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  1. IsaacHarris


    Classic! & his younger brother Phillip Ingram was equally as talented:
  2. IsaacHarris


  3. IsaacHarris


    What about QUEEN SHEENA EASTON's ultimate 007 song? "You'll see what no one else can see. Now I'm breaking free!"
  4. I know, right!? Aint it great?
  5. IsaacHarris

    Kanye West

  6. IsaacHarris

    Kanye West

    Greatness ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ His first few albums are STILL classics; the newer output is very... electronic, but not in a good way! Souless noise with samples that donโ€™t quite fit. His wordplay has diminished too!
  7. The way her distress intensified AS SHEโ€™S STILL RECORDING
  8. IsaacHarris

    Kanye West

    True! Kanye's music hasn't grabbed me in years, but he's consistently been an unfiltered loud mouth since his debut. A PG-13 Yeezy would be no fun at all
  9. IsaacHarris

    Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

    Really digging the new visuals, especially his dancing I LOVE DONALD:
  10. Wasteful, selfish, unnecessary, & rather transparent, wouldn't you say?
  11. Can we raid the Paisley Park archives for these outfits??? Invite Rosie too! That era of Prince's career is DEFINITELY one of my favorites. I mean:
  12. Her frantic crying has me in tears
  13. Material Girl is a REALLY good song & the RHT remix gave it some new life Iโ€™M JUST SAYING
  14. Really? THAT'S where you draw the line, Dad?