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  1. As real as it gets, even in his old age: “Do you have any regrets whatsoever about...” “NONE.”
  2. Oh, I read that these cowards were fired, but rest assured that NONE of them will be charged with a damn thing
  3. Another day in AmeriKKKa The officers involved are obviously despicable, but police forces ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY need an overhaul! This is the 1,000,000th example of excessive brutality when handling "certain suspects" and though it's tough to watch I think everyone should watch the video in it's entirety to see exactly what we've been talking about FOR YEARS: Black people are handled differently in the criminal justice system, from arrest to sentencing. & if anyone is still under the ILLUSION that these violent acts are isolated, please read "Breaking Rank" by Norm Stamper, former Seattle chief of police who states that many racist pigs become cops JUST to abuse their power without consequence.
  4. Yeah, I have to agree Joe Biden's delivery was VERY CAVALIER & ARROGANT, but everyone in my family has said the same thing: "Vote for Trump & yo ass AINT Black."
  5. You would especially in the United States of Donald J Trump
  6. Is it her intention be disliked? The bitch comes across terribly on camera
  7. Oh shit She posted that knowing full well how folks would react & I love it! #IStandWithMaya #IStandWithJK
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