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  1. One of my most played Madonna songs (according to iTunes). It's all about THIS version though: THE BEAT, THOSE LYRICS, THAT CHORUS = EVERYTHING!!! Should've not only been on the album, but a single w/ video treatment too.
  2. Did someone say BEYONCE? Sasha Fierce is a big fan of Damita Jo. They should collab one day
  4. UGH! Her team needs to get it together & upload the OFFICIAL video; that remix does the actual song no justice whatsoever.
  5. & I still want the bodysuit he's wearing
  6. That's the name of the game! I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.
  7. He's JOSE XTRAVAGANZA. His mere presence > Katy's vocals, haircut, & lack of dance ability. The song is cute though! It's a shame Nicki didn't come through to perform her verse.
  8. Damn, Katy has no rhythm, but WORK FATHER JOSE
  9. ^ I used to LOVE this video as a kid. Just noticed that her male co-star is Jerell Scott of Project Runway.
  10. I'd run away from Madonna too; her sheer perfection would be too much for my mortal body.
  11. The real winner last night was Miss Tina Knowles Beyincé-Lawson. ^ 62 and still sitting pretty. What GORGEOUS genes they all have. UGH
  12. "She was probably more naked than she needed to be..." I love it
  13. WHEW! I do love Khia's messiness though. She holds no punches!
  14. I wouldn't say iconic, BUT it is her best album cover! Kylie in drag is always a plus: [/I'm that certain kinda gay]
  15. I'm all for her getting those coins from ABC, but I won't be watching a second of the reboot.
  16. SAME. When I saw the title (featuring Migos) I wasn't expecting much, but after the 1st listen:
  17. WHAT THE FUCK!? Is she Zordon from the Power Rangers?
  18. That track is hot. Like, really hot.
  19. This track is HOT & the video is cute!
  20. The GAG is that a movie released 21 years ago has become a trending topic once again. THE POWER OF MADONNA