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  1. Let's recall some of our favorite Beyoncé performances. I love how pedestrian & regular she looks here: Naughty Girl is an underrated masterpiece FYI
  2. I'd literally DIE if they formed a reunion tour No hit singles, just b-sides & remixes:
  3. This very conversation comes up within the D.C. fandom quite often: In the context of the group, Kelly WAS my favorite! Her look was always on point, her vocals were lovely, & she usually had the best parts in their songs. Solo? She's TRASH
  4. This thread is so dry; where are the JAMS?
  6. Take a walk down memory lane & appreciate Bey's BREAKOUT role as Foxxxy Cleopatra; ^ an Oscar-worthy performance if I've ever seen one!
  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. IT'S ONE OF THEIR BEST TRACKS!!! An underrated slow jam 🎶
  9. Remember when Beyoncé felt merciful & decided to let Kelly sing lead? B is still a force when solo, but when backed by the ladies of D.C., she's unstoppable!
  11. I try! But I'm no angel.
  12. Exactly! People rarely ask themselves that very question, nor do they make the effort to see things through another person's lens. -That's too challenging, so instead, they rattle off statistics & voice THEIR opinion of OUR experiences. It's amazing how folks suddenly become interested in Black Issues when it comes to what I should & shouldn't be offended by. It's never really a conversation, because when we talk about race, the subject itself is a flame that needs to be doused immediately. This is why I don't reply. & no shade to your friend, but I completely disagree with her opinion on non-POC's listening to Solo's new album, BUT that's OK! She's entitled to her opinion
  13. Thanks boo This thread became a battleground of pointless arguments, BUT with the power of DC3, we'll survive!
  14. Never forget the Princess of R&B herself