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  1. The only reason it was put to a vote is the government wanted the Constitution of Ireland changed rather than just introducing legislation, so any constitutional change requires a public decision. I do agree though, human rights shouldn't be a decision of the majority. If the vote had of failed the government could have legislated for it but this could be challenged in the Supreme Court. So happy the people made the right decision and the atmosphere in Dublin yesterday was electric!
  2. We have Civil Partnership for the past few years but this is a constitutional change which is a significant change. It shows great support from the public which as you say shows how much much attitudes have changed and long may it continue!
  3. Historic day in Ireland, referendum on same sex marriage is passed by public vote- over 60%! http://www.rte.ie/news/vote2015/2015/0523/703205-referendum-byelection/
  4. Daybreak in UK are showing the video in 10 minutes as a world exclusive!
  5. She does seem a bit bitter in those vids but I don't think she feels like that now, she's more complimentary of M and I think there is some admiration of the length of career M has managed to sustain in such a fickle business! I went to see Cyndi at her first Irish show 2 years ago and she was so good and as mad as ever. Her first show around the time of 12 deadly sins was cancelled due to poor ticket sales and the show I went to was in a venue with a capacity of 1,500. I think they borrowed from each other but to say M didn't know what she was doing is just pure jealousy!
  6. I caught the Ellen show the other day with this kid on it as it's shown in Ireland a couple of weeks after the States and Ellen never mentioned Madonna to him!
  7. Yes, it's repeated tonight at 9pm. The UK stations are broadcast in Ireland so the UK showing next week should have some impact on sales in Ireland as well.
  8. The Glee episode aired on Wednesday in Ireland, based on sales of one full day and Wednesday night the following entered the official Irish chart: The Power of Madonna EP enters at #22 (based on digital download made avail from Tuesday, phsical release today so will be included in next weeks chart) Celebration re-enters at #53 In singles: LAP enters #19 (Glee) 4 Minutes enters #46 (Glee) These should rise next week for a full weeks affect and the repeats of the show.
  9. iTunes Ireland Glee - The Power of Madonna #1 Celebration. #2
  10. Celebration up to #3 on iTunes Ireland! Fantastic, the repeat on Friday and E4 showing next week should continue to impact it.
  11. Celebration up to number #10 on iTunes Ireland
  12. The episode just aired in Ireland and Celebration is already up to #16 on iTunes. They showed an ad for Celebration during every ad break!
  13. Glee - The Power of Madonna album has been released in Ireland ahead of the broadcast of the episode tomorrow night and the album is already number 1 on itunes and Celebration has re-entered the chart at 71. Interesting to see what sort of impact this has on Madonna's catalogue.
  14. Love it, fantastic video! The SNL performance is great as well.
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