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  1. The only reason it was put to a vote is the government wanted the Constitution of Ireland changed rather than just introducing legislation, so any constitutional change requires a public decision. I do agree though, human rights shouldn't be a decision of the majority. If the vote had of failed the government could have legislated for it but this could be challenged in the Supreme Court. So happy the people made the right decision and the atmosphere in Dublin yesterday was electric!
  2. We have Civil Partnership for the past few years but this is a constitutional change which is a significant change. It shows great support from the public which as you say shows how much much attitudes have changed and long may it continue!
  3. Historic day in Ireland, referendum on same sex marriage is passed by public vote- over 60%! http://www.rte.ie/news/vote2015/2015/0523/703205-referendum-byelection/
  4. The legendary CHER

    Yeah, hope she brings this tour to Europe, would love to see her live again!
  5. Dublin was classed as sold out as the ticket threshold was met even though you could squeeze in another 16,000. The show earned over $3M so this is what will influence the decision to come to Dublin in the future! A hit single and album would have increased attendance.
  6. I got my blu-ray from Amazon UK, picture and sound are good!
  7. Ireland is also Friday and it coincides with HMV reopening in Dublin!
  8. I'd love a vinyl release of the album!
  9. MDNA Tour DVD/Blu-Ray coming August 26/27

    In Dublin she came on at 21:15!
  10. Video: The MDNA Concert in 7 Minutes!

    Thanks Jamesy, brings back some great memories! I was soaked to the skin but a show I'll never forget, Madonna was amazing! I really want to see this show again!
  11. Dublin - July 24th

    With the Aviva and Croke Park there is always complaints about the sound from people sitting in the upper tiers fr all concerts held there! Not built for concerts! O2 in Dublin would be a fantastic venue to see M! Great venue, 14,000 but feels more intimate!!!
  12. Dublin - July 24th

    I'm sick of all the hate towards M at the moment. Who cares that it didn't sell out! M will make millions and the majority of the people there had an amazing unforgettable night and that's what matters! Thinking of going to one of the arena shows in the States as I'd love to see it again!
  13. Dublin - July 24th

    Lol, people left to go to the bar! The upper tiers had gaps and hadn't sold out but good solid crowd and when I looked around during LAP, the place was still packed!
  14. Dublin - July 24th

    I'm just back and it lashed rain for most of the show but she played the full set and as mentioned was in great form! I was GC and loved every second of! I had a few casual fans with me who were M virgins from a concert perspective and they loved it and we're amazed by the production. Great crowd tonight, really into the show. Would love to see it again with out the soaking but that didn't dampen our enjoyment one bit. She's still amazing!