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  1. Yeah but to me.. the whole " look my name is Madonna and I like to wear crosses and really play up on that.. geez that is some genius shit Point is.. its a really tired old look LOL at the bimbo who doesn't know the difference between a catholic crucifix and a Christian cross either way its not that cool to be soo uncool but alas, Madonna actually stopped reinventing herself a long time ago now, the most her fans can hope for is that she might get a few inches trimmed off her hair for the next era
  2. What is with the always wearing of the big cross necklace? Is it like a trademark look she's going for, because I think it is starting to become a bit of a tired look She is a Kabbalist and before that a Catholic, so what is with the wearing of the protestant cross all the time? I can remember noticing it a lot around the time she was with Jesus Luz Seriously, why not a star of David.. something different, fresh.. not tired and old look.. not to mention, boring, Christian and just plain uncool.. its actually not that cool to be uncool, if u ask me
  3. With fans like these... Seriously i think some people in here need to shut the fuck up and go outside for a walk. GMAYL went top 10 and it was a heap of shit Its as you have all actually given up Madonnas next single will go #1 worldwide !!!
  4. Are all you drama queens fuckin serious with this joke that the album is not coming til whenever. Its just NOT funny anymore These are the same idiots that were only just recently talking about a surprise release but now that this album doesnt follow the confessions timeline then the new albums been cancelled!? I mean cant you ditzy queens feel it already!? She posted 'the calm before the storm' what more do you motherfuckers need? This new album is going to be groundbreaking and its coming very soon #1 single on Billboard and back on Radio 1.. get used to it!!
  5. I doubt Madonna will do anything interesting with her hair.. she has pretty much stopped reinventing herself now... I have completely given up... she has had basically the same haircut for the last 15 years
  6. A good song with hit potential that is marketed to adult contemporary radio has got to be the best and most traditional promo you could get for an upcoming album then when the album comes out, the continuing Live Nation/Clear Channel deal can promote the lead single off the album... if MDNA had a good lead single who knows what could have happened - Clear channel are actually going to give her a chance at radio again for the first time since American Life so anything is possible
  7. This is all true.. every other female artsist has had to attatch themselves to other artists, just to get to where Madonna was 10 years ago What I don't understand is that Madonna has already done that damage to her career by working with Britney and Justin.. so why doesn't she do it proper and get some massive #1 hits again ... I fucking love Rihanna.. a duet with Madonna would do well!!
  8. Doesn;t this forum have any rules about quoting the entire contents of lengthy posts!?
  9. I always thought that Beyonce's secret album release was a direct reflection of Lady Gaga's massive overhype of ARTPLOP... kind of like she was saying 'you can wear all the crazy costumes you like and talk up the album for more than a year before it is released by at the end of the day - your music is crap and everyone actually likes me much more!'
  10. I know right.. as if Cher's musical legacy can even begin to compare to Madonna's
  11. I hear you but not all of this blog is myth.. there is evidence that some of these claims are true.
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