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  1. Thanks for being so sweet and kind, @pithy. Sorry I’ve been more quiet and MIA lately … I do enjoy reading your posts, though! Hoping to be visiting a little more often now, with the premiere of Madame X. Always fun to celebrate a release with our community here. Am recovering from recent surgery, though, too, so … might me a little spotty yet. Take care, friend! xo. 

    1. pithy


      Jeez, the surgery mention threw me for a loop somewhat. In that case, do everything at your own pace, of course. Hope it was nothing too major and that you're in for a speedy recovery, already well underway. 🙏 Stay safe and please be well!

  2. xoxoxoxo!!!

    1. Nightshade


      Hey there! How are you? 🙂

  3. Hugs to you, funkydita. Just read what you wrote in acko’s “year later” thread and ... my heart really went out to you. I really can empathize with almost everything you wrote. I’m so sorry it’s been so sad and discouraging for you. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping things improve for you. Sending hugs and sunshine your way, friend. xoxo

    1. funkydita


      Bless you, Peter, you’re a sweetheart and very kind.  Hope the last year’s been OK for you (mine sounds much more gloomy and dramatic than it’s actually been). xx

  4. Sending you positive vibes! Wishing you all the best in making changes that you need to make. (I just caught up in acko’s “year later” thread and read your post ... so was thinking about you and what you wrote.) xoxo

    1. MadFan


      You're a doll. ❤️ Thanks a lot, reading that message brought a smile to my face. Are you holding up okay amidst all this yourself?

  5. peter

    That “year later” thread ... whew! Everything you wrote, I was feeling and the “that’s your costume” reference — can’t tell you how many times I said things to co-workers with that inflection. I know we do ToD a lot around here, but ... it *really* increased in the cluster that was 2020. (And 2021 has not been an improvement yet...)

    I love you — just want you to know that. :kiss2:I know I’m like a nobody, so whatever, but I hope it encourages you as you pursue a new venture, because it speaks to your complete ability to excel at it and really engage students in a meaningful way. If you can connect with anonymous internet loser, how much more so in real life with your charming personality and considerable talents. You’re gonna be so awesome at this. I wish I could be in the House of Acko. Not younger than you, but I feel I would learn much from you and your wisdom. Thanks for sharing on here.  xo

    1. acko


      Thank you for all the kind words... I'm glad you still visit here... You are positivity personified.. Huggzz and YOU ARE IN MY HOUSE! 

  6. Hope you forgive me! Extra kisses to Lola! xoxo

    1. Flip The Switch

      Flip The Switch

      Hey! For what hun? Lola says hi! lol

    2. peter


      Oh, nothing!! :shy: :angel: I was in a rush and posted something that, in retrospect, I was afraid you’d think I was just ... I don’t know, snotty or petty or something. But then it looked like you might have revised, so I later edited my original post to just show you some love, as you deserve! (It was really just that I was in a hurry and didn’t add any emoji or emoticons or anything, like a wink or something, to make sure I didn’t sound like I was being bluntly critical or worse. So I’m glad if you didn’t see it!) 

      Also, I overthink sometimes?

      Anyway, hi back to Lola, with a few pats on the head for extra good measure! 


  7. For the same reason I just “bumped” the “Come Alive” thread, I wanted to show “Crazy” a little love, as it is another of my faves. It just has a little bit of bounce to it, but also the lovely Portuguese instrumentation ... I know lots of folks say this song makes them happy ... and it does that for me, too, in a way. But I also feel a real sense of sadness and the melancholy in it. The weight of lost love — you can hear its strain on her voice. Even though she is defiant and determined to move on, I still feel tears well in my eyes sometimes when I listen to it. The real and raw delivery on the second verse, and the spoken Portuguese line ... and the bridge! Her bridges are always so good. (Love that muffled “yeah yeah yeah” falling in the background of the bridge, too!) I think this one is influenced by the morna style, yes? Someone was asking up-thread, and I don’t know if anyone mentioned morna. Thought she said that in one interview. That accordion sound is so mournful and longing to me. And again the live version was a lovely highlight! Her standing on a table in her fado club and turning the male dancers away. Loved it.
  8. With the impending closure of the Madame X album discussion section, I’ve been spending a little time this weekend trying to catch up on threads I neglected earlier. I just wanted to say that “Come Alive” is one of my faves (on an album full of stellar offerings) ... I love the background of the songwriting process for her, the stories of what inspired her (her own personal experiences, her daughters’ experiences, the instrumentation and its history) and then choosing the children’s choir, which conveys such a sense of hopefulness and joy and vibrancy of life. The history of the percussion just really makes this song even more profound. Love all the little extras in the production, and her slightly autotuned harmonizing back-up vocals... and then then climactic ending, which is just rapturous and reverberates in your spirit (and ears). The live version was such a highlight — even if it wasn’t so high concept, the music really lifted everyone in the audience. Just wanted to contribute something before we shut this thing down. Thank you, Madame X!
  9. You have a boxer?!? 😍 I had no idea!! So cute and adorable! (We had two growing up... and have since had two bull mastiffs.) What’s your puppy’s name? Sending extra smooches for you gorgeous pooch! 😘

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. peter


      :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Lola is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing her glamour shots! She looks so happy — I bet she adores you. And how could you not adore her?! Congrats — 8 months is just a puppy yet! (Though, I don’t think they ever get too far beyond puppy in their minds. Haha!) xoxo to both of you!! (Sorry if I’m late to the party in welcoming Lola to the furry MadonnaNation family... I have found the “post a photo of your pet” thread to be heartbreaking sometimes ... so I’ve done the immature thing of avoiding it altogether for the most part. I should probably re-visit — look at all that cuteness I’d be missing!)

    3. Flip The Switch

      Flip The Switch

      OMG sorry for the delay! Thank you Peter! Love Lola so much. Such a loyal and cute little boxer. She gives me so much life! 


    4. peter


      Oh, no worries, friend! You didn’t have to reply at all — I’m so grateful you did, though! Hope you and Lola have been enjoying a lovely weekend together! xo

  10. Hope you are well, VogueMusic. xoxo.

    1. VogueMusic


      Ah, thanks @peter. yes, I'm well..or as well as one can be in times like these. 😆   Hope you are doing well too.

    2. peter


      Ha! Right — I know! I should have probably said “as well as one can be” — definitely didn’t mean to be insensitive! Just was thinking of you and hoping you doing okay and managing as best you can. Hadn’t seen many posts from you and was just hoping everything was all right. I know things are somehow even busier for me now, so I can understand if that’s the case for you, too! Just wanted you to know you’re missed. Thanks for taking the time to reply, and take good care! xo. 

  11. peter

    A rare sighting of the elusive @acko😍 Gorgeous. 


  12. Not to blame others and blindly defend Madonna, but ... I think we can give most of the responsibility (for the lack of a video) to Anitta. Madonna posted several IG photos with the caption “Waiting for Anitta” ... these were the photos of the nighttime shoot with her IG photographer — wearing the eyepatch and a black trench. (Several of them were incorporated into the Levitating Remix and Club Future Nostalgia collage cover art.) I think that was a pretty public way for Madonna to express what she wanted to happen. Guess Anitta wasn’t interested? Or was too busy with her own stuff to drop everything and fly off to a video shoot with Madonna. Such a shame, though. ... This was my friend’s favorite song on Madame X. She and I saw CT and S&ST together — and then we were able to see Madame X together, too. (We both saw MDNAT and RHT, but in different cities, sadly. Time, travel, babies’ due dates! It was crazy!) This friend used to have a karaoke b-day party every year, and hadn’t been able to for the past few years ... but this year, her husband organized a big one for her b-day, and she wanted to do an elaborate song and dance extravaganza performance! It was a medley with several Madonna songs, one Robyn, one Deee-lite, and one Britney. (I think I’m not leaving anything out. Oh! A Bjork one!) Anyway, one of the Madonna songs was Faz Gostoso! That’s how much she loves it! Her sister-in-law and I were her back-up dancers — we had a day of rehearsal and everything. It was so much fun, and I really enjoyed dancing to Faz Gostoso! It’s a great song. I wasn’t all that fussed about the original, honestly... so I wasn’t expecting much from the cover — but it really works! Worst part was knowing Faz Gostoso wasn’t in the setlist for MXT — my friend enjoyed the show, but was just slightly disappointed by the lack of Faz Gostoso. Didn’t help that Madonna kept repeating the phrase the night we saw her — during the fado club section. Even I was wondering if she was gonna add it to the setlist by surprise or something. Alas, no. Great song, though.
  13. Hugs especially for Hector. 😰 💔 xo.

  14. Sorry to hear that, svp. You’re not alone. Please take time for yourself and take good care of you. Thanks for all you for the Madonna community here.
  15. :inlove:  :kiss2: :brenspin: 

    Nice to see you enjoying the sunshine! Thanks for brightening up our days with your sunny self! 

    1. MadFan



      You're the nicest dude I swear...a real class act.

    2. peter


      Aw ... you’re kind to say that, but I’m sure it’s not the case. It’s easy to find the positive with fellow Madonna fans. (I had to look up the definition of “RBF,” by the way ... :lmao: I felt so dumb when I realized what it was! I did know it, just not the abbreviation. And it didn’t look so much like RBF to me, but your eyes did look really beautiful in the light!!) Glad you had a good day, and hope today is another just like it! :gent:

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