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  1. Bad Girl or Angel????

  2. YALL HAVE GREAT TASTE Oh lord, I haven’t entered the Gaga thread in ages. What’s she up to now, Instagram modeling?
  3. THIS is why all your favourites could NEVER...

    I WOULD FUCKING DIIIIIIIIEEEEE 💀 That’s my jam & yes, her voice would’ve worked wonderfully!
  4. THIS is why all your favourites could NEVER...

    That performance of Burning Up is SEX personified! Even her WALK is seductive
  5. THIS is why all your favourites could NEVER...

    An untouchable QUEEN ✨
  6. PUTA!!!

  7. Britney Spears thread

    Yeah, Britney's dancing is horrendous, but I'd be willing to forgive IF her look was together. What stylists keeps recommending these ill-fitting leotards & those BUSTED EXTENSIONS? Inexcusable! You've got the coins for a proper lace front.
  8. Like A Virgin - 33rd Anniversary!

    LITERALLY FLAWLESS: the album, that tour, her fashion, each music video, I could go on & on & on Her best album from that decade, quite frankly.
  9. I love Little Star to the core of my being. The rest? I can do without
  10. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    Oh yes! In every way actually, but that's a conversation for another thread
  11. Beyoncé Thread

    I’m so done!!!