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  1. Have fun everyone attending her last European date!
  2. ratzuo


    Eh, this is one of the songs off RH I could never really get into, even though I love the lyrics. Demo version feels generic and already dated as fuck, and the album version just plods along and really goes nowhere. It feels like there IS potential but never really reaches a climax for me #sorrynotsorry
  3. Top three songs: Living For Love, Ghosttown, Messiah Song that grew on you: BIM Song that faded for you: Joan Of Arc Best Lyrics: WAOM Best Vocal: Messiah Best Melody: Ghosttown Best Chorus: Rebel Heart Most Fun To Play Loud: BIM Most Overrated Song: Inside Out Most Underrated Song: Best Night MVP Track: Living For Love Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love Most Groundbreaking: BIM
  4. ratzuo

    PARIS - 9 December thread #1

    Hoping for GT and JOA! Could she possibly do Borrowed Time as it was reported she rehearsed it some weeks ago?
  5. Well, I guess some recognition is better than no recognition at all
  6. ratzuo

    Coldplay thread

    Good! Much better than Bruno Mars.
  7. ratzuo

    *RUMOR* Rebel Heart Video??

    Yes! It's the perfect time to release one more single (and what an amazing single it'd make)!
  8. ratzuo

    Is this the best moment of S&S?

    Such a great tour with so many great moments! I live for Music, La Isla and Miles Away on this tour. And yes, even Spanish Lesson was all kinds of amazing
  9. A year already! All of my friends who aren't exactly Madonna fans loved RH on first listen. I still think it's a masterpiece, both demo and album version.
  10. See, it's not the fact that RH isn't ranked higher on this list, but placing "artists" like Selena Gomez above Madonna is insulting as fuck. Popularity contest and all that.
  11. Not gonna lie, this date makes me a little bit nervous... Hopefully things will be chill by saturday, everyone please stay safe!
  12. ratzuo

    Barcelona - November 25

    Looks like another amazing show. Kinda wish she'd filmed the dvd in Barcelona. Oh well.
  13. ratzuo

    Barcelona - November 24

    +1 I soooo would share an apple with Jon or Madonna. Or both
  14. ratzuo

    Barcelona - November 24

    Cool! I just knew the medley would go down a storm in Barcelona!
  15. ratzuo

    Stockholm November 14

    Amazing speech! Love that she went ahead with the show - she puts her money where her mouth is!
  16. RIT opening night (it was to be my first M show and I missed it, didn't get to see her live til S&S). The buildup of The Beast Within leading to Vogue must have been out of this world!
  17. ratzuo

    Prague November 8

    The show is perfect as it is and switching things up keeps it interesting for us. I'm just praying whenever the dvd is filmed we'll get the full show, medley and all.
  18. Oh, I love the album version! It's got such a dark mysterious vibe, it's even a little foreboding at times. And the rap with the grillz is LIFE, haha.
  19. ratzuo

    Superior Demo

    Now that you mention it, it's not like the GP knows Inside Out anyway, haha. But yeah, I'd think Army Of Me is one of Bjork's better known songs, but maybe that's just me Anyway, I think Madonna just wanted to avoid any unnecessary comparisons. After all, isn't that why Shame was left off Erotica, because it sounded a little bit too much like It's A Shame by Monie Love?
  20. ratzuo

    Superior Demo

    I like the demo better but I get why she might've opted for the album version, what with the demo being so reminiscent of Army Of Me. Not sure if the GP would get it as a homage and call it a rip-off instead.
  21. ratzuo

    Detroit - Oct.1st - Joe Louis Arena

    I can't believe Lola having a drink is making the news. They're so obsessed
  22. ratzuo

    The band

    Agree with everyone in here. There's something about a live band that brings an extra-oomph to a concert, see The Girlie Show. That's something that's been missing in all of her recent tours, but I think it's more evident on RHT because most of the RH tracks are being performed in (almost) their original version (and like someone else mentioned, that's why the acoustic section works so well). Even if all RH tracks were pre-programmed, I think it'd feel a little more "live" if the arrangements weren't so similar to the album version.
  23. ratzuo

    Will she add and change things this tour?

    M and Drake were flirting on instagram for a while and she did quote Best Night if I'm not mistaken.
  24. ratzuo

    Detroit - Oct.1st - Joe Louis Arena

    Wow, that was AMAZING! In fact I think I like it better than Ghosttown, which I love as well!