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  1. Melanie is TRASH, much like her husband, but the woman can occasionally serve up a LOOK. I'll give her that: #TrophyWifeRealness
  2. Been using Tumblr for almost a decade now & this has to be the dumbest stunt they've ever pulled! Banning "explicit" imagery is one thing, but c'mon... they're flagging posts that don't even contain any nudity or sex: shirtless guys on the beach, classical artwork, etc. Several of my posts (especially the Madonna ones) have been marked as suggestive & I have to comb through my entire blog & request a review each time. As for all the porn that's gonna get deleted, I learned ages ago to archive my favorite XXX videos on myvidster.com, but that's a convo for another thread
  3. The way her distress intensified AS SHE’S STILL RECORDING
  4. Wasteful, selfish, unnecessary, & rather transparent, wouldn't you say?
  5. D I S G U S T I N G Poaching should be punishable by death, but maybe that's the dramatic vegetarian in me speaking.
  6. My GOD. Trump’s bullshit is one thing, but the talking heads on CNN defending him are another He could rant to an audience of White Supremacists in a Nazi sweatshirt & STILL get a pass: “Oh, that wasn’t the president’s intention!”
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