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  1. Love the sensible wig paired with that alien mug. This damn hybrid
  2. Is there an end game/ final result she's going for? People like this seem to just get procedures for the hell of it!
  3. Trump's legacy in a nutshell. It's like a wet dream for him, I'm sure.
  4. We can cut straight to the point: if they were BLACK they'd be DEAD
  5. They’re still hosting & attending Vogue Balls during the pandemic as well! I got invited to one later this month
  6. Don, this is NOT a negotiation "I'll leave quietly IF you don't hold me accountable." -A literal fucking child!!!
  7. Every quote I read makes me wonder the same thing! Linda seemed untrustworthy at best & SHADY AS HELL at worst.
  8. True, but that's the GAG of it all: Monica was foolish to think that old whore was her good sis in the 1st place! Sucking the boss' dick is not something you share with a coworker/ colleague. Tell that to your lifelong/ childhood friend over the phone
  9. They should've said it was performance art/ a political statement. #ArtForFreedom #secretprojectrevolution #MyArtPopCouldMeanAnything
  10. I’m kinda #TeamLinda on this one! The old bitch knew exactly what she was doing & Monica was slow enough to fall into her villainous trap. You never suck kiss & tell, ESPECIALLY when it’s the President, girl!
  11. Ryan Murphy is so shameless That being said, I'll probably watch it!
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