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  1. Glindathegood

    New Album Means New Tour

    She shouldn't cut certain songs out, but I think it's okay to replace one song with another. The show should be the same length and number of songs on each date so people don't feel ripped off. But there are some songs that were bigger hits in certain countries that fans there expect to hear since as Crazy for You in the Philippines. Prior to Rebel Heart, I constantly read in forums that she should change the set list from night to night since she has so many hits. Now she has done that. As a fan changing the set list makes it more exciting to follow the tour online to find out what new songs she might do.
  2. Glindathegood

    New Album Means New Tour

    I don't think people are complaining about how her setlists are now, with a mix of hits and newer songs. I am just saying I don't want her to change to how the set lists of a lot of older artist are where they do mostly the really big hits and only 3 new songs. In fact, if you go to forums dedicated to other older artists such as Duran Duran, many fans complain they do the same hits on every tour, and why can't they ocassionally do some more rare tracks. As I said, a predominantly Hits tour appeals to causal fans who will only see an artist once, but what about super fans that go to every tour?
  3. Glindathegood

    New Album Means New Tour

    If she only did 3 new songs, she would be repeating too many of the same songs, and each tour would be too much the same. You would be irritated if you only went to a U2 show once and they didn't do all their hits. But what if you went to them on every tour, you would be bored hearing the same songs over and over again. Actually on their current tour, they are doing a lot of lesser known songs to fight against the boredom factor since they tour a lot.
  4. Glindathegood

    New Album Means New Tour

    I personally like something in the middle. Updated somewhat, not exactly the same as the album version, but not totally reinvented to make it unrecognizable. Songs such as LAV and Material Girl on RHT are examples of that middle ground.
  5. Glindathegood

    Bono: "Music is too girly!"

    Some of the best current guitar based rock music is actually made by women fronted bands. So the term girly music is just insulting. Women can rock just as hard as any guy! Has Bono ever heard of Wolf Alice? They are probably the biggest rock band in the U.K. and fronted by a female.
  6. Glindathegood

    Australia legalizes marriage equality!

    From what I understand (the Australians here can correct me if I'm wrong), the Australian Constitution does not have the same Bill of Rights, guarantees of individual freedom and equal protection of the laws as the US Constitution does. Therefore that makes it much more difficult if not impossible to challenge the gay marriage ban in the Supreme Court as was done in the US. If in the US we had to rely on our legislators to approve of gay marriage, we wouldn't have it either!
  7. Glindathegood

    The Killers!

    Anyone here a fan? They have a new single out called the Man and are releasing a new album soon! Brandon is so sexy! The new song is really good!
  8. Glindathegood

    Beth Ditto

    Is anyone here a fan? She is the former Gossip singer. Her new album Fake Sugar is out and it's great! She did a dance EP a few years ago, but the new album is more eclectic, with a mix of rock, punk, blues, ballads as well as dance. It fits her voice better than pure electronica! I'm so in love with this album!
  9. Brilliant post! Finally, someone who gets it! But some people just want to stay frozen in time apparently. I guess they miss being young!
  10. Yes, but Rebel Heart contained new music that wasn't previously released so I can see why the design might encourage you to buy the physical over the digital. But why do people want to buy a box set or a reissue of something that they already have in a physical format just because of new artwork? It doesn't make sense to me. Seems like a waste of money. Some people always buy physical because of the better sound quality not because of the artwork. In fact, I've read comments from fans of other artists that they will only buy cd's and vinyl and not digital for that reason. They get mad when artists only release for example singles on digital for that reason.
  11. So people would buy something full of songs they already have like a box set or reissued older albums just because they love the cover artwork? I'm not like that, and it makes zero sense to me. So I can see why it doesn't make sense to Madonna either. I like Bjork, but I had no interest in buying her insanely overpriced box set full of stuff I already had. Are they really that many collectors with so much excess money to spend on music they already own? That just seems like a waste of money to me.
  12. Glindathegood


    I'm surprised no one has mentioned their new album here. They have abandoned the grungy guitars and gone full on 80's synth pop with their new album. It reminds me of No Doubt and Blondie! I like it a lot though I wasn't that big on their older music. Definitely worth a listen!
  13. Or maybe people aren't interested in concert dvd's and blu Rays in general because you can watch them on you tube and other streaming services. I know plenty of people who don't even own a DVD or blu ray player so how would they even watch this? What are the sales figures of concert dvd's for other artists who have big hits and sell more albums like Beyoncé? I'm sure those have declined as well.
  14. Glindathegood

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    I second that! Allison was really funny and friendly. She thanked everyone who came a long way to see her. How did she know? Lol There was this girl filming with her iPad Pro and Allison joked are you doing your homework with that! The venue had great sound and the crowd was very friendly. I got really close and no one pushed me out of the way. This tall guy even let me stand in front of him so I could see better. Here's set list. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/goldfrapp/2017/brooklyn-steel-brooklyn-ny-6be61276.html
  15. Glindathegood

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    Lol I saw them on Wednesday. She is an incredible performer. I took the train up from DC and it was totally worth it!