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  1. It's a great one - love everything about this interview - the look, the questions, the whole vibe - excellent.
  2. I have a few - HOLD TIGHT, HEARTBREAK CITY, MESSIAH...it can change, then I get stuck on JOAN OF ARC.
  3. It's funny - we've talked about this on here before and I still am not happy about the sound quality, it's very muffled to me. Will have to give it a listen on iTunes. A couple of criticisms of that collection, nearly impossible to follow-up the TIC and no new songs, interesting edits yes, but that's about it. I never really play it at all. Celebration is far superior in sound quality to me.
  4. Agreed, great, great GREAT song - all the right elements, plus it's short and to the point!
  5. But my ALL-time favorite look was the look during LIKE A VIRGIN, the videos, the songs, the beauty - JUST EVERYTHING. So-damn-SEXY!!!
  6. My second favorite because with the dark hair she looks soooooooo ITALIAN! Love it.
  7. Agreed, agreed, agreed! She is amazing - and for me, it has ALWAYS been about the MUSIC!
  8. All I can say is if you don't show it on the outside, INSIDE you will be going crazy, in a good way - it is exciting, especially after all of these years. You're a fan as long as me, cool.
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