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  1. Melanie is TRASH, much like her husband, but the woman can occasionally serve up a LOOK. I'll give her that: #TrophyWifeRealness
  2. Been using Tumblr for almost a decade now & this has to be the dumbest stunt they've ever pulled! Banning "explicit" imagery is one thing, but c'mon... they're flagging posts that don't even contain any nudity or sex: shirtless guys on the beach, classical artwork, etc. Several of my posts (especially the Madonna ones) have been marked as suggestive & I have to comb through my entire blog & request a review each time. As for all the porn that's gonna get deleted, I learned ages ago to archive my favorite XXX videos on myvidster.com, but that's a convo for another thread
  3. The way her distress intensified AS SHE’S STILL RECORDING
  4. Wasteful, selfish, unnecessary, & rather transparent, wouldn't you say?
  5. D I S G U S T I N G Poaching should be punishable by death, but maybe that's the dramatic vegetarian in me speaking.
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