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  1. This site has both the creole lyrics and its Italian translation. I tried to run them through google translate but they don't come off very accurate, so if anyone fluent in Italian could help out we'll finally know the lyrics http://angolodirichard.it/2019/06/30/ciao-bella-testo-e-traduzione/
  2. Yes, I get it after this setlist, I actually might get a bit sick if she does LAP again. But it's just this negativity is never ending and about everything really; I mean, some fans bitch about the eyepatch, not as a performance prop (which indeed might be better if she didn't wear onstage) but as it being "gimmicky" according to some. Yeah, surely the leotard, the cowboy hats and good tooth weren't gimmicky, right? Oh, it's just it's 2019 Madonna we're talking about here.
  3. Ugh. I'd be as happy as the next gay if she did God Control, Deeper And Deeper, Medellin and Into The Groove but she isn't, so what can you do? What gets REALLY tiring is the fact there is ALWAYS something to bitch about. There's always this fucking negativity permeating every choice she makes, from "her clothes are too black", to "her hair is so boring", "why is she taking so long to record" and now "I hate this setlist, they're gonna boo her off stage!!!". It's not been one week since Madame X was released and everyone was praising it to high heavens, but all of a sudden everyone is questioning her reasoning and her skills as a live performer (!), just because of a less-than-stellar performance at ESC and now because of a meh setlist. Is it so hard to see the good instead of ALWAYS focusing on the negative? We're getting a performance at Pride AND a new video in less than two weeks time, ffs.
  4. Like Anita, Maluma has collaborated with Nego Do Borel and they have a highly succesful song together (Corazon), but you don't see people asking to cancel Maluma, accusing him of being transphobic or questioning his collaboration with Madonna. I don't like either's music, but I don't get the double standards when it comes to Anitta. Is it because she's considered 'trashy'? Maybe fans don't have a problem with Maluma because he's 'hot'?
  5. But she already went the solo route with LFL and GT and both went down like a lead balloon. Of course I'd love for her to have a solo release again, but these featurings are just the state of pop music nowadays. She's just rolling with it.
  6. I always found Avicii's production generic and dated AF and still her work with Madonna sounds pretty much like MADONNA to me. That's why I didn't fret about their collaboration right form the start. I really don't like Maluma or reggaeton at all, but I'm giving Madonna the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Besides, it's funny how some people keep thinking of Madonna as some indie artist. She's a POP artist first and foremost, of course she cares about commercial success. Except for 1998 to 2003 (and even then we had the occasional Ricky Martin, Missy Ellliot and Britney Spears collabs), she's always worked with popular artists. Some fans seem to think I Want You, Ray of Light and American Life are a full representation of who she really is, without acknowledging all her other work. Still, we have Mirwais on board again and people are still moaning. She just can't win with some fans, can she?
  8. Ugh, this thread is always such a downer. Can we at least wait until we hear ONE SINGLE NOTE of the new song? It's all speculation so far. The same happened when she started working with Avicii, everyone got their panties in a twist and guess what? Avicii ADAPTED to Madonna, she worked her magic on those songs and suddenly everyone was raving about how his tracks were the best of the bunch.
  9. I can't get over the fact Everybody has shown up on each tour since 2005 (CT promo tour, request song on S&S, 30th anniversary performance on MDNA and axed from the medley on RH) but it never really gets a full fledged performance
  10. OMG, this is so funny in a so-bad-it's-good way, haha!
  11. Absolutely LOVE this version, glad the Koko performance was professionally filmed (although I like the Coachella one better, love M in a leotard)! A proper tour performance is long overdue
  12. Eh, this is one of the songs off RH I could never really get into, even though I love the lyrics. Demo version feels generic and already dated as fuck, and the album version just plods along and really goes nowhere. It feels like there IS potential but never really reaches a climax for me #sorrynotsorry
  13. Absolutely well deserved, and it's not like it was only M stans who voted. It's ridiculous this song didn't even chart when the public interest was real.
  14. Top three songs: Living For Love, Ghosttown, Messiah Song that grew on you: BIM Song that faded for you: Joan Of Arc Best Lyrics: WAOM Best Vocal: Messiah Best Melody: Ghosttown Best Chorus: Rebel Heart Most Fun To Play Loud: BIM Most Overrated Song: Inside Out Most Underrated Song: Best Night MVP Track: Living For Love Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love Most Groundbreaking: BIM
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