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  1. Katy Perry thread

    Of course! There are some JAMS on that album, but her stage presentation is a little too Kidz Bop for me. Katherine will probably sell out, show after show, so does it really matter what I think? Get those pre-teen coins, bitch!
  2. Katy Perry thread

    But Kylie's music is better than Katy's. I can handle Miss Minogue's cheap, campy aesthetics BUT Katherine is still catering to the kindergartners & I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE
  3. I love it!!! METAPHORdonna strikes again
  4. Am I the only one who didn't know this?
  5. Kylie Minogue thread

    I was in a Kylie mood earlier this evening:
  6. So was sharing the stage with Hannah Montana but she did it anyway. I can't wait to see what ensemble she'll wear on the judge's panel
  7. Gay Times Poll Queen of Pop

    Kylie was in the Top 5? Work bitch!
  8. 50,000 copies, 500, or 5... at least somebody bought it & enjoyed it! RH is fabulous
  9. Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy

    Awww! That really sucks, but do kids even play with toys anymore? All my little cousins have iPads but probably wouldn't know what to do with action figures or NERF guns 🔫
  10. Beyoncé Thread

    The real winner last night was Miss Tina Knowles Beyincé-Lawson. ^ 62 and still sitting pretty. What GORGEOUS genes they all have. UGH
  11. Beyoncé Thread

    Body too Bootylicious 4 ya babe! 🍑 🐝 🍋
  12. My favorite track from ROL ✨
  13. He is LIVING his fantasy The confidence is somewhat inspiring!
  14. Katy Perry thread

    Since when do they let folks ride rollercoasters with sunglasses on? That must some celebs only kinda shit.
  15. Cardi B

    Fuck wit me & get some money 💰 FUCK WIT ME & GET SOME MONEY 💰
  16. EROTICA 25

    The pinnacle 🙌🏽
  17. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Rihanna is doing big things (aside from her weight gain): She had a collaboration with PUMA at New York Fashion Week. Her new makeup line, FENTYBEAUTY, is getting rave reviews & selling out nation wide. Riri is channeling Madonna & unleashing her inner business woman. She's even paying homage to the queen in her everyday life w/ these tracksuits:
  18. Is 3:47 & onward the best instrumental outro of any song in existence? Why yes. Yes it is!
  19. GONE at the #1 spot? What a lovely choice
  20. Nicki Minaj

    Queen of side projects
  21. Which setlists had the best oldies & newbies?

    Old- The Confessions Tour mainly because of Erotica and Lucky Star ⭐️ New- Sticky & Sweet obviously!
  22. Burning UP - RIT vs. RHT poll (VT EXCLUDED)

    THIS IS A LOOK 👀 I love everything about it, top to bottom!
  23. The People's Queen 👑