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  1. Marvin Gaye was a musical GENIUS! I Want You is one of his best tracks & Madonna did him justice with her version True & TRUE.
  2. Should've been an album title.
  3. 👌🏽 They work perfectly!
  4. The outro/ closing instrumental is EVERYTHING! "...before it's too laaaaaaaaaate!"
  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Her lyrics are so relevant, now more than ever! The album version & the live performance are among my favorites.
  6. LAP is a cohesive, inspired, wonderfully crafted body of work. But aside from the singles & Keep It Together, I don't listen to ANY of the album tracks on a regular basis. And speaking of disappointment, I'm still bummed that Hard Candy (her best album to date) ends with such a lackluster closing track. Other than that, it's a 10/10.
  7. 1. Hard Candy 🍭 2. Erotica 3. Music 🎶 4. Like a Virgin 5. American Life 🇺🇸 6. Madonna 7. Ray of Light 8. Rebel Heart ❤️ 9. I'm Breathless 10. MDNA 11. True Blue 🌀 12. Bedtime Stories 13. Confessions 14. Like a Prayer 🙏🏽
  8. I will say, the VIDEO is incredible! Her tits were front & center.
  9. Turn Up the Radio is TRASH though.
  10. The album holds such a special place in my heart; so many great tracks that have aged nicely & what a DELICIOUS deluxe cover she gave is. The whole MDNA era was virtually flawless to me.
  11. Beydusa Knowles-Carter 🐍
  12. The real winner last night was Miss Tina Knowles Beyincé-Lawson. ^ 62 and still sitting pretty. What GORGEOUS genes they all have. UGH
  13. BONITA, indeed! She should've done the whole tour w/ that hairstyle. I LOVE IT!!! So sleek, so gorgeous.
  14. The ULTIMATE lyric. The 1st time I heard it, I had to pause the song on that very part. So simple & concise, yet so profound. ❤️
  15. FOR SURE! Bey loves the little ones & they love her;
  16. See, this is why I need more Madonna fans in my life! I reference her ALL THE TIME
  17. ^ What's the tea on this image? What show/ date is this? Her hair seems 'flatter' than usual... I kinda like it
  18. I love Nicki! Aretha too! but if we're keeping it real @acko, MJB is THE Queen of Soul.
  20. If time travel becomes a reality, I'm making the trek to see M, live onstage with her blond pixie-cut. The Girlie Show is conceptually SEAMLESS, musically FLAWLESS, & each performance is completely FABULOUS from beginning to end.
  21. She's gorgeous! But nothing's as good as the real thing: