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  1. Breathless Mahoney is one of her best characters TBQH.
  2. That wax figure is atrocious & so is the ensemble. A navy-blue, sequined leotard paired with black boots? Yuck
  3. It's M.I.A. in this bitch 🌴 👠
  4. YESSSSSSSSSSS! I love that woman beyond words & I wore that CD out!
  5. Right? You could say it was an Immaculate Conception ✨
  6. AGREED 👌🏽
  7. Same here, but our fellow forum members can't relate. I guess they're through with love:
  8. She could cut the Beyhive a check for all that they do
  9. That's the realest shit you've ever said on this forum. Now, get in formation, sis!
  10. That is the definition of LEGENDARY PERFORMANCE! Great vocals, fluid dance moves, a fabulous live band, & an ensemble to die for
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! It would've fit perfectly in between GMAYL & Open Your Heart (with the marching band).
  12. And rightfully so! It IS the better track after all.