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  1. 'What can she do to capture audiences' hearts again?' Oh, I don't know... maybe travel back in time and turn 19 again? Now seriously, I'm not sure which exact 'audience' you mean, but for most millennials/young people, she *is* a relic pushing 60. An older demographic (and the actual record buying public) should be easier to win over, but not so much with the media constantly writing her off and deeming her as 'desperate' and 'uncool', and God knows people's perception depends a lot on what they're told to like (Ed Sheeran comes to mind). No matter what she did, I don't think the GP will 'love' her again all of a sudden. I mean, she went all classy and demure with the whole RH promo and GT performances (a good old CLASSIC Madonna song btw), it did shit. Then after all hope was lost with the two previous singles, she went all provocative and in your face with BIM, guess what? It flopped too. So no; no image overhaul, social media management or releasing 'good' music (and that's quite ridiculous, it's not like her recent output has been all crap or it's only absolute quality music topping the charts nowadays) will turn things around. Maybe some fans should start coping with that and the fact her commercial days are gone, because it will only get worse from here on out ('worse' if your enjoying her music depends on public perception and chart positions).
  2. Madonna wrote and recorded Love Won't Wait during the BS sessions but it ultimately went to Gary Barlow who released it and scored a hit.
  3. I can't get over the fact Everybody has shown up on each tour since 2005 (CT promo tour, request song on S&S, 30th anniversary performance on MDNA and axed from the medley on RH) but it never really gets a full fledged performance
  4. Eh, it's none of our business commenting on this. I don't think she's backtracking at all as she never confirmed anything, so who knows.
  5. OMG, this is so funny in a so-bad-it's-good way, haha!
  6. Absolutely LOVE this version, glad the Koko performance was professionally filmed (although I like the Coachella one better, love M in a leotard)! A proper tour performance is long overdue
  7. Damn, this woman is sex on legs (not to mention a natural performer)! Madonna and the camera - a match made in heaven
  8. I find it funny how she's more aware now of media and public perception, like she gives it more thought than she did before. I'm not sure if that's a good thing tbh, so far she's done great not caring what people think of her.

    Eh, this is one of the songs off RH I could never really get into, even though I love the lyrics. Demo version feels generic and already dated as fuck, and the album version just plods along and really goes nowhere. It feels like there IS potential but never really reaches a climax for me #sorrynotsorry
  10. Absolutely well deserved, and it's not like it was only M stans who voted. It's ridiculous this song didn't even chart when the public interest was real.
  11. Top three songs: Living For Love, Ghosttown, Messiah Song that grew on you: BIM Song that faded for you: Joan Of Arc Best Lyrics: WAOM Best Vocal: Messiah Best Melody: Ghosttown Best Chorus: Rebel Heart Most Fun To Play Loud: BIM Most Overrated Song: Inside Out Most Underrated Song: Best Night MVP Track: Living For Love Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love Most Groundbreaking: BIM
  12. Thanks for posting, that was funny! So she's still pretty much into Kabbalah, just not as vocal as before (and thank God for that, instead of M.D.N.A. she could've gone all E.S.T.H.R. on us).
  13. Meh. It should be no surprise; if they snubbed her during the peak of her commercial success, there was no way they'd award her now. It's a fucking popularity contest (and these assholes simply don't like her).
  14. PARIS - 9 December thread #1

    Hoping for GT and JOA! Could she possibly do Borrowed Time as it was reported she rehearsed it some weeks ago?