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  1. All of this, yes. Those are primary reasons. Another minor reason is that I listen to my iPod in the car on my commute. I wouldn’t be streaming in my car — don’t wanna use my (limited) data plan for that, etc. I buy digital, yes, but I still buy physical for certain artists I really want to support — Madonna foremost, but a handful of others. And I often buy a digital version, too, or else rip the .mp3 from the CD for my iPod. The same arguments apply to films/DVDs instead of streaming, too. I have Netflix, but I like a DVD — because, yeah, the thought that something I loved is just gone from the library the next time log in...? Sad.
  2. Sweets! Where you at? Miss you!! 😘 

    1. Nightshade


      Just making the holiday rounds with the fam. How are you? Happy Thanksgiving my friend! :)

    2. peter


      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!! Grateful for you!!

  3. Honey, where did your photo go? You are such a cutie! 😘 

    1. spotlight


      Thx Pete, you are such a gentleman and a sweet heart. I promise I’ll post another soon. 

    2. peter


      Yay! :inlove: Looking forward to it!

  4. Check your Gmail, luv! 😘 

    1. Rebel Heartbreaker

      Rebel Heartbreaker

      Dankie! (Afrikaans for 'thanks' -- I do try and learn the lingo!)


  5. peter


    Love Sweet Dreams ... and also — surprised no one has mentioned — Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves. Also enjoy much of Annie’s solo work. I’m probably more of a casual fan — I know the singles mostly. But I liked the whole album for “Songs of Mass Destruction” or whatever it was called that featured “Sing” with Madonna and so many other women recording artists. Bought it because of “Sing,” but I enjoyed the rest of the album, too.
  6. Love you, Tezza!! Miss you so much ... sorry I’ve been out of touch... Been thinkin’ boutcha because your birthday is coming up fast. Sounds like you won’t be home in Tasmania to receive your birthday card, but I’ll send my greetings to you now, so you’ll know I’m sending you festive wishes and celebratory sentiments! Love you so, so much. XOXO 😘 

    1. Rebel Heartbreaker

      Rebel Heartbreaker

      You, too! I've been meaning to write you whilst here in Cape Town as I have wifi here (still living like its 1995 in Tassie!!), but I am the worst email writer in the known universe!!  Always thinking of you, mate.

      Thanks for the birthday message. You are SO good at birthdays, Christmas, etc., you are truly an angel!! Miss you, too.  I couldn't recall if the 'Peter' on this forum was/is you...though, the eloquent and informative posts truly highlight that it is you. 😘😘😘 I only ever come to this forum when on vacation and have regular access to the www.

      It has been a tough winter for me, so am glad to be here for 7 weeks in my spiritual home of South Africa. (Anthony and I are also going to Bali, after here.).

      I had SHINGLES for about 5 weeks in June/July...it was awful.  Also, Jackson passed away in September, which truly broke my heart. 😞  Burying him in the backyard was devastating. I know losing Samson was heartbreaking for you, too. *hugs*

      We still have Oprah, thank God.  I've also decided that 2019 will be my last year at work.  I've been with the bank 23 years now, can you believe!?!  Early retirement is on the cards. I wanna be 50, fab and full of love and life!  My soul has been destroyed in the corporate world!!

      Anyway, joy joy! Thanks for the message. I do post a lot on Instagram @zentezza -- I have 'followed' you, but looks like you very rarely go there!?

      Much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Tez xxx

  7. This shooting took place not far from my workplace. It is tragic and extremely sad. The courage of the law enforcement agents who first arrived on the scene surely reduced the further loss of life that could have occurred. Praying for the families of the victims, the law enforcement officers, the injured, and all who witnessed this horrible hatred. We don’t know everything yet, but the person who carried out this wicked act had social media posts criticizing the government and Trump. I don’t think we need to politicize this event. The shooter was filled with hatred for a people of faith and turned it into violence. That is reprehensible, and, regardless of how I feel about the current administration, I am glad that even the president and vice president were willing to call this act evil and say definitively that anti-semitism is wrong and has no place in our society. I didn’t watch the clip above, but I understand the president was already addressing a group in Indiana and made remarks at that gathering. They were considering cancelling a gathering elsewhere later in the day. (This was all reported on our local news in Pittsburgh. Have been watching a lot today, so that’s why I’m sharing this. I am not trying to defend, protect, or advance any political agenda. I just think false narratives can be spread so quickly on the internet. I live and work in this community, and this is what I have seen/heard on our local media, which i assume is more extensive than elsewhere. Still, details were developing, so more information may come to light later. The original death toll was 8 and increased to 11 mid-afternoon.)
  8. Die Another Day, obviously. But if I pick a second option, it would be Garbage, “The World Is Not Enough” (which has a pretty awesome video, too, by the way.)
  9. peter

    Depeche Mode

    Amazing!! I’ll check Nightshade’s epic Genesis timeline threads... there’s bound to be something in there... Thanks, @Mensch!
  10. peter

    Depeche Mode

    Oh, wow, that sounds awesome! If you ever hang with them again, you should try to casually inquire whether there was any truth to the rumor that Madonna had been writing with Martin Gore from Depeche Mode some years back. (I don’t even recall which album cycle that would have been for, honestly...)
  11. peter

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    😢 The times keep on changing. I was thinking — in one of the other threads (ask/answer a question), people are talking about CD sections in stores, and whether they stock Madonna CDs. I have noticed, as the space in stores dedicated to CDs/DVDs decreases (to the point of disappearing), Madonna is often missing. I’ll check to see if she is there — sometimes they have a placeholder/name card for her, but many times there is nothing there. I think I occasionally have seen one lonely copy of the single-disc edition of Celebration or maybe a copy of the Immaculate Collection if you’re lucky. I was surprised that Target carried copies of RHT around Christmas! (Because I hadn’t been able to buy physical copies of the MDNA Tour in store.) RH was possible to find, but not all editions. Best Buy was the only place I found the super deluxe physically, so that is a shame they are eliminating CDs. A friend of mine who used to work for Apple was saying he didn’t see iTunes lasting much longer — how there was more money in the streaming model. I had read that in here (iTunes phasing out) but was hoping that was just conjecture. I’ll be sad to see iTunes go — it’s not great, but I don’t like the idea of not really “having” music in my collection/library. You wake up one day and an artist is mad at whoever, so they pull their catalogue from a platform and you have nothing to listen to from that artist anymore. Furthermore, Amazon is kind of alarming me ... I wanted to buy a copy of the 2-CD Celebration ... no new copies from Amazon. (Can buy used & new, which always seems sketchier to me.) And now they get picky about what they’ll ship to you. I wanted to buy a copy of To Wong Foo for a friend who’s never seen it. They made me order a certain amount in order to ship it! (I’d have been willing to pay the shipping if they’d have given me the option. But no, you have to spend more to make it worth their shipping costs. I imagine there will be more and more of that — and eventually, it will be harder and more expensive to get anything physically.)
  12. peter

    Has 2018 Killed the Pop Star?

    This was a very good piece with a perspective on today’s pop landscape, well informed of how we arrived here. I think @Kurt420 posted this in the “Master”-gate edition of the Madonna Instagram thread. (I remember pointing out the irony that the article uses the term “mastery” to describe Madonna and MJ and their peer group...) It was a good read then, but it was worthy of its own thread, definitely.
  13. So sad to hear Koko is gone. What a beautiful, loving, sweet, and intelligent creature. Thanks for posting, @Jazzy Jan. As I was entering the thread, I started to think, “Isn’t Koko the one who met Robin Williams?” So charming how she fancied him! (But then who couldn’t fall for Robin? RIP, Robin, too.) 😥
  14. I still buy CDs, especially Madonna. But I don’t listen to the CDs very much. I have an iPod, and I either rip the CD to .mp3, or else, if I buy it from Amazon, sometimes I automatically receive a digital download. So I listen to music on my iPod mostly. I do not stream on any service. I will preview music by listening to album tracks on YouTube. I’ve got a very small vinyl collection — Madonna only. Most recent one I bought was RH, of course. The most recent CDs I bought that were not Madonna were Goldfrapp and U2. I still haven’t even listened to the U2 album. My computer (personal computer, not work computer) was still running Windows XP and dated back to 2004 finally gave up the ghost last month. That was the one I used for running my iTunes (to connect to the iPod), so I’m a little “frozen” right now. I’ll need to get that sorted before Madonna’s next album, which I’ll buy in multiple formats, as usual.