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  1. Favourite so called "filler" songs

    Now back on topic: Spanish Lesson is my favorite filler track. Useless in the scheme of the album, but still a jam, no less!
  2. Favourite so called "filler" songs

    Music > Ray of Light 🚨 THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT 🚨
  3. Favourite so called "filler" songs

    Body Shop is my favorite song on the album.
  4. Material Girl is a REALLY good song & the RHT remix gave it some new life I’M JUST SAYING
  5. It’s not terrible, but I wouldn’t even put it in the top 10 of Rebel Heart ❤️
  6. Really? THAT'S where you draw the line, Dad?
  7. Madonna: I got you... (leans microphone to the audience) Crowd: UNDER MY SKIN!!!!!!!
  8. “I raaaan & I raaaannn... I’m still running away.” UGGGGGH
  9. NO WAY! 1AM? I’d expect that from a rapper @ some nightclub (Gucci Mane, Cardi B, etc) but M? She must’ve been fucking one of her boy toys & lost track of time!
  10. Oh shit! In that case: 1. BGO 2. Get Together 3. Nothing Really Matters 4. Waiting 5. Lucky Star 6. Heartbeat 7. Beautiful Stranger 8. Angel 9. Runaway Lover 10. Die Another Day
  11. Nothing Really Matters Runaway Lover Angel Beat Goes On (ft. Kanye Kardashian) Lucky Star Waiting Get Together Die Another Day Beautiful Stranger Heartbeat
  12. 4 Minutes b-roll

    Yes & yes! Let's reminisce:
  13. MADONNA REWIND: "Did You Do It"

    DYDI is FAB. From the very 1st listen, I thought it was so good just like Campbell's Soup! I won't try to front, so here's the real scoop:
  14. 4 Minutes b-roll

    I would've replied sooner, but this footage sent me DEEP into a gay coma.
  15. 4 Minutes b-roll

    Without a doubt & IT STILL KNOCKS
  16. So beautiful here...

    THE FACE That was such a great year! Love her jacket too.
  17. Did Madonna Ever Indulge...

    No, but she's indulged in Hard Candy
  18. Appreciate: M during ELLE 2008 fittings

    This look/ photoshoot/ video just sends me into a gay frenzy! She will never look better in my humble opinion 👀
  19. Appreciate: M during ELLE 2008 fittings

  20. Untapped tour markets?

    She can come to Norfolk, Virginia & I’ll personally buy out the whole venue
  21. THIS is everything! I wish the camera would've panned to the audience & shown the assholes who had the NERVE to boo her.
  22. DEAD @ '"arguably her best movie." It is her best performance!
  23. Last Northern white male rhino dies

    D I S G U S T I N G Poaching should be punishable by death, but maybe that's the dramatic vegetarian in me speaking.