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  1. That GIF has never been more necessary. NO ONE IS WORTHY!!!
  2. Besides, there isn't a mug on this planet fit to portray Madonna.
  3. This is the same logic that led to the dreaded Aaliyah biopic. The person at the center of the film should AT THE VERY LEAST be involved in it's conception. New Edition, Tina Turner, Ray Charles; all great artists who played a crucial part in the movies made about them (and it shows). I could care less if it flops or wins an Oscar, if Madonna's not on-board, why bother? There'll be so much missing from the final product.
  4. I was listening to Falling Free on my way to work this morning! Such a glorious track with some incredibly intimate vocals. My FAVORITE PART! The perfect album closer.
  5. Who doesn't love an asshole?
  6. Very true. She's NOBODY'S fashionista, but thankfully, she's pretty
  7. Madonna should re-do the Hard Candy album cover just so I can frame a copy and hang it above my headboard.
  8. an underground rap battle between Conceited & Jesse James. When his opponent fumbles in a freestyle, Conceited makes that face because he KNOWS he's going to win;
  9. Greetings, from the maternity ward:
  10. Could the cover image of Harry Styles be any closer? Like, damn. Work bitch!
  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I love the iconic cone-bra leotard, the Polka Dot ensemble during Holiday is so underrated.
  12. Most def. I could see Madonna featuring Missy in the Sex Book 2.0