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  1. Favorite Opening Line?

    Oh, so many good ones! Every time I read another one, I think, “Oh, yes!” The first one I thought of was “Drowned World/Substitute for Love,” but “Express Yourself,” “Vogue,” and “Like a Prayer” are perfection... Special mentions for “Jump,” “Waiting,” and “Love Tried to Welcome Me” ... “Skin” and “Ray of Light” ... The only one coming to mind that no one has mentioned yet, that came to mind for me was: “Pull me closer / Full disclosure / Let it out, let me in, yeah / On your knees confess to me / Every doubt, every sin, yeah / That’s how love’s supposed to be...” “Impressive Instant” has a good opener, too, which I don’t think anyone’s mentioned yet. Honorable mention to the opening of the William Ørbit remix of “Erotica” — “I’ll be your sorceress, your heart’s magician / I’m not a witch, I’m a love technician.”
  2. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    Madonna had an injury for the Super Bowl — I think it was a pulled hamstring? She dances in heels all the time. I’m not saying that makes it easier, I’m just saying that part of the end result of her Super Bowl performance was due to an injury and, I’m sure, the extreme nervousness she readily admitted to (because of the size of the audience and the lack of control — the environment, the volunteer crew/talent, and the time issues ... having to wait an inexact amount of time, but then rush to assemble a stage, perform, and tear the stage down in a very precise amount of time, down to the seconds). Also, this seems to be an obvious thing to say, but I’ll say it anyway: Madonna has had vocal training and has re-visited her vocal coach prior to touring.
  3. And the performance idea (concept, not necessarily song selection) was suggested by Mr. Gene Kelly, if I recall correctly!
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    BACK cover of the album! In the grand tradition of flawless back covers M has produced!! haha!
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Perhaps!! Reminds me of how we first saw “Messiah” lyrics from Rebel Heart. M posted and Liz Rosenberg posted, too, if I’m recalling correctly...
  6. Madonna RARE

    Thank you, @Mattress!
  7. Madonna RARE

    Thanks, @Gus! Had just figured out tonight that it was from the set of ALOTO... interesting to see the original source, too.
  8. Madonna RARE

    Thanks for posting this, @spotlight! I remember that the Vh1 “Behind the Music” included this photo while telling viewers that Madonna and Donatella Versace spoke on the phone after Gianni Versace’s death. ... Always thought this was actually a photo of that conversation, but now I know it cannot be, because this would have been in 1991 (or 1992 at the latest), but Versace was murdered years later. Never knew the real story behind this image... so thanks!
  9. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    >sigh< Agreed. OT, but, I was initially wary of this new wave of Disney remakes. Have to admit I loved both Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast. ... So they won me over, but now I feel deceived. I am not on board for a remake of Aladdin — just feels wrong without Robin Williams somehow — and with Guy Ritchie directing?! Ugh. Am not really so interested in an update of Lion King, either. ... But. Back to Beyoncé now. (Isn’t it *all* about her anyway? Everything, everywhere ... all about her... )
  10. Justin Timberlake thread

    Thanks, @Pedro, for finding this interview ... I do remember seeing it. And he does come across a little ... yeah, I guess snarky is the right word, like @spotlight said. His tone is a little off-putting. Trying to be “too cool” for it all — and funny — and sadly it seemed to score laughs with the audience, but ... whatevs. Madonna probably wanted some resistance in the studio from her collaborators. The friction and tension yields creative results. I remember she and Pharrell shared that he made her cry in the studio during the HC recording process, so she probably wasn’t as defensive as we are. She let herself be vulnerable with them and that took a lot of courage. Back to JT — yeah, his “generational” comment was also unnecessary. And I also found his remark about how she’s “actually” a good writer of poetry — saying it like, “you wouldn’t believe this but ...” And also, it was slightly disingenuous to say “how can we turn DWRY into a song?” when it already was a song... But perhaps he didn’t know that, if we cut him some slack. Maybe he only saw the poem in the book and never knew she had a pre-existing composition for it. For all we know, it might have been totally different. (I always think of it, though, like the demo “No Substitute for Love” demo turning into “Drowned World/Substitute for Love” ... really similar, but different rhythm to the delivery and more fully arranged/developed. But the HC version easily might not be the JT/Timba remix of the early DWRY demo. Might be completely rebuilt, both musically and lyrically.)
  11. Happy Birthday, @tonymarraffa, my fellow Pittsburgher! :) Enjoy your special day! (Your name used to be goldtooth, right? Still getting used to the “new” forum...)

  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Thanks, @Starman!
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes, I know it sounds strange, but you surmised correctly. DWRY pre-existed HC. It’s not know how close the earlier version is to the released version. (Obviously, the JT and Timbaland elements wouldn’t have been there in 2004...) The song was originally written by M for one of her defunct musical projects — either Hello, Suckers or the untitled Luc Besson musical... can’t recall. DWRY would have been in the showgirl segment, and, if memory serves, was replaced by the torchy rendition of Deeper and Deeper. I believe it was Mike McKnight (?) who shared this info... Forget what his title was on RIT — some sort of director. I want to say musical director, but my foggy memory is also questioning that because I thought Stuart Price was musical director for DWT — and would think he continued in the same role through RIT and CT. (It’s 4 AM here so my brain is a little tired! lol. sorry!) But he (Mike McKnight) gave an interview with a fan site and shared this info, among other interesting details. I think we learned from him, for example, that the opening section was supposed to feature Nothing Really Matters. I think Frozen replaced it? (Or maybe even Nobody Knows Me... ?)
  14. Justin Timberlake thread

    I must have missed this, @Pedro...? What did JT say about M on Ellen? Curious about this...