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  1. I have a few - HOLD TIGHT, HEARTBREAK CITY, MESSIAH...it can change, then I get stuck on JOAN OF ARC.
  2. Agreed, great, great GREAT song - all the right elements, plus it's short and to the point!
  3. Queen is awesome, sonically, artistically - and VOCALLY on point. Heaven, for me takes some getting used to but I can understand the appeal.
  4. I tried with Illuminati and UB - but they start to grate my nerves after a few listens...I prefer the demo of Illuminati too.
  5. I can truly do without the following: 1. Unapologetic Bitch 2. Illuminati 3. Bitch I'm Madonna 4. Iconic 5. Holy Water 6. Veni Vidi Vici 7. S.E.X 8. Graffiti Heart I like old-school, melodic songs where she really sings.
  6. Ok, here's 'my' REBEL HEART: 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Hold Tight 5. Joan Of Arc 6. HeartBreak City 7. Body Shop 8. Inside Out 9. Wash All Over Me 10. Queen 11. Addicted 12. Best Night 13. Messiah 14. Rebel Heart This has the BEST flow for me and feels like a real-Madonna album.
  7. I want the ORIGINAL version of Dress You Up on tour---she sounded perfect!
  8. Love it - wish she would whip out this version for the tour - and sing it nice like this....
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