Jim Reed how do they not automatically recognize her Manage Jeff Latka She's gonna be searching for a while, swear nobody works at Wal-Mart Terry Simmons I thought it was funny she moved her cds to the end rack up top!! Manage Jason Savoie im confused, this is a movie? Voo Voo This looks like the start to a really interesting porn flick... Just sayin'.. Manage Nikki Perry Allyssa Sanders we would of straight fan girled over her. Manage Joshua Amaral Priscilla Moniz I would've went crazy if I met her lol Manage Tyler Chancellor Drug addled idiot. Terrible music. Stop making Lady Gag Me relevant. Lame Manage Erin Holly Wilson She’s dresses to fit in at Walmart πŸ™„πŸ€’ Manage Jon Baker well.. she's dressed for Walmart. Manage Travis Perdue Should’ve bought a shirt Manage Robert Luebano Was that Mr Bean? Manage Julian Spencer That was funny Manage Fes Oster I'm sure it's there Cassandra Morio How did they not recognize her Brandy Allen Toole Dumb bitch ur shirt doesnt fit Nereida Babilonia PrunΓ©s She look highly medicated. 😳 anage Tracie Parrish Such a sloppy person. Michael William Stormwolf That's enough Lady 😬 Manage Ken E Waters I thought she was dead? Vanessa B Cano I would have died 😍 Manage Ryan Geffert How could they not recognize here Manage Michael Ruiz So cringe, and the second they realize she's famous the rules no longer apply to her Diane Duke She's Gaga alright! Luis Rodriguez I just want to grab her pussy Bradley Fisher #peopleofwalmart Manage Diane Brantner- Dowell Put some clothes on, skank! Manage Erin Winfree Pass Manage Scotty Leon Dressed like that. Remove Brogan Stockstill It's a man
  4. guess im lucky cause when I log into netflix on my laptop and through my smart tv its no where to be found LOL
  5. it was a wonderful interview!!!! We watch this show every Sunday so it was so nice to see her on it! My daughter asked me where Madonna was and I said well today shes in Portugal. and shes like when are you going to see her again cause i want to see her too! never fear my little girl! you will!!!!
  6. i just wish selena would reply with a lovely @LadyGaga FUCK OFF
  7. well she takes all my money anyway so this sounds about right lol we know how tight she is. the house will always win
  8. how ever does this girl find the will to get up every morning? shes got every disease in the book. shes SO BRAVE!
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    oooh i love this so much!
  10. gaga is such a piece of fucking shit! lying shit! she wishes she was madonna but she never will be never will be never will be never will be do you hear that CUNT?
  11. i obviously dont post enough to know who is saying what and when but i enjoyed the stories! but calling people faggots is disgusting and Im glad they were banned
  12. does every baby that comes out of their mommas hole get diagnosed with PTSD these days??? it seems like every single millennial has some sort of mental disease. i know this a broad generalization but ffs its all I hear about these days.