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  1. An Open Letter To Guy Oseary (Part 1)

    Now if you all are serious about this letter having an effect, I think you should get a good number of people to sign it with their real names to show Guy and Warners there is a market for these rereleases and it's worth their time to work on. But I have a feeling it's all about the ego of certain people who need attention and think they know better than the rest of us, so I doubt that will happen.
  2. An Open Letter To Guy Oseary (Part 1)

    I think what some people are ignoring is these reissues are not something that is in the total control of Madonna and Guy. Warners owns the rights, and they have to agree to do it. I don't understand the panic here. Ray of Light is not out of print, you can go buy it on Amazon. No one forgot about it. There have been tons of articles about the anniversary. I don't understand the desperate need of some people here to rebuy the same album they already have! If you want to celebrate Ray of Light, lock yourself in your room this weekend and listen to it over and over again. Madonna and Guy aren't stopping you!!
  3. Sorry, I was just joking around. I guess only certain people are allowed to make bitchy jokes here. And I guess I'm not one of these people. But I thought Barneys was a global brand that people who follow fashion would know. They are mentioned in international fashion magazines all the time. It was a big story in international business when they went through a bankruptcy reorganization and closed a lot of stores. I don't live in London, but I know Harrods and Miss Selfridge's
  4. Not really. Barneys NY is a chain, like Saks Fifth Avenue, in a lot of different cities. Not all Saks Fifth Avenues are on Fifth Avenue in NYC. 😂 Don't you guys ever go shopping?
  5. Exactly. In fact it's hard to make a living out of just writing and studio work with even multiple artists now. So a lot of these people have to multitask and work at other things such as djing, live performing, fashion etc.
  6. I think it's a bit unfair to blame everything on Guy and the anti-Semetic comment was just so unnecessary. It's more to do with overall changes and trends in the music business which are beyond the control of one person and firing him isn't going to change anything. Aimee Mann said something that was very insightful. She said music has become very polarized between completely manufactured pop music and avant garde artistic music and there really is no middle ground anymore. Madonna at her best was the perfect balance of pop commerce with artistic creative impulses, occupying the middle ground that no longer seems to exist. For example, in the 90's there were all kinds of artistic sounds in the pop mainstream from alternative rock bands such as Garbage, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins to trip hop such as Massive Attack and Beth Orton to confessional singer songwriters such as Fiona Apple and Tori Amos. Ray of Light was able to be successful because of that allowance of creative sounds on the radio and in the mainstream. That really doesn't exist anymore. I also think that songwriting camps are pretty much at the cutting edge of the type of modern electronic music she is known for. If you choose to do that type of music they are hard to avoid. The only artists these days that seem to escape them are more band rock or organic based artists. So perhaps the way forward for her is writing in a more organic less electronic style if she doesn't want to do the camps.
  7. Warners would make her do the songwriting camps too. A major label is the problem not the solution!
  8. Does Guy force her to be part of the songwriting camps or does the record label Interscope? I don't see how Guy can force her to work on a way she doesn't want to, but a label can because they are financing the recording. They can refuse to release an album if she doesn't work how they want her to. Labels have the power because they have way more money than either Guy or Madonna. Didn't she say the label wouldn't let her release a double album like she wanted to?
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes, maybe it's another one of those one off shows for charity like the one in Miami! The girl did say show not a tour or shows plural.
  10. I was watching the figure skating and I was so excited when they said she was skating to Frozen. But I was a bit disappointed because she messed up the jumps and isn't as expressive and artistic as the top skaters. She didn't really do the song justice. I actually think Live to Tell would be better suited to skating because it has more variation with the bridge and is more dramatic .
  11. Madonna is working on new music.

    From what I know about making albums from friends who are in local bands, actually going into the studio is the last stage of the process. You usually have to write songs first which you don't usually do in the studio because it's very expensive. It doesn't seem to me there's been time for her to finish writing yet. I would assume before going to the studio you have to have some idea of what it is you are actually recording as far as lyrics and melodies. Now maybe it's different if you are a rich successful artist like Madonna but we all know she is thrifty and doesn't like to waste money! 😂
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    The problem is often not what you say but how you say it. I think it's fine to not like something Madonna says or does because we all have different tastes. So criticism is fine, but outright hatred attacks against Madonna or other members who aren't as critical isn't.
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I don't find it that shocking or alarming. Over the years, she has done many photo shoots where she doesn't look conventionally pretty like Xstatic Process with Steven Klein or a lot of the pictures in the Sex Book. She has always kind of alternated between pretty looks and more avant garde sort of "ugly beauty" looks. So it's not really anything new a long term fan should be shocked by. Why is it male performance artists like Leigh Bowery are praised for ugly beauty looks but women always have to look pretty and glamorous?
  14. Didn't Cardi mention and praise her in an interview? It's only good manners to follow someone who does that. Doesn't mean they are working together.
  15. Yes, but there's she no evidence she wrote any songs for an album with Mirwais and Patrick Leonard. Just wishful thinking by fans.