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  1. Fabulous! My absolute favorite GUITARdonna reinvention. Yesss! When I made my heterosexual big brother watch the S&S DVD, he thought this was one of the highlights
  2. Jennifer Lopez thread 🌶

    J. Lo couldn't look bad if she tried! The woman is GORGEOUS Her musical output has been trash since 2010, which explains the constant floppage.
  3. Beyoncé Thread

    That was my SHIT
  4. The entire southeast region of the US is trash. TRASH I tell you.
  5. AGREED 👍🏽 They're efforts, thoughsometimes noble, are usually ridiculous! PETA is based in my hometown & their reputation is horrible.
  6. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He just interrupted my regularly scheduled program to deliver a statement on Obamacare & how it was a 'big fat lie that wreaked havoc on the hardworking American people.'
  7. What battle? The mere fact that we're discussing her is a WIN for me
  8. As for Madonna, I'm thrilled that LAV is on the list; some many jams on that album! Her voice then was top notch too
  9. Yall stay talking bout Beyoncé in every thread but her own & I LOVE IT. Almost brings me to tears.
  10. I'm glad that Beyoncé is on the list, but who would EVER rank Lemonade higher than B'Day? Blasphemous!
  11. Your right. She IS God though
  12. Drowned World Tour: Favorite performances?

    Drowned World & Holiday!
  13. They're Florida hood-rats, so you'd lose that bet.
  14. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    I was actually disgusted when I heard it for the 1st time. How dare they tarnish my childhood jam:
  15. One of the top comments on this video is: "Dear Madonna, this is how to grow old gracefully..."
  16. I see. "When was ur last international tour? U love going around the world?"